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  1. You should be able to see a healthy stylus with your naked eye and certainly with a magnifying glass. It sounds like the tracking force had been set way too high and caused wear and/or damage to the stylus(needle) and probably to some of your records. It may be skipping because it's too worn down to properly track the groove. If that's the case you'll need a replacement. Be sure to get a stylus guage and research how to properly set the tracking force. The $10 digital scales on amazon and ebay are fine.
  2. I just had a variant issue with Goner Records yesterday but they dealt with it the best way possible. They responded to my email within minutes with an apology, prepaid return label, and full refund. They even sent another follow-up email apologizing again for the mix up. Unfortunately, they were sold out of the variant I wanted. Awesome customer service for an honest mistake. I wouldn't hesitate to give them another shot in the future.
  3. 100% agree with both suggestions. Much better quality thanProJect, Rega, AT at similar prices. U-Turn has awesome customer service as well.
  4. RZA - Ghost Dog Red or White Vinyl Ghost Dog - Original Motion Picture Score - Deluxe Edition Vinyl
  5. I've had my shipping prices automated for a couple years but I just got a notice that it was incomplete because of the order size setting. The order size setting has been filled in from the beginning. Nothing worked until I just deleted that shipping policy and added a new one with the exact same parameters. I'm glad I don't ship overseas.
  6. I would only recommend a physical store if you're able to take over the store where you would be volunteering. You'll be able to understand how that particular store works(which you can improve upon as needed) and how much of a built-in clientele you might expect. At best you might make a little money and have a cool spot/hobby. And definitely do online sales with accurate grading and reasonable/secure shipping. Good luck.
  7. The Lounge Audio LCR MKIII is an excellent preamp and a definite step up from the Pro-Ject.
  8. There's a few copies of the blue up on Discogs for $45 https://www.discogs.com/sell/release/15840505?ev=rb
  9. Laura Marling - Song For Our Daughter $13.98 at Walfart Free shipping over $35 sucks but got free ship to store in 2 days.
  10. 10/16 https://www.bullmoose.com/p/34686613/tom-petty-wildflowers-all-the-rest-3lp "The 3 LP edition contains the original 1994 Wildflowers album (remastered) with 15 tracks on two LPs. LP 3 contains All The Rest, the 10 songs from the Wildflowers sessions that were left off the album, 5 of which are previously unreleased."
  11. The phono stage in your amp could have gone bad. I've had it happen before. Try another amp/receiver with phono inputs or an external phono stage to test.
  12. https://www.bullmoose.com/p/34634797/the-toadies-rubberneck
  13. Not sure what your budget is but I would replace those speakers first. Give us your budget, tastes, room for possible speaker recommendations. For a cheaper improvement you might want to consider the Ortofon Blue or something similar. An even cheaper option is getting just the Blue stylus as it can be installed on a Red cartridge. (The Bronze and Black cannot be used on the Red cartridge FYI) I had the Esprit and found it to be a solid table if overpriced. In my research and auditioning I found that you're probably looking to spend $1000+ to get to the next tier of turntable if you'r
  14. From Discogs staff: It won't really affect me but it looks like there are many issues and unanswered questions for many sellers. They're going apeshit on the Discogs Forum. Edit to expand title

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