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  1. i love that this has become a meme here hahaha
  2. popping in here to agree with this sentiment 100%
  3. https://swervedriver.bandcamp.com/album/petroleum-spirit-daze dunno how fast this went, but i saw the email maybe 15 mins after it went out, got distracted by a work call and then an hr later - GONE
  4. New Kestrels is up on Spotify now, still some copies on blue wax available - pix look awesome. This record is SO good - https://open.spotify.com/album/3BdSjhziEADlPozzsYCF0x?si=SUMBENZGRiqDv8J_wK_zWQ
  5. grab one o these fast - https://darla.com/products/kestrels-dream-or-don-t-dream
  6. another banger of a Kestrels track out, this record is gonna ruuuuuuuuuuule - this time kitty cats!
  7. Man, so I was in L.A. last year to see Jawbox and hang with friends and did not know about this til the NEXT MORNING, was soooo bummed!
  8. Pix of the Kestrels LPs are up on their instagram and look insaaaane
  9. Got it! And yeah, my confirmation email says "signed" also
  10. fyi Noyes/Canada is now sold out of the /100 splatter and apparently Darla is almost sold out too! Act fast, still some /400 left. Can't wait for you all to hear this, the record is AMAZING, and the second video is even better than this one hahaha