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  1. Never heard of The Midnight until now, and that new song has hooks galore & the vocalist can sing, but it's a tad too poppy for me. If this new album is the Hurry Up, We're Dreaming of their discography, is there an equivalent album to, say Before The Dawn Heals Us that you'd recommend? Something a little bit more gritty &/or minimal?
  2. Is it possible there are some copies here? https://www.banquetrecords.com/tennis-system/fear-of-knowing-[rsd20]/GRAVE160
  3. Really digging it so far. Love the turn that "P R O M I S E" takes into some Vaperror territory although "What Are You So Afraid Of?" (Getting Old) might be my fave track. I'll make sure to throw some money your way tomorrow, when Bandcamp won't take a cut. Might as well make it a vape-scene multi-buy day.
  4. My Pet Flamingo is dropping Saint Pepsi's Mannequin Challenge on May 1st. Be there or be trapezoid.
  5. There are few artists at this point who I'm still really stoked about. Windows 96 is one. But I guess I feel the same.
  6. Good. I would have hope they're smarter than releasing something so big during a time like this and I know the band has total control over this stuff.
  7. June/July are when most epidemiologists are predicting is when the curve will flatten. Minimum time for a vaccine to be administered in sufficient amounts is 18 months. I think I'm done buying vinyl for a while tbh. Need to save up.
  8. Slow clap to every record store Insta making the same joke about how mid-June is when RSD stock would arrive anyway.
  9. I hope most folks realize that the vast majority of physical stores do not have and will not be able to afford the server capacity needed to sell online, to say nothing about shipping and packaging, RSD or not.
  10. I think one precaution in general is to either get in line early, or avoid the initial wave and pick through the rubble. Edit: The best precaution being waiting for stuff to go online, obviously
  11. Sold out on Bandcamp: Wow! Will have to snag this when it comes to a store.
  12. Reminds me a bit of Car Seat Headrest releasing the OG version of his first album that he'd re-recorded that same year on RSD. I bought it for like 12 bucks in the discount bin months later. Seemed like everyone passed on it.
  13. Gonna sub in the live Bowie, because I'm a mark for those, always and Robyn I'm listening to some of that live Replacements gig and it's fine, so I'm on the fence about that. Wilcovered seems cute. And it's relatively limited, but that's a maybe as well. Also, y'all are all sleeping on Wild Tchoupitoulas (unless it's one of those used-bin staples down South idk).
  14. Wish they would repress their earlier stuff, but I'm glad they're doing this.
  15. Rainbow Children is super-underrated and prophetic in terms of Prince from then on in going down a more acoustic path (with some obvious exceptions), delving into historical black music genres like proto-funk and New Orleans second-line big-band sounds. Kind of like how Dylan retreated deeper into 20th Century pop-music past during the same time
  16. New Order - Peel Sessions Gorillaz - G-Sides (2LP) Gorillaz - D-Sides (3LP) And fuck it, why not Hardcastle's 19? (Although it's probably going to cost 26.99 CDN at least)
  17. The amount of n00bs who are posting incredulity at how fast those two 猫 シ Corp 2LPs sold out on GL is kinda hilarious. 5 minutes is a bloody eternity.
  18. Anyone else grab any 猫 シ Corp today? I got a Palm Mall Mars Orange and a 4th of July splatter edition of News at 11 (would have been totally happy with a standard black).
  19. Every non-American on this forum will forever LOL at Americans complaining about shipping rates that are anywhere between 50-90% cheaper than US to international.