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  1. www.cdvinyl4u.com About us: CDVinyl4U is a shop which offers high-quality CDs and LPs. We have a variety of different labels, which are known for their quality level and different formats. CDVinyl4U inter alia provides the following formats; SACD SHM-SACD and XRCD and K2HD CDs. The record labels offering CDVinyl4U, are also prominent names; Stockfisch Recordings Original master recordings from Mobile Fidelity and Speakers Corner. We are also much sought CDVinyl4U Audio Show and events and that the BENELUX. This is due to our excellent service, knowledge and stock. A number of known events where CDVinyl4U see among others are; AZ show X-fi and I, Ear and National Multimedia Event, Number One show. If you have questions, we can be reached via email, Facebook, Twitter and of course telephone. Contact details Address: Oedsmawei 18a 9001 ZJ Grou Phone number: +31 (0) 653 682 780 E-mail address: [email protected] Company: Tax: NL2013.39.146.b02 KVK: 01131950 Rack. No .: 6553 06 NL66INGB0008 Swift code: INGBNL2A WBT CDVinyl4U is Importer of WBT. WBT has been made since 1985 and is well known to consumers and manufacturers worldwide. They are known for 100% conductivity copper and silver. parts of spades, speaker connectors and RCA chassis and speaker chassis. WBT is also known for the leaded and lead-free solder. There is a nice article on the website of hifi.nl. Accessories A wide range of accessories are also available in the shop of CDVinyl4U. Spikes and cones of Music Works to pads and care products such as Sound headrests Sieveking and the Gold CD-Rs are guaranteed 100 years. Sincerely, CDVinyl4U team.