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  1. Update on mine - looking thru the DHL and Canada Post tracking info - it looks like they forgot to put my street on the shipping label...................... label hasn't answered me yet either, and the return is stuck in Ontario with no movement so I dunno wtf is going on now
  2. Looks like there was an issue with the address on my package (apparently it was incomplete per Canada Post) and it arrived all the way into Canada, only to be sent back. It's still in Canada per the tracking, but Canada Post says they can't do anything now and it has to go aaaaall the way back to Germany before the label can resend. Contacted them last night.
  3. saaaaaaaaaaaaaaame.... i keep looking at it every day but still haven't pulled that trigger hahaha
  4. Yeah after seeing people receiving them super late, and he had said something about a printing error that delayed it, I still had hope - some people were gettung them as late as 4/19. But it got so ridiculous in how long it took that at this point it's clear it's not happening and dude is a crook. FB/Instagram etc is a warzone of people calling him out, and him deleting comments.
  5. Anyone else get fleeced on this? Never answers emails, answered me ONCE on instagram saying my order will be shipped soon (this was in July '19) but never answered subsequent followups, etc etc. I've seen these things in stores, he's selling them still on his site, and he's also selling them on discogs. Shoulda cancelled this a long time ago...
  6. Just landed here, the jackets got shredded to hell so I reached out to the band to see if they have any spares, otherwise nice slip sleeve for the 2 lps
  7. Kestrels posted the last 10 copies of the gold/purple variant of their last record and put them up on bandcamp - https://kestrels.bandcamp.com/album/kestrels-2 Fans of crossing Dino Jr w/ MBV take note, these guys are amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing. They have a sweet split w/ Kindling up there too. They're trying to raise some extra cash before putting out their new record (which I've heard and it is GREAT, J. Mascis himself guests on a track). Cannot recommend this enough. Also for any We Need Secrets fans, this is Chad's main band.
  8. yeah they didn't have them in Atlanta where I saw them this past week. Felt the same, they sounded phenomenal. Anyone on the fence for this tour, don't miss it, it really seems like it'll be it for a while if ever again.