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  1. Lots of amazing represses on Rush's website!!! Including the never pressed Test For Echo! http://www.rushbackstage.com/rushbackstage/media-260/compact-discs/index.html
  2. My Amazon order came and yes it has the hologram! I have to say that I am really impressed. It looks really cool.
  3. I also love this turntable. Sounds great with an Ortofon 2M Red. The automatic features are really useful. I recently had to adjust both the 33 and 45 speed on the motor to be spot on. There was also a "squeaky" sound when the platter started spinning but I found that droping a small bit of oil on the center shaft corrected this minor issue. For the vibration issue, I used to have a few skipping problems at high volume so you can try rubber feets with a sticky side. I use those for computers and also put them under my speakers and no more skipping since. Enjoy!
  4. The problem surely lies elsewhere. I've been rocking my 2M Red for 2 years now without a problem. I'm sure a lot of other users would say the same. Make sure you clean your stylus from back to front with minimal contact. Have you checked your wires on the headshell? Does it sound distortioned (overpowered)? Or too low (muffed)? Does sound cuts from the left or right? Do you need to adjust the volume for a record compared to a cassette? Are you sure your preamp is set straight? Or do you use a Phono input on your amp?
  5. Here's a video of the hologram : I wonder if the Amazon version will have this too?
  6. Just a quick update with my speed problem on my Denon DP300-F. I spent an hour or two this weekend to look a it and finally adjusted it to a satisfactory speed. It's easy enough to do it yourself and you don't even need to put it upside down, open it or unplug it if you're careful. I would recommend putting a piece of tape on the tonearm so that you don't knock it over and break that fancy needle of yours. Just lift the whole turntable by the front and you'll see two holes on the bottom with 33 and 45 markings on the left side. Now take a small straight screwdriver and insert it in the desired speed adjustment hole. You will first have to go through a rubber cover for each hole. They already have a slit for your screwdriver to go through. Insert it all the way in and carefully turn it until it sticks in the screw head. After this, turn it just a little bit in a way or another depending if you want it to go faster or slower. Put the turntable down, test the speed, repeat if necessary. Take note that the 33 and 45 adjustment screws are inverted from each other. You need to be patient and you have to be super precise but it's worth it.
  7. What are you guy talking about? None of my recent FAT purchases had "quality" sleeves. Only normal paper sleeves.
  8. Oh hey thanks for the strobe disc tip! I forgot I could do that. Thank you AJXD for the help on fixing my table. I have good electronic knowledge and I think I'll be able to repair it myself. The problem is either the belt (my table must be 4-5 years old) or the motor needs adjustment. The table is a Denon DP300F and I have the service manual for it. I can see that the motor has a screw to change the speed so I'll try that if the belt looks fine. I think the table ran a bit too fast since I bought it but I can't be sure now. I'll post an update if something comes up. Thanks everyone.
  9. Hello there, I want to share an app I just discovered yesterday. I figured it could help some of you as it helped me. I suspected my turntable ran a slightly higher speed than it should. I tried to sync a song with a cd/mp3 of the same song and the difference was stunning. Since my turntable did not come with a strobe light, verifying the speed is tricky. I once tried an app called iRPM which gave me about 34.5 rpm but I did not have full confidence with it. Yesterday I decided to dig deeper into it as I am digitalising my music collection and after a few searches I found a very interesting app. Beforehand, you'll need a test record with a 3150 Hz track. I bought one from a dollar bin a couple of years ago so look around if you don't have one yet, they are fairly easy to find. The app is called PlatterSpeed and is available here : https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/platterspeed-vinyl-tool/id415629169?mt=8 So basicly all you have to do is play the 3150 Hz track, start the app and check the results either in realtime or afterward when you're done. Unsurprisingly, the result was also 34.5 rpm so there is something wrong with my turntable. It might be the belt or the motor but I'll get to it soon. I hope this helps some of you. You can post anymore usefull apps you might think people would like to discover.
  10. Yeah prices are high for their shows. Lowest prices for New York were $105 but hey their shows are always sold out over Canada (Toronto and Montreal at least) and it's supposed to be their last big tour from an interview Alex did recently. They're not saying it's their last tour but the next shouldn't be as big. 40 years of touring is something and I can see why they'll want to take it slow in the future.
  11. Wikipedia says Anthem Records was founded in 1977 so I guess you're right and I must have a later repress.
  12. The Canadian pressing is on Anthem. Mercury is from the USA. I also had an original Canadian copy in mint condition (totally forgot it was in such a nice shape but missed the lyric sheet) but I planned on getting the whole repress serie so I couldn't pass this one. No regrets! Today's also the day their tickets are available for the North American summer tour so get them fast! I'll be in New York this time.
  13. For those wondering about the recent reissue(s), I just got my copy of Fly By Night and it's excellent. Heavy 200 grams vinyl housed in a copy of Original Master Sleeve inner sleeve, prestine, quiet and it sounds excellent. Included is a lyric sheet like the original release and a card with the details about the mastering and a download for MP4 files. The outer sleeve is ok, nothing spectacular. The downloadable MP4 files are ok but sound so low compared to most of my other music. The download that came with Rush ReDISCovered box set from last year also sounded very low in volume. As a huge Rush fan, it is worth the 30$. Available on both Amazon.ca and http://www.rushbackstage.com/for roughly the same price but a bit cheaper on Rush's webstore.
  14. Seriously, what kind of dumbass would go into a thread about a band he doesn't like just to trash that band? If you don't care about Rush, just move along to the next thread and don't comment.