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  1. Yeah true. I guess in my memory it seemed like it was a longer album just because there's so many tracks but I just looked it up and it's only like 44 mins. It just caught me off guard haha
  2. So I didn't realize Ups & Downs would be a single LP until I opened it last night. Anyone else think 19 songs split over 2 sides is just a taaaaaad excessive? Haha
  3. Can't Slow Down is by far my favorite and I'm still hunting for a decently priced copy if anyone is willing to part with theirs. Grabbed Ups + Downs and SWYA thanks to this thread
  4. Damn it's not up anymore. Any word on if it's gonna go back up at BM or anywhere else? One of my favorite albums of this era of metal
  5. POSTING I'm pretty sure I have a digital copy of Solopsistic as well if anyone misses out on the first 100. I'm on vacation now though. I have repress of Coma and Weighing Souls as well as a first press of Weighing Souls. Would love to grab this as well. Immense band. I also wouldnt mind being included in the PM list if this goes up at an odd time, though I know I am a newbie.
  6. Sent you another message about this, hope to hear back about it. Really 100% interested. And if anyone else does too, looking for three total. Wanted to grab these two from Coolio and I have a lead on another that depends on me getting the first two.
  7. Very excited for this, not sure if there's any other fans here though. "Ten Love Songs" was my favorite album of 2015. https://susanne-sundfor.myshopify.com/products/music-for-people-in-trouble i would love for a US distro to have this, I'm holding off a couple days to see if it happens but I am wary. Hopefully someone here will see if it does. First song released from it: Enjoy!
  8. Hey I'm currently on vacation but would love these, been on the hunt for a pair. Idk what type of trade, but I can pay for em. I can PM you my phone number or email if you want. I live in Philly and wanna make a weekend of it with my wife.
  9. Have this demo cd when I grabbed it at This Is Hardcore in like 2011(?). Pretty cool to have it on vinyl, hope to snag a clear one but don't think I'll be at the Pallbearer/Baroness show here so I'll prob miss out.

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