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  1. Pretty sure you need to be grandfathered in to be eligible for one month subscriptions. On another note, I recently had to open a PayPal claim against VMP. They cancelled 2 orders at my request a few weeks ago saying I would be refunded in 2-4 business days. They still haven't refunded me or responded to my emails. Also haven't received any word on my order from Black Friday. They seem to have no problem emailing me about more stuff to buy.
  2. +1 I just wouldn't stack them too high, probably 3 high at the most. Be sure to number the boxes with a collection that size. And unless you're paying someone, you just have to resign yourself to the pain in the ass of lugging them. It is a very good feeling when you're done...haha
  3. Not sure if people are still looking for The National: Edit: Gone
  4. I have owned both cartridges and much prefer the Nagaoka. I found the Ortofon too clinical and harsh at times. The Nagaoka was warmer and much more fun to listen to. Both are good starter cartridges but what you choose would be dependent on your tastes. I personally would go for a custom Uturn turntable with acrylic platter and cue lever(other options available) over a Pro-Ject. I have owned both and preferred the Uturn. It's hand-built, sounds great for the price, and feels of overall better quality than the Pro-Ject. I would put the Nagaoka on the Uturn for a total of ~$400. Or you could go with the Ortofon preinstalled on the Uturn for $75, total ~$370. Uturn is also built in Massachusetts, has a 30-day return period, and a 2-year warranty. Good luck!
  5. I would troubleshoot by first trying an RCA or USB connection. I've come across several optical connections that don't quite snap in the way they should.
  6. The copy that I just got in the mail from Bullmoose is the purple/green splatter. I assumed it would be black as there was no indication what version it was.
  7. I'm not familiar with many speakers around $200 that will do that receiver justice but I continue to be impressed by the KEF Q100s I have on a secondary setup. Got mine new for $220 a year ago. They do appear to be scarce at that price currently. Can probably find a good used pair.
  8. I just chatted with them: Me: I just reupped my month-to-month for the Soft Bulletin. Am I guaranteed a Songs For the Deaf as long as I keep my subscription active through that sign up date? VMP: Yeah, so as long as you don't cancel between now and November (I wouldn't cancel until you have 'Songs for the Deaf' in your hands, honestly), you'll be all set to receive it!
  9. BullMoose Black, I assume $20 Akuma No Uta Feedbacker $25 Love & Evol
  10. They're up on Bullmoose $39 each Too rich for my blood
  11. http://www.speakerworks.com/Custom-Steel-Speaker-Grill-Black-p/cg2b.htm
  12. $43 at Bullmoose List price on their site is $45 https://www.bullmoose.com/p/31486325/once-upon-a-time-in-hollywood-soundtrack-indie-exclusive-180gm-translucent-orange-2lp
  13. Didn't hear anything a week after release date. Contacted them, they got back to me in a few hours and said it would ship that day. Didn't hear anything for two weeks, no album. Contacted them again, didn't hear anything for three days. Opened paypal case. Got a tracking number the next day.
  14. MusicVaultz has the color variant listed. Signed up for 15% off Free shipping over $50 https://shop.musicvaultz.com/*/*/Nirvana-Live-and-Loud-Exclusive-Split-Colour-Vinyl/67ET0000000