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  1. On Bandcamp, the label said they'll be purging all orders over 2 so there might be a tiny reup soonish. OG vinyl was going for crazy money & Saint Pepsi is GOAT, so...
  2. Might want to grab one & hope for a more comprehensive box-set down the line.
  3. Mana Pool transcends its genre & is just a perfect ambient/IDM album, period. I love it to bits. But apparently not enough to double-dip (which I almost never do) lol. If the vapour galaxy version's cover had a similar amount of purple to match, I would have really thought about breaking that rule though. Went for the r23x & Greatest Hits. Limiting to 300 makes sense, given that they're still sitting on Polychromatic Compiler inventory. Like DDS, the harder. more experimental vape stuff is obviously not for everyone.
  4. Nice. I decided to pass on it. There's rumours of a Hit Vibes repress, plus it's my least fave Saint Pepsi release tbh. I just hope & pray that Empire Building gets a vinyl treatment someday,
  5. P.S. Business Casual is repressing Windows 96's One Hundred Mornings on May 31st.
  6. Not just that, but the r23x and Vaperror Greatest Hits Vol 1.0 pressings which are what I'm down for. Tomorrow's gonna be expensive especially given LND is on MyPinkFlamingo. I would all signup for email notification here as per this Tweet
  7. Yup. Dive is the GOAT. I'm more excited about the new Com Truise than I am this one tbh.
  8. 4 discs listed for that boxset... 45 rpm or an extra bonus disc w/ all the B-sides?
  9. Between these 2, and all the 100PLUS reissues next month, and very likely some more NCR drops, I'm glad I'm getting a tax return this year.
  10. Good to know it's given legitimacy by insurers like this.