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  1. soooooo not for a very long time? that seems like a terrible business decision. i can wait though
  2. That'd be a real bummer if it didn't. I'm still hoping for an eventual press of the original Heavy Rocks
  3. I just heard about this new Boris album. It's up on bandcamp and there's a review. I'm only a few tracks in and I'm loving it. Not pop boris... this rocks. Any idea on vinyl pressing? I can't find any information on it anywhere! free stream: https://boris.bandcamp.com/album/no pitchfork: https://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/boris-no/
  4. col·lec·tive /kəˈlektiv/ noun: collective; plural noun: collectives a cooperative enterprise. I love this forum. The new Hum is really good too.
  5. This is my Secretly "BLUE WITH KIND OF SWIRLY SILVER" with a ton of light on it. Looks pretty sharp!
  6. got my "BLUE WITH KIND OF SWIRLY SILVER" from the Secretly Store today. Looks nothing like the mock-up but it's nice. It's basically blue and black swirl. Excited to give this one a spin.
  7. I couldn't find a variant that matched my couch. I'm jealous.
  8. THANKS! i checked it earlier and there wasn't a button to purchase. Not sure if they posted more. I appreciate it.
  9. What version did you pick up? I think I was just unlucky in the color I chose.
  10. I got my shipping notice from Armageddon the other day.
  11. love RTJ. This album starts at track 4 for me though. Didn't care for the singles much. I think it really kicks off at Holy Calamafuck and peaks at Walking In The Snow.