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  1. All vg+ all the way around. $5 shipping. All 3 shipped for $30 Mixtapes even on the worst nights white vinyl no sleep subscription $15 Allison weiss say what you mean orange trans $10 Long lost save yourself start again coke bottle $10
  2. I know have an extra pennywise key club and some screeching weasel. My collection is large and very unorganized right now. I plan to sort everything the second week of May when I go in vacation. I'll get back at you then unless I come across it sooner.
  3. I'm sure some of these will be getting pressed soon for separate sales.
  4. Looking for a clean copy Thanks
  5. I have been selling on discogs and Facebook for a few years now. Prior to that record shows and yard sales. It's a rough time to buy collections right now but can be done. People think their records are worth insane amounts of money. My suggestion would be to start small. Buy a couple of collections and resell wherever you feel the most comfortable. Absolutely do not open a spot until you know what you're doing.
  6. Have heart you can't go home again 7" BLK Shark attack blood in the water 7" gry Tenfold now is.our time 7" blk Conspiracy hope 7" BLK Lp's Spine faith TP Defeater travels gry Terror Lowest of the low blue Backtrack bad to my world tp I only plan to keep backtrack and terror. Trades welcome. Looking for h2o, American nightmare, backtrack, no warning...
  7. Still waiting on mine. Media mail has been taking 3-4 weeks here. I grabbed two boxes. Im down to buy or possibly trade when they get here for any. H2o, backtrack, or American nightmare tests
  8. Got my ktd 2 days ago. Super clean man, thanks. My brother was in a small local hardcore band early 2000's and he was a big ktd fan. He's trying to get albums of bands he played with so this is going to be a Christmas present.
  9. Looking for conditions. Live throwing red grn Sunn o white 2 Iggy lust Death itp prpl pink bone wht Death human clr milky red Brn Blu Death sop gold clr BLK red Death scream Blu Melvin's Houdini Death symbolic Slayer south of Slayer reign Megadeth rust Beatles box set Pumpkins Siamese dream If all are VG+, I would offer $620 shipped with insurance. If that's no good I can narrow it down to what I REALLY want. Thanks
  10. I tried to message you and it says you can't receive messages.
  11. I'll take some time tomorrow to work through that list. A lot of stuff I'm interested in.
  12. Mainly the minor threat stuff but also the screeching weasel. You have a price in mind for the black back?
  13. I am interested in a few, especially the black back 1st. Guessing it's going to be a bit higher than what I would pay but man that's some killer stuff.
  14. I have a bunch from the container store. Really strong and stackable. A bit pricey though.
  15. I can't believe I set an alarm to wake up for this thinking there would just be a set sale. Happy with the price though.
  16. I'll ship you mine (black) for $25. Played once.

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