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  1. i picked one up. i dunno how well it holds up for me but guess i'll find out. i prob still have the CD around somewhere. if i didn't already have og rev and @#$! i would've gotten those reissues when they came out too.
  2. I have a Pro-Ject VCS, which is much more affordable than a VPI. Works great.
  3. what is cd cleaner/repair fluid? you could find a place w/ an ultrasonic record cleaning machine. originals vinyl in SF cleans vinyl. ask them what they think. https://originalsvinyl.com/
  4. you can get the 2xLP by itself now. for 50 bucks. plus 9 bucks shipping. pressed at URP. i had to pass.
  5. Discogs works fine for me, especially getting the correct pressing info. Also, deadformat was deadformat.net. Virgil owned deadformat.com domain, but I'm sure let it lapse. Could be old Dead Format. Could be something totally different.
  6. only ever heard good things about Pro-Ject. if i needed a TT now, i'd prob buy the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon. i have the Pro-Ject VCS and haven't had any complaints with it.
  7. what label is this one? is it somehow an import release (for US)? stores are getting purple vinyl too. retail is $31.99. 1234go had a PO for it but now it's sold out. no word on pressing info.
  8. MOV has also done really great pressings, btw. They are almost all, if not all, digitally sourced, but still have been pretty great imo. I have a bunch of those. Plain, on the other end of the digitally sourced spectrum, almost always suck. But i have a couple that aren't terrible. As an only option until a better reissue comes along when the orig. pressing is super expensive. Rhino is super hit/miss. For a while, they couldn't get shit right.
  9. i think the tone poet ones are done by same people who did music matters (kevin gray).
  10. The Technics 1200 isn't a p-mount. My old Technics model (SL-22 i think? i'd have to look it up) was a p-mount and I had the best Audio-Technica cart for it. My setup now is very budget audiophile. Other than that, I agree w/ what others are saying above. The latest one I bought was Twisted Sister-Stay Hungry. It was solid; didn't blow me away. I have all the Pixies MoFi and those are great. Miles Davis-Kind of Blue I don't pull out too often bc it's like a white glove treatment, but that one is pretty amazing. The silver label MoFi (i forget the differences, but not
  11. Screeching Weasel - Wiggle dunno if you know this, but you prob don't actually want a first pressing, you want one w/ a RE-1 in the matrix. unless you just want to have one. the original run has messed up sound. i've been looking to pick one up cheap just to have it, but i have never pulled the trigger on one. that being said, the newest reissue (Monona) is the best sounding of all the pressings imo.
  12. ah, i see. yea, i'm not a big fan of pic discs. i have it, but i rarely play it bc i have chorus of one and the 7"s anyway and i'm not that into the other stuff on it.
  13. interesting. I thought I had ordered the most limited variant (which i usually do) but apparently I didn’t. It must not have been clear what was what at the time. i remember it being kinda confusing (something about descriptions of colors not matching or something). i'd never even heard of pure noise or ordered from them before (well, i'd prob heard of them when they did LTJ but forgot). they seem like the new Rise Records from what i can see. since i didn't know their usual gig, i just picked one of the PN webstore exclusives i guess. i could use a new Dickies jacket. i'd have

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