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  1. is the definitive version 2xlp avail anywhere? do they trickle those out still or is it OOP?
  2. You're more likely to get a blowjob in the morning from one of the members before finding that around here lol.
  3. All ~NM/NM. Home, In Desolation, Be Good still in original shrink. I won’t be missed has ~1” seam split on bottom (came shipped this way originally). $275ppd obo Full list w specific variants shown here: https://www.discogs.com/user/southpawnation/collection?search=Off+with+their+heads
  4. 3000 of one-side EP seems like a lot of copies
  5. yea price point was a tough call but profit margin is nil on doing run of 100 and i needed to have it properly mastered. it's a bucket list project i'd only hoped to ever break even on or at least not lose my ass. they were kinda big fish in tiny pool at one point. we'd hoped to reach those people. and friends/family of the band and scene. i just always thought it coulda been on minor label back then but that all fell through for...reasons. we were stoked to finally get it pressed tho.
  6. well i know i've gotten crickets here about my release so i promise this is the last time i'll bug y'all about it. But, all the extras and records are in and about to ship out. First 25 orders get goodies. https://outahand96.bandcamp.com/album/outahand
  7. so did anyone listen to this? i think all my old buds on this site are no longer around. Too old for the youths? Too pricey for ancient album from rando new label? Everyone hates preorders? It sucks lol? just curious what ppl thought...
  8. hey i'm gettin' some press https://thatsgoodenoughforme.com/33865/
  9. So just for more info/context, this was my friend's band back in mid-90s. they made it a little big regionally and were nearly signed to a couple (minor) labels but didn't work out and the album they recorded went unreleased. i've wanted to see it get some kind of release for nearly 30 years now. my buddy recently unearthed the ADAT and had it digitized just in time before it turned to dust. We sent it to Joel Grind for a proper mastering job and while still a bit rough around the edges, we are pretty stoked how it came out. It's obviously from the 90s and you can hear the RKL/ nardcore-adjecent influence (bit farther north). it's all on track for mid-Jan 2023. can't wait for them to get here. test press sounded great. BWR 002 is also in the works for a 7" of this https://trappedlikerats.bandcamp.com/album/trapped-like-rats prob mid-Feb 2023.
  10. on track for mid-Jan 2023 release, preorders for my first release (unearthed unreleased album from mid-90s Central Coast, CA skate punks Outahand) now live : https://outahand96.bandcamp.com/ you can listen and see the hype on the bandcamp page. spread the word if you dig...
  11. i'll bite even tho i have OG UK one. the plain was garbage. this can't be worse. too bad MOV didn't do 2xLP tho.

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