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  1. You can't blame them. It's been a couple of days since rsd and we all know what happens with rsd stock that doesn't sell.
  2. I'll send you my large shirt, patches and bag for $25 shipped if you want.
  3. Yes. You the guy running around all over like me looking for the crow?
  4. Which store were you at? I was fourth in Oakland. I filled out the paperwork and forgot to give it to them like an idiot.
  5. I got one too. I grabbed the yellow splatter. Didn't even know there was anything other than black.
  6. I know for sure that some were held up in transit. No idea how many but I am hoping it's in the thousands.
  7. Supposedly some have a side 1 that is not Floyd. Just some shitty dance beat?
  8. @thischarmingham Have you guys received any reports of the Floyd mispress from your store?
  9. I do but I would have to do $40 shipped to break even. It was $29 plus tax plus shipping plus PayPal fees. Oakland sales tax. Edited 5:40 PST. Guessing you got one. Sold to another.
  10. Yeah it's super obvious how to navigate it but I did the same thing and didn't see the second link. My fault. Stupid crow soundtrack.
  11. I really want the crow. I grabbed a couple releases I could do without that are selling for high dollars on eBay. I can't bring myself to do it but if you're a flipper I will trade you one of those for the crow.
  12. Is anyone still looking for that Robyn record? Or is that still easy to find?