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  1. I’m a sucker for these, but really looking forward to the Black album box set. I’m guessing it’ll be next year for the 30th anni. I can’t believe that came out almost 30 years ago. Man, I’m old...
  2. Did anyone else get member pricing, even though you are not an active member? My email was recognized, but unless I got duped into signing back up bc of this, I am not an active member. Not complaining.
  3. For sure. As someone on the consumer side, it’s just as frustrating. Yes, I ended up with everything I wanted, but to see Plaid room with 19 leftover Claypools the next day and I couldn’t get one locally when I was 10th in line doesn’t really add up either. I also didn’t realize different distributors would carry the same titles. I would’ve thought there would be some sort of exclusivity that the distributors would leverage to try to make ordering through them more appealing.
  4. I heard the owner of my local store saying he could order the same records through multiple distributors. He had a decent haul. My guess is the same happens for a place like Plaid Room. And if they keep moving units, the distributors will keep rewarding them.
  5. Snagged one. Hope everyone that wanted one got it. That was quick.
  6. Missed on Claypool. Looks like I’ll be hitting the online stops tomorrow.
  7. Who doesn’t want to listen to one song per side? And then jumping over to a digital device to get the rest of the content? I can almost picture Maynard sipping his wine laughing at us. And yes, much like jhulud, I am including myself in that group.
  8. Back in ‘92...in his mom’s ovary. I have no issue with his remarks. Just wanted to add to the stupidity.