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  1. yea, I had to basically stop even bothering to 'count'...i'm more surprised to NOT see it now...it's in every frickin' thing...
  2. i did. and stuff came super fast w/o seam splits.
  3. US or EU? the US black and white copies (esp the white) sounded like shit (super noisy) but the EU white I picked up sounds great.
  4. i thought it was weird there was never a KingsRoad order page for this and kinda surprised they didn't do more colors. The black one is in all the record stores now. I don't think it's limited at all, just the normal black press.
  5. man, my copy has TONS of noisy ass surface noise even after cleaning on the vacuum machine. TWICE. i'm really hoping the black vinyl sounds a lot better. super bummed on my copy. been waiting for this on vinyl since the CD came out.
  6. if you thought 2011 was great, you should've been around in 2002...you could find loads of great finds in the stores and they were practically giving them away pushing the vinyl off into corners of the store...
  7. Picked up an extra copy of the Teenage Bottlerocket Warning Device 10th Anniversary Record Store Day LP hit me w/ some trade lists if you're interested... some wants pulley - @#!* none more black - file under black (orange) against me - white crosses/black crosses screeching weasel - boogadaboogada (wetspots paper boy cover) good riddance - moderne rebellion (red) teenage bottlerocket - another way (pink white swirl 1st press) ten foot pole - rev deep six comp nofx - white trash (purple repress) tim armstrong - poet's life (white) judas priest - british steel (back on black reissue) rollins band - end of silence boss hog - whiteout (city slang) clutch - s/t (non bootleg German LP) herbie hancock - cantaloupe island megadeth - rust in peace (original press) isobell campbell/mark lanegan - ballad of the broken seas swinging utters - five lessons learned (white)
  8. it's too out of control to even keep a list anymore...
  9. I saw them open for Clutch and they were pretty good live. the only album i really love is Apoch...High Country I still have sealed sitting here waiting for it to grow on me. That was another reason I wasn't going to jump on acoustic versions of it.
  10. they put the other 250 up today if anyone cares... this was hard pass for me. don't be shocked when they end up pressing more of it too at some point...
  11. i'm prob jumping off this bandwagon. that new song didn't do much for me and i never even got around to cracking the seal on Rented World. it's still sitting there. i love 'i don't want to be an asshole anymore' and it's ok for about the first half for me, but the second half doesn't do it for me. but, i was a poser jumping on the 'wagon late anyway. i didn't like the early stuff at all and chamberlain waits is my favorite.
  12. actually at the time the PO initially went up it was not stated that they were black. they changed it the next day.
  13. yea that was weak as shit. i ordered from the link in that video then cancelled. and i ended up getting black off SSD w/ 20% code/free shipping. all of them were noisy as fuck United pressings too. was pretty disappointing.
  14. i have the monkeywrench lp but not looking to get rid of it so...bump for you anyway...