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  1. i wish they weren't skipping atlanta on their st patty's tour this year
  2. might have to check those out. That's what I had done w/ the souls anniversary series so they wouldn't have to put tape on them to mount them. It looks pretty sweet. One day I'll get around to posting a picture.
  3. those look pretty good, but the 40% off is usually off custom frames. I had one made for the souls 20th anniversary series. Are those custom?
  4. anybody know where I can get cheap 7" frames? Target and Michael's have cheap LP frames, but I can't find 7" frames anywhere. I saw them in a big chain once but haven't seen them since and I don't remember what chain.
  5. I took overstock as meaning we have too many of these rather than just seeing clearance and thinking i need to get these before they run out. remind me not to wait until the last day next time. kthnx
  6. thrashers end 9 game losing streak, beating the rangers in a shootout who played their backup goalie (i believe it was possibly his 1st nhl start?). Any chance at the playoffs?
  7. you can also check www.popsike.com for an idea of what they've sold for in the past
  8. were you the guy looking for tour volume 4? theres one up on ebay right now. I couldn't find the thread to post in though.
  9. chunksaah does S&H based on the amount spent. It's always 25% of what you spend. I'm sure shipping is not anywhere near $11.25.
  10. These guys are coming to Atlanta for the 2nd time since getting back together and playing one of the best venues in the city. Props to them for both. So many good bands skip ATL.