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  1. I requested to remove the record from the sleeve, but it came still shrink wrapped. After seeing your comment, I'm kind of glad they didn't remove it. Really flimsy mailer with no bubble wrap or cardboard. My sleeve was bent to shit, but the record looks/plays fine though so whatever.
  2. Purple copies are back up. Only 50 available right now per the Windhand post on FB. Still $12 shipping...
  3. Courtyard Brewery is really good, but it is down near the WW2 Museum and the Convention Center. Brieux Carre was great as well and is just outside the French Quarter. If you walk east from Jackson Square you pretty much run right into it.
  4. I was getting ready to ask the same question. I met up with a couple of guys through Dead Format at the 2nd Gilead Fest and we ended up keeping in touch and hanging out at the first Migration. I have very few friends at home that are in to this type of music so it's always nice to meet like minded people at shows. If anyone wants to grab some beers at some point let me know.
  5. 35007 - Liquid Another defunct band. Blissed out stoner space jams from the Netherlands. Liquid and the Sea of Tranquility EP are top notch. https://35007.bandcamp.com/album/liquid
  6. I ordered the LE and the CD and it gave me a $6 standard shipping option, but with the vinyl only the $12 priority was the only option I saw.
  7. Supercontinent - Vaalbara (Saw Her Ghost Records - 2008). One and done band. Really interesting instrumental doom. Early Baroness is a good comparison. http://sawherghost.net/sawherghost/?page_id=164
  8. Yeah, definitely. They put another album a few years later that is pretty good, but I think that was it.
  9. Anyone ever listen to Disengage - Obsessions Become Phobias? It was released on Man's Ruin in the early 2000s I think (CD only). Catchy songs and still something I really enjoy listening to when I think to put it on.
  10. Yeah, my guy was 5th in line and I'm pretty sure the rest were gone right after. Probably going to throw in some extra beers on top of my offer for jumping on this for me!
  11. Made a deal with a guy on an OK Beer Trading Forum to grab me one from Guestroom Records in OKC. Paid him cost plus some beer. Came out to $48.88 with tax I think. He said the OKC store got 10 copies and the store in Norman only got 5.
  12. TOOL (sounds like it is finally time, probably...maybe...) Thou (hopefully) Panopticon Mizmor Pig Destroyer Forn Closet Witch Mutilation Rites Tribulation Horrendous Gatecreeper The Atlas Moth Yob Voivod Coroner
  13. Yes dude! I have been to both Gilead Fests and the first Migration. Definitely not missing this one! Lineup is already in the ridiculous realm and its only half of the bands. Really hoping for Oranssi Pazuzu this time.
  14. YES! This was great news. Never been to Pittsburgh, looking forward to checking out some of the local breweries while I'm there. I attended both Gilead Fests in Oshkosh and then Migration in Olympia, so this is a must! It sounded like from Adam/Migration's post that 20 Buck Spin had relocated to Pittsburgh.
  15. Ordered both, plus the new Triumvir Foul. If you guys haven't heard their ST, it is really good if you are into a more death metal sound. I think he can come off very blunt and border line rude at times, but I have been ordering from FE for years with no complaints. I had one issue and it was resolved immediately. I'm psyched about the Lluvia and I agree with Burkyburk, if its just a few noisy spots then I'm really not too concerned. It is black metal.