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  1. Bump. Extra info in original post.
  2. I have been working 16 hour days for two weeks straight. My brain has completely malfunctioned.
  3. I would really like to have a non sand filled pressing of this.
  4. Dunc

    FS: My Entire Collection

    Can't wait to get home on Friday and open up that package.
  5. Dunc


    People here are rude and pretentious. This whole "me" first attitude with I want it now. I get it, but the way people DM me, I should post all the crap I have to deal with here.  Like how people pay you for something first and have the audacity to want it now.
  6. RIP Vinnie. I like the way you think. Maybe Lemmy, Cliff and Dimebag are waiting to start a sweet new band.
  7. One of my favorite bands ever is the lesdystics. Really wish they were still around. You all should give them a listen.
  8. Dunc

    Hey! Reopened my discogs store.

    There is. I forget how but it has been asked a bunch of times...on the discogs forum.
  9. Dunc

    FS: My Entire Collection

    I sent a PM and an email
  10. Dunc

    FS: My Entire Collection

    That is a hell of a list. You looking for offers or giving prices?
  11. Agreed! That was my era and I grew up out in the hills with one of the best punk rock venues around at the time. Screw 32 played their first last show there and i remember skipping football practice to see afi, mxpx and the vandals there. Boarderline warehouse. I didn't get around to gilman much later though.
  12. Is the blue vinyl going to be limited to 1234 go? I already bought the deluxe package. That is a great price for that bundle.
  13. In case any of you guys that replied check this. I have been selling the dj stuff like crazy on discogs and a couple swaps. It's all late 80s freestyle, house and other dance music. I have never heard of 90% of the stuff but have been selling anywhere from $5+$50. I learned a lot about selling going through that stuff.