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  1. https://trustrecordscompany.com/collections/vinyl red vinyl /500 red/black split /1500 Trust records selling it with a bonus 7" BrooklynVegan/SaintVitus/Revolver have it without the 7" and its more expensive.
  2. Superbloom standalone is back up https://shop.thebronxxx.com/
  3. https://asianmanrecords.limitedrun.com/products/698038-bruce-lee-band-division-in-the-heartland-12 /1000 on random color
  4. I got beat to the joke. I guess that happens when you look at a thread 2 months later.
  5. Why do you think GJ sells their records in 3 pieces?
  6. So the grey version link doesn't work anymore...
  7. The majority of people on this site would have been at that show if was Blink 182 or the Menzingers, but it was Madball so its an easy target and then the media likes to make up stories and add fuel to the fire. I also don't think people keep up with vaccination efforts in other cities. Where I am its still hard to get an appointment. We're at 71% of adults have gotten their first shot. I think most places its still not easy to get an appointment, but in NYC you don't even need one.
  8. The show was in NYC? The Yankees have 10,000 fans at every game. You think they're enforcing masks? Watch a game on TV and see how many people have masks on. Are they distanced in their seats? Sure. You think they're distanced when they leave the stadium and wait for the train? You can eat inside in a 100 sq ft restaurant with 25 people and no masks. The fact is the whole thing is politicized. Outdoor transmission is rare.
  9. Vaccinated and ready to get back to normal. Enjoy hiding in your closet. NYC has 10s of thousands of open vaccine appointments to the point you can walk in to any vaccination site and get one. At this point if you haven't gotten one in NYC it's your own problem.
  10. The caps were copied and pasted from the actual permit. You know what they say about people who assume things. Also going to copy and paste what you previously posted and add some caps so you can see how you're contradicting yourself. "anyone with the permit is allowed to have collection stations spread THROUGHOUT the park
  11. Is that so? Because their permit says otherwise. **NO DONATIONS OR CHARGING A FEE ON PARKS PROPERTY**
  12. They posted the permit on their twitter. Right? Also the media should know words matter. The permit says nothing about 9/11 memorial. The application seemingly does, but its weird that Gothamist chose to post 3 lines of it...
  13. I mean they're not allowed to collect donations in the park - all the donations were through a gofundme.
  14. I wonder if that's more of a you ordered a specific color scheme and we'd have to replace it with a different color scheme or a we sold every one and if yours is lost or broken we're just going to refund you.
  15. white/black /1000 https://polyvinylrecords.com/product/ska_dream pink/yellow /1000 http://reallyrecords.bigcartel.com/product/jeff-rosenstock-ska-dream-lp pink UK variant https://specialistsubjectrecords.co.uk/products/jeff-rosenstock-ska-dream-lp
  16. Will all the double orders that were cancelled because of website problems is there any chance more are going to go online?
  17. Are you sure you didn't order IHTSL (and maybe not Decline)? It's not like they're typing into the shipping box what was ordered. That's all automated.
  18. How do you think going through 20,000 orders to find the same addresses to combine shipping would save them time?