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  1. I wasn't particularly looking but I didn't see it listed anywhere. As for stock coming in next week, I know that Dead Dog said they're expecting stuff like the John Prine box-set to be delivered in a week or so.
  2. I kinda feel like trying to find a Grandaddy is pretty futile at this point with only 600 copies in the wild. It's supposed to be an RSD First but is there any indication it's going to be reissued soon? I'd love to have it for when my Sophtware Slump box-set shows up in Jan
  3. Lots of Uncle Tupelo left here in Toronto. I'm sure shipping costs are brutal, assuming they even ship to the US: https://www.pop-music.ca/uncle-tupelo-live-at-lounge-ax-record-store-day-lp.html https://www.deaddogrecords.com/lp-uncle-tupelo-live-at-lounge-ax-march-24-1994-2l.html
  4. Really stoked! Any plans to reissue Exit? Hopefully with Superstarr Pt. Zero?
  5. Looks cute and I would go for this if I didn't own this album already. Maybe if they do a box-set with all the B-sides in 5 years I'd rebuy.
  6. This sounded loud back in the day. YMMV. Wish the band would release the album it's from on vinyl already.
  7. I normally don't care much about Bandcamp's AotD recommendations, but today's is a one-woman op called Hachiku from Australia and her music is rad. https://hachikumusic.bandcamp.com/album/ill-probably-be-asleep Definitely dream-pop, and moreso the lo-fi bedroom pop end of things. One of her live performances on YT has here covering The Cranberries' "Dreams" to perfection.
  8. You might like the band Lacing. Not sure if the vocals are darker or whatever, but they're heavy shoegaze too.
  9. Yeah it's what, a full 6 dollars extra for the Bleep variant? I bought one anyway only because there was an astonishingly cheap shipping option to Canada (this is shipping from the UK I'm pretty sure) that really helped seal the deal.
  10. I might have to double-dip on this and flip my OG. Same thing about the Teebs 10th Anniversary reissue
  11. Bleep Exclusive Red /300 also standard black /??? https://bleep.com/release/211265-mount-kimbie-crooks-lovers-10th-anniversary-edition When they released Crooks & Lovers back in 2010 on Scuba's Hotflush label, Mount Kimbie changed the face of the soon to be going overground dubstep scene of which many critics aligned them as major players of. Looking back now it's clear how much of a game changer Crooks & Lovers truly was, mixing the after-hours angles of Burial with a thirst for the sort of pop savvy sound that would come to characterized them and fellow future Warp signin
  12. I don't know why you're putting so much faith in a JPC.de listing tbh.
  13. Got an email update indicating manufacturer delays and the box set shipping in mid-December from Dangerbird. There's a 20% off coupon code: JED2020 and it can be used on the tri-stripe edition of the standalone piano-solo LP.
  14. Btw the 10" went on sale again at RT. Bought me one as well as the Laura Marling 10". Still sad I didn't get either of the Phoebe Bridgers, but I'm hoping RT will take care of that.
  15. Thanks for the Bitch Falcon heads-up. After the second track, I was sold. Far better band than that over-hyped Porridge Radio, anyway.
  16. Maybe for a few months, but no one remembers the price-bubbles that bands like Wooden Shjips experienced with their early singles, going for 80 USD. I bet most people don't even remember what Jay Reatard 7"s used to go for.
  17. The speed at which RT exclusives are selling out is actively annoying at this point
  18. Wow of all the days to not pay attention to this board. I hope that Rough Trade has another variant of both, maybe for end-of-year?
  19. This is your inescapable hint. This means we would point you to any record store in North America.
  20. Thanks for the heads-up. Sounds like the Aidan Baker side of Nadja so I grabbed it. One left at the same price. Also, there's two snazzy variants of this album on Bandcamp. But it's 18USD before shipping. In Amazon deals news, the recent Mirah reissue is going at a good price at just under 21 CAD: https://www.amazon.ca/Think-Like-Really-Anniversary-Reissue/dp/B08BDR8YL1/ These days I just go to Outlet Deals and browse under Music, then filter to vinyl.

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