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  1. I know this is a wicked old post, but on the off chance you might still be selling this vinyl I have to ask. Do you still have Mother Mother’s O My Heart?
  2. This one sold out before I could get it on RSD at my local shop. Let me know how much you're selling it for if you're parting with it!
  3. I'm a dingus cause I used PayPal, but I paid as a gift. The guy was being so nice, told me not to worry about the fees and to send a flat payment to his business account so I sent it as a gift instead of goods/services :/
  4. His twitter is @AAdamVH looks like he's more active on there if anyone has twitter and wants to contact him there. Pretty bummed I'm getting fucked over..
  5. I bought 3 different Kevin Devine 7"s from him, I posted a WTB a month or so ago about wanting to fill up my discography. Guy's got good taste!
  6. I paid last Tuesday as well, I wasn't sure if stuff was shipped yet either so I've just been keeping an eye out.
  7. I did, I sent payment almost a week ago so just waiting on my stuff to arrive. He just doesn't get on very often.
  8. I'm looking for the Size of the Moon/Recycling Live Flexi disc by Pinegrove. It popped up on Discogs a few days ago, but I wasn't quick enough. Hit me up if you're selling!
  9. I was wondering if anyone had information on or preferences between the Sony TC-K45 and the Kenwood KX-W4070 cassette decks. I've found one of each of these around the same price and wanted to weigh my options. Thanks for your help!