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  1. hookedonsonics

    PO Now: Breeders Reissues on 4 AD

    FYI they have these on tour, along with limited number of signed reg edition All Nerve lps and a signed poster. They're in real fine form, and the current set is really good.
  2. that's.... a very accurate assessment of the last few records unfortunately....
  3. hookedonsonics

    Most Ridicuous Thing You Saw on RSD?

    Prices were OUTTA control this year - sucks, I didn't buy anything as a result
  4. i just checked my copy out - holy smokes it's warped as hell (LITA version). Emailed them re: eplacement
  5. Lady Melody is such an underrated/overlooked record
  6. hookedonsonics

    Official Newbury Comics Reissue Thread

    aaaaaaaaargh, was on a train and away this weekend... blargh
  7. holy smokes, i wheeze laughed at this post
  8. hookedonsonics

    PO: Soccer Mommy - Clean

    serious album of the year contender here
  9. hookedonsonics

    Shoegaze/Dream Pop Thread

    Rough Trade version back in stock!
  10. hookedonsonics

    PO Now: Failure - LP5 and new EP

    Yeah i think it's 4 eps that are then basically 4 different parts of one full album - then compiled on the 2xlp, and not 4eps and then a separate full length
  11. hookedonsonics

    Do you have a vinyl only instagram?

    @hookedonsonicsradio - https://www.instagram.com/hookedonsonicsradio/ mainly to promote my radio show, but i started posting records there
  12. hookedonsonics

    Hot Snakes Reissues vis Sub Pop!

    Dave Gardner - mastering engineer - http://www.thepictaram.club/share/BeI8OwvlzMP
  13. yeah i felt the same, i always thought the gray race really suffered without brett around writing anything