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  1. I got double-charged for Timeless. Did that happen to anyone else? I've opened a dispute.
  2. Really great album. Not sure if I have the budget for it though.
  3. Hmm hopefully this is a wide release, since this looks like a mission statement, something you might see a Pitchfork review about even. In any case, if I do miss it, I'm willing to bet it'll be repressed.
  4. His current West Coast tour is already called The Future of Funk.
  5. So I figure this has to do with live dates? Or could this be Yung Bae's new label & it's gonna release 5?
  6. I have a hunch Bae 5 will go live this weekend & I'm prolly gonna miss it due to travelling on vacay. It's been a crazy month but hopefully that means a bit of a break for next month (just in time for RSD!)
  7. I'm missing Night Tempo - Fantasy, waiting for a non-picture disc Moonrise by him too, and the newest MACROSS that I missed a few months ago.
  8. I just discovered a FB Page called Vaporwave Record Club which is what's tipping me off. I'll try to post what I can but I've missed a lot of things.
  9. Holy hell the hits keep on coming. ESPRIT 空想's Virtua.zip being repressed! (A little over 450 out of 750 1050 left as I type this). EDIT: True to his word, George has added 300 more copies.
  10. About 50 pink vinyl of the new Night Tempo left. Damn this month has been hella expensive. I'm guessing Bae 5 is going to drop this month too & I have a nagging feeling it will be multi-format release, making it 5 future funk albums on vinyl in 1 month, each > $51 CDN UPDATE: About a dozen & a half left. The album doesn't start getting good until track 4 IMO but from there on in, it's smooth sailing so I nabbed one.
  11. Argh 2 bonus tracks! Had to do it too! Maybe I can flip my OG for good $$$
  12. This might be the only time I double-dip on an album (outside of Polygondwanaland).
  13. Not a fan of the label. I'll buy at a store, begrudgingly, though. Too bad she didn't go with Kranky on this one. EDIT: the Bandcamp page is also selling it for 29USD. Shipping rates may vary from the SV webpage.