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  1. I know this is a wicked old post, but on the off chance you might still be selling this vinyl I have to ask. Do you still have Mother Mother’s O My Heart?
  2. This one sold out before I could get it on RSD at my local shop. Let me know how much you're selling it for if you're parting with it!
  3. I'm a dingus cause I used PayPal, but I paid as a gift. The guy was being so nice, told me not to worry about the fees and to send a flat payment to his business account so I sent it as a gift instead of goods/services :/
  4. His twitter is @AAdamVH looks like he's more active on there if anyone has twitter and wants to contact him there. Pretty bummed I'm getting fucked over..
  5. I bought 3 different Kevin Devine 7"s from him, I posted a WTB a month or so ago about wanting to fill up my discography. Guy's got good taste!
  6. I paid last Tuesday as well, I wasn't sure if stuff was shipped yet either so I've just been keeping an eye out.
  7. I did, I sent payment almost a week ago so just waiting on my stuff to arrive. He just doesn't get on very often.
  8. I'm looking for the Size of the Moon/Recycling Live Flexi disc by Pinegrove. It popped up on Discogs a few days ago, but I wasn't quick enough. Hit me up if you're selling!
  9. I was wondering if anyone had information on or preferences between the Sony TC-K45 and the Kenwood KX-W4070 cassette decks. I've found one of each of these around the same price and wanted to weigh my options. Thanks for your help!
  10. How much are you selling the three of those for? How much would you like for that?
  11. I'm looking for "Make the Clocks Move" first and foremost. I'm open to some of his other LPs/EPs as well. This is what I already have: 7" -Part of the Whole (clear orange) 12" -Between the Concrete and Clouds (clear) -Brother's Blood (dbl, blue/red) -Bubblegum (pink) -Bulldozer (yellow) -Circle Gets the Square (black) -Instigator (red) -Matter of Time (dbl, orange splatter/blue) -Put Your Ghost to Rest (dbl, green&orange/orange splatter) -Split the Country, Split the Street (dbl, blue/blue)
  12. Hello! I tried to message you, but was unable to send a PM. I know it's a long shot, but I was wondering if you still had the "Make the Clocks Move" vinyl by Kevin Devine? Or any other vinyl by him?