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  1. I'm just looking for anything that's a good deal I guess. Mostly looking for things I don't have but I've also been buying some doubles that I find for cheap. Always looking for vinyl, I have a copy of each of the more obtainable ones, not looking to break the bank for variants or SSTB/NWFT but definitely interested in getting an idea of what people are realistically looking for on them. as for the comics, I have every individual except for IKS issue #8 (not sure why, just didn't grab it when it was available). This doesn't mean I wouldn't be interested in doubles or variants, there are a few of mine that are worn and they did release some exclusive covers. I am actively looking for a copy of SSTB ultimate edition for a reasonable price as well.
  2. Appreciate the response! I have the boxsets so I'm good on those. The vinyl are all variants on ones I have besides the black Ascension so I may be interested in the near future. Would love to get that IKS but I'm pretty sure it's out of the range I'm hoping to spend, might shoot you and offer on that though.
  3. Looking for any Coheed vinyl or anything else related to the band like Comics.