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  1. I'm sure someone would be happy to facilitate a swap for a pinwheel (I PO'd the /500 Deluxe so I'm not nominating myself).
  2. Fishing for a discount code in case there's any around. Planning on making a big order.
  3. It comes down to: Are big labels big enough to deem it worth the cost of clearing a couple fairly expensive samples for the OG Aussie mix? For the Beastie Boys, Massive Attack and Chemical Brothers, the answer to clearing expensive samples has been yes. In any case, I'm still holding on to my import CD copy until I'm absolutely sure I have that mix on vinyl. The clear blue reissue isn't it.
  4. I'm one of those rare people that gets hyped about Durutti Column reissues. And in an arguably even-more-rare camp of thinking that 4xLP Dirty Three reissue is a highlight of all of RSD 2020. Even so, last month was definitely the biggest for me.
  5. Looks like they took the red with splatter from the Rough Trade US/Milan variant and instead of copying their purple with splatter for the second disc they just doubled up on the first one as far as colour goes. I think my Amazon.ca cheapo preorder will do. I feel like much like the new Nothing, you can't really go wrong with any of the variant choices.
  6. I feel it's going in that direction. It could end up like the Akira OST: multiple variants that all, eventually, sold out (The one Newbury has now up is a repress) but I don't think so.
  7. That spectograph stuff is objectively fascinating but personally spooky af so I'm going to steer clear & wait for some other variants to show up. Although IIRC there were only 2 variants total for Wildflower? Still waiting for the long-promised box set of the 1st album...
  8. Their mailers/packaging sucks for what they charge for shipping.
  9. For some reason I bought on Bandcamp (The Deluxe /500 with the Oxblood/Milky Clear Splatter) but the listing has disappeared from Bandcamp since. Hoping to avoid a refund notice. Edit: Nm it's back up.
  10. New Nothing album called the Great Dismal! https://www.bandofnothing.com/shop Most of the special/deluxe editions sold out.
  11. Bad time to be in between credit cards. Hope the replacement comes before this sells out. Was stupid to have missed the boat on the 3xLP the first time, in retrospect.
  12. And here I am, literally shook that a Best of comp that's clearly packaged to reflect the Beastie Boys Books from a couple of years ago omits "Too Many Rappers," since they spent a good 3 pages of the book dedicated to describe the production of that song, because it was the last time MCA and the surviving guys had a major, shouting-match-tier creative-argument before he passed away.
  13. They post the "no group-buys" for the Flaming Funk comps on BC, Mr. Group-Buy Guy and you literally know this. They even said it on every podcast they were on to promote vol. 2. It's kinda hilarious you'd pretend otherwise. And delusional, for sure.
  14. This thread is a somewhat inactive vaporwave thread. OP or someone else switched the title to Japanese text because they had a tantrum when I insisted strongly that posting about "group buys" would be spamming this thread, especially for non-US people, and that Reddit was better for that stuff. Ofc group buys don't exist anymore, not just because of corona, but because some labels like MPF started actively refusing group-buy orders. Also, My Sister's Fugazi Shirt is an OG user on these forums. I appreciate all his updates.
  15. Here's something that actively blows: Seeing people post pics of RSD 2020 releases scheduled for next month.
  16. I had the easiest time ever. Grabbed a Bowie, a Gorillaz D-Sides and what looked like the last Robyn in the store, all clustered together. Probably stayed in the store for 3 minutes max. Lining up outside for 2 hours is actually kinda nice this time of year. Certainly beats the crappy weather around late April.
  17. Not the worst for 3LP. Idk, it's fairly cheap for Toronto. I'm going to do the dumb thing of standing in line for Rotate to open, which opens 4 hours later than everyone else. Too lazy to go to Pop Music at 5am or Dead Dog at 6am especially when RT is closer.
  18. That Bowie live album is being released tomorrow. Gonna have to wait in line for hours tomorrow morning. Ugh.