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  1. I loved this album but I can't spend that on an LP
  2. 50 just for shipping. they called it courier shipment or something like that. the other options they listed they said were not insured which made me nervous about shipping damage.
  3. I ordered from Inoxia and the only insured shipping option currently available to the US was 50 bucks. They said they'd let me know when EMS is available and ship it then. Are you in the US? If so, what shipping option did you select?
  4. I'm still able to add to my cart on http://inoxia-rec.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=1433 but i'm completely lost on this checkout system lol EDIT: figured it out. was able to snag one!
  5. I'm not aware of Flood or Heavy Rocks (2002) every being pressed. Where are you seeing this?
  6. come on, man! just add feet to one or more them and then label it an "ikea hack" and you're golden. I do kinda want to see this setup though...
  7. From their bandcamp the other day: https://boris.bandcamp.com/community?sid=325302&st=sm
  8. https://shopus.dovesofficial.com/products/the-universal-want-red-vinyl?variant=35274190618776 That's the one I bought. Red but not signed.
  9. man... i was tempted. I was thinking maybe it was one of those non-sticky cling stickers but it's definitely on there. I don't have the heart to start scraping at it lol
  10. no, it's the kind of sticker that I've seen on the OUTSIDE of the plastic wrap whenever the artist name or album title aren't a part of the album art. instead this album it's actually on the outer sleeve.
  11. i just got my copy of this today. There seems to be an actual sticker on the cover... I don't think I've ever seen this before on an album. It looks really cheap but the vinyl itself seems fine.

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