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  1. arumajiro 零 一つ

    Marvel Cinematic Universe Thread

    The prevailing theory is that Scott will get sucked into a time vortex like Janet warned him, and start bouncing around time trying to warn the Avengers of something bad happening. Quantum Leap-Man for Avengers 4
  2. arumajiro 零 一つ


    Really sad if it's not going to appear. I never got that message though... I'll still hold out for now.
  3. arumajiro 零 一つ

    The SYNTHWAVE Thread

    Hmm, I waited too long on Magnatron with purple splatter. Maybe I'll nab it when one of the hinted-at "alternate colorways" down the line appears; hopefully it won't take 13 months the third time. I like this comp because it's a little more chill than 2.0, which is kinda expensive at 41 USD anyway...
  4. arumajiro 零 一つ

    PO - Eyeliner - BUY NOW

    37 shipped to Canada, so I'll pass unless it shows up at a store with a reasonable price tag.
  5. arumajiro 零 一つ


    It's honesty revolting for me personally when people go out of their way to advocate being screwed over and cop that defeatist crap. It's like "Keep your spineless, sycophantic, give-up-always, cowardly attitude the fuck away from me". 5-10 dollar markups since 2016 cannot be minimized as "inflation" just like record labels saying it's a measure to fight Discogs-enabled speculation is a total fucking fabrication too. And yet people are gullible enough to buy it. For example, really glad I bought those Blank Banshee albums. Does the packaging justify them being $30 CAD each? Never in a million years. And the Discogs prices are hovering near 100 bucks. So anyone who thinks we should forego our freedom of speech rights because "that's just the way it is" is welcome to take their own advice and move to Russia while they're at it. You'd be the type of model citizen Putin wants.
  6. arumajiro 零 一つ

    ~GHOSTLY.INT // PO: SHIGETO – The New Monday

    New Helios on /750 marbled (translucent) beige. Digging the Eno-esque vibes of the sample so far. EDIT: Vinyl version is missing two track, fwiw. https://ghostly.com/products/veriditas
  7. New Helios a.k.a. Goldmund, a.k.a. Keith Kanniff on Ghostly. Hoping a few of those /750 being copies will stick around long enough to arrive at my local store which carries at least a couple Ghostly variants for most releases. A little disappointed that they had to cut two tracks off the vinyl, but oh well. The sample track sounds very 70s/80s Eno, but in a good way. I'll take derivative Helios over a lot of other ambient artists. https://ghostly.com/products/veriditas
  8. arumajiro 零 一つ

    PO Soon: Clever Girl - No Drum & Bass In The Jazz Room

    Damn. Missed it. 3rd press happening hopefully???
  9. arumajiro 零 一つ

    PO Soon: Clever Girl - No Drum & Bass In The Jazz Room

    This reminds me a lot of Do Make Say Think. I think I'm in.
  10. arumajiro 零 一つ

    Flightless Records - New Releases and Reissues

    I think you're right on the money with the ORB prediction, since Castle Face has done multiple variants of their past albums. Does anyone think it's possible that Gizz might release a live album?
  11. arumajiro 零 一つ

    Marvel Cinematic Universe Thread

    Ant Man and the Wasp was good but I was disappointed personally. As a big Jimmy Woo fan, Randall Park's square doofus take is not that guy. Really disappointed in that. They gave Michael Douglas more to do, but the plot did not add up to much. It also felt like the plan kept changing way too often, to the point where it got repetitive to have to adjust to complication after complication, most of which are the same type of thing. They also showed 99% of the great action scenes in the trailer. They should have held back. Honestly, if you can see it for half the price at a rep cinema in a few months do it then or wait for it on Netflix.
  12. arumajiro 零 一つ

    Warner Music Launches Fan-Driven, Vinyl-Only Label: Run Out Groove

    True. That probably will factor into my vote.... It's Probably Not Better Than Ezra
  13. arumajiro 零 一つ

    Warner Music Launches Fan-Driven, Vinyl-Only Label: Run Out Groove

    Happy for Hatfield, but worried it'll get a shitty colour treatment. (White for Lunafied is soooo boring). Hard to choose between Better Than Ezra or Green On Red but tbh I barely know either band that much. But it's cool that the less-talked-about 90s grunge albums are being reissued. Keep hoping for a Material (re)Issue campaign myself.
  14. arumajiro 零 一つ


    Honestly good to know.
  15. arumajiro 零 一つ


    I'll email them later in the week to get some pressure going in case they don't get back to you right away.