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  1. Thanks! they didn't have the album listed at all earlier. I appreciate it!
  2. any US stores that you know have it up? Checked a few and didn't see it listed (yet?)
  3. Dub versions of the album Con Todo El Mundo Secretly Store: Dark Blue https://www.secretlystore.com/hasta-el-cielo-khruangbin Night Time Stories: Light Blue https://nighttimestories.co.uk/release.php/?id=pre-order-khruangbin-hasta-el-cielo-con-todo-el-mundo-in-dub Rough Trade: Yellow https://roughtrade.com/us/khruangbin/khruangbin-hasta-el-cielo/lp-plus
  4. https://www.joyfulnoiserecordings.com/collections/why/products/aokohio
  5. I want this but I cannot justify nearly $50 on an LP I really hope this is available through another seller eventually
  6. wtf? I bought Decadence for 8.99 on insound approximately a year ago. Not sure what's so special about this repress but that seems pretty steep.
  7. i don't think there's a difference but it looks like the LP is on the bandcamp page as well https://mikepatton.bandcamp.com/album/corpse-flower-out-september-13
  8. Hwee hwee hwee hwee! Id take a pressing of just about anything from the boys!
  9. Wish we could get a repress of the studio version...
  10. Official review @ 6:10 : "sounds pretty good!" I hate everything about this.
  11. Where do we go to actually pre-order this? Not sure if I'm just terrible at searching but I can't seem to find anything.
  12. Thanks! i was nervous to adjust anything incorrectly. It was already set at 47k but adjusting the gain helped quite a bit. I appreciate it.
  13. looks like a great deal if only i was a garth brooks fan...