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Status Updates posted by tokimedo

  1. Wasdadealwifmeatrocket8

  2. whats this badge nonsense about? 

  3. status updates are highly underrated. 

  4. It’s hot out here in these streets 

  5. beautiful sunny day in southern california 

  6. stay safe. stay vigilant. stay healthy. 

  7. who is @ahmed and why are they admin 

  8. new adblocker blocker is annoying

    1. throwgncpr


      I had to turn off adblocker to read this. FFS.

    2. drds89


      Yep, hit me for the first time, too. Been hearing about others on mobile, but this got my lappy :/

  9. its all in the name

  10. just sent you a PM, thanks. 

  11. good job, you did what youre supposed to for once.

  12. spending all my record money on beer these days

    1. Kyle_ftl
    2. batnoises


      spending my beer money on records

    3. chamb117


      pouring beer on my records

  13. just spent $175 on a pair of vans...damnit.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. tokimedo


      haha the publish brand collaboration breton boot. look it up!

    3. Koolhandnick


      At least you'll be looking fly for Christmas!

    4. tokimedo


      they already arrived at my house in cali but im in dubai until after the new year :(

  14. guys...i think zay is gone...... REJOICE!!!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. derrickcook19941


      RIP Zayzay

      Time of Death: 2:56 VM

    3. TheMoosen


      someone look into the mirror and say his name three times. see what happems.

    4. Princess Logan

      Princess Logan

      Just wait until the Riot Repress

  15. tired. always tired.

  16. Listening to vinyl is what feelings and emotions sound like.

  17. finally catching up on my PM's. sorry if you felt neglected.

  18. i seriously need to sit down and just catch up on feedback. so far behind on that shit.

    1. tokimedo


      AND DONE! i think...?

  19. starting the daunting task of putting my collection into DF......

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. amnstypls


      can't wait to see it!

    3. PaperNoire


      Mind my ignorance, but may I ask what DF is?

    4. BBech


      I need to do it. I had a spread sheet I made over the summer but it is grossly outdated now.


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