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  1. First, congrats on the awesome setup. I think I know the issue but could be mistaken. The TF-1 is what's called a step-up transformer. It basically brings the MC signal strength output up to what a MM cartridge typically is (eg. .3 mv vs 3mv). Now that the MC has been stepped-up, it's still not at what's called "line level". You still need MM phono pre-amp for that. As you mentioned, your "mixer" doesn't have one built in, so you'll need an external one. The connections would go: Turntable>TF-1 inputs>TF-1 output to external MM phono pre-amp inputs>external MM pre-amp
  2. From what I can tell, the storage cubes at Ikea and Walmart are virtually identical. I've gotten them from both stores but Walmart ships for free. They come in various configurations. The 2x2 is plenty large enough for 100 records but I've learned it's best to buy larger for a growing collection. I've never owned the kind from Target but they look considerably thinner/flimsier. Walmart Cube Storage Walmart 2x4 Cube Organizer
  3. Lots of L7 on Discogs around retail too. https://www.discogs.com/sell/release/19101469?ev=rb Also, I'm no longer seeing The Life Aquatic Soundtrack on the July list. It's listed on several stores' websites though. Odd.
  4. Per Bandbox FAQ: When will my subscription renew? Bandbox subscriptions renew once per month at Midnight on the 28th (after the initial subscription is made). We highly encourage members to choose their album well before the 28th though!
  5. Just a heads up that I had to sign up for the subscription vs one-time purchase in order for the code to work. No big deal, it says you're not obligated to keep the subscription after the free one. I've cancelled them after a past promotion without issue. Thanks
  6. Appears to be part of the Ortofon OM Series. There's a number on the other side of the catridge indicating exactly which model it is.
  7. You might call it a loss of detail/separation but it's all about trade-offs. Another common analogy is that the Ortofon line sounds more like listening to a CD, the Nagaoka produces a more "classic vinyl sound". The only way to know which you ultimately prefer is to hear both. I've had a Bronze on my new VPI but have found the combination dry and somewhat fatiguing. My Nagaoka MP-200 arrives Monday.
  8. I second the Nagaoka MP-110 over an Ortofon but that's more a matter of personal preference. I definitely preferred the MP-110 over the Red on my Pro-Ject. As I'm sure you've already read, the Ortofon is usually described as clinical and dry, whereas the Nagaoka is more warm and musical. I found those desciptors apt. If you stick with Ortofon, the Blue would be the most I would spend on a catridge for that turntable.
  9. I only use the mailers that have the extended sides like the mighty mailers posted above. The peace of mind is worth the extra cost. I use the ones made by Pratt, 25 for $50($40+$10 s/h) They're very similar, if not identical, to the mighty mailers. I haven't had a single issue with them. You can't ship many records in one mailer but the vast majority of my orders are for single albums. And I always remove the records from the outer sleeves and add some tape for good measure. I personally hate receiving records in the old cruciform mailers.
  10. I believe they're all the same, just different labels.
  11. Yes, you can still use the NAD. Connect the preamp to one of the line level inputs on your amp (ie. CD, Aux) instead of the Phono input. The Rega preamp is likely better than the one built into the NAD. Only way to know for sure is to try both and decide what sounds better to you.
  12. Agreed that listening to them beforehand would be optimal. If you're unable to audition at a local store, I would take advantage of Amazon's easy return policy to audition at home. I recommend Elac Debut B6.2 There are lots of options in your price range.
  13. .08 points/dollar So, you basically get 4% "back" on every purchase.
  14. https://www.bullmoose.com/p/34950350/nativity-in-black-tribute-to-nativity-in-black-tribute-to
  15. You should be able to see a healthy stylus with your naked eye and certainly with a magnifying glass. It sounds like the tracking force had been set way too high and caused wear and/or damage to the stylus(needle) and probably to some of your records. It may be skipping because it's too worn down to properly track the groove. If that's the case you'll need a replacement. Be sure to get a stylus guage and research how to properly set the tracking force. The $10 digital scales on amazon and ebay are fine.

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