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  1. Still at bullmoose https://www.bullmoose.com/p/28639780/metallica-helping-handslive-acoustic-at-the-masonic-gatefold-double-disc-limited-edition-colored-140g
  2. merlecakes

    Far - Water & Solutions: What Happened

    Gonna grab one that went up on bandcamp to be safe, but thanks for the offer!
  3. merlecakes

    Far - Water & Solutions: What Happened

    That would be awesome. Definitely keep me posted either way. Thanks!
  4. merlecakes

    Far - Water & Solutions: What Happened

    Sh*t! Missed out! Love this album.
  5. Title says it all. Looking for a nice copy. LMK.
  6. Weeper blue is now under $10!
  7. Nice. Traveling for work. Can’t wait to get back and check it out.
  8. No info, but I took a chance. I’ll update when it gets here.
  9. I keep missing these Kweller leads. The fun continues!
  10. Also, keep checking periodically. I know bullmoose will occasionally clear carts and random stuff pops back up. I got an Alice In Chains score last year like that.