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  1. This is amazing news! Thanks! Do you know if they have a mailing list or something to get updates on that?
  2. i've loved all their past stuff. this single is pretty meh though. weighing the different pre-orders. hopefully we'll get some numbers on the different variants?
  3. Thanks for the link but this When The Pawn pressing looks weird...
  4. Wait, I'm confused. Are they actually pressing When The Pawn? I can't find anything about that, everything just mentions Tidal...
  5. thanks! this is great! very excited to see them next month
  6. you can't name it but the PO is already up? I paid my Tool Army annual fees... why can't i get a link?
  7. still no pressing of Heavy Rocks... /cries in stoner rock/
  8. This new song is pretty boring. I thought we were supposed to get repress info? Give me that Ænima and Lateralus on black vinyl. Keep the picture discs for the tool army or whatever.
  9. Snagged one. This is really good! Now, if only i could get a copy of the True Loves - Famous Last Words lol any chance of repress?
  10. same. mine was bent a bit as well. any idea how easy it is to report to amazon.jp? i've only used the US site before this purchase.
  11. Thanks!! Exciting to see they're repressing this. Hopefully we'll see others eventually. Also, I really wish qrate had a better way to follow artists and be notified of releases.