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  1. Does anyone know if this is the same packaging as the special clear vinyl edition? It says on the image in the B&N site that it's clear wax, so I'm assuming it is?
  2. If anyone here has not seen this band live, I say this with no hyperbole implied - they are the best live band out there these days. Insanely good.
  3. first two variants sold out while in my cart....blaaaargh
  4. Feeling the same here, but I keep going back to how that boxset looks and it looks SO good.... but yeah...
  5. Where's the bundle? For the life of me I can't find it hahaha
  6. Dropping in here to say the same - the boxset packaging is insanely cool
  7. glow in the dark w/ silkscreened cover /100 now up https://www.merchlimited.com/products/drug-church-hygiene-bundle
  8. got the cotton candy splash variant today - gotta say though, thrice usually has quality packaging but this lp and the palms lp have been pretty meh.
  9. Happy to hear you had a good experience! I saw them in NYC at one of the Brooklyn Steel shows and it was really underwhelming - very low energy and almost sluggish. I was hoping it may have just been an off night or something.
  10. I missed the fanclub edition but got at least the TMR one, so yeah once again VC community looking out!