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  1. armadillo01

    Official Newbury Comics Reissue Thread

    If it's not using the same plate, which a remaster by definition never does, it's not a repress. That's a categorical fact. It's a reissue of an album, sure, but not a repress. You're wrong, period.
  2. And not clearly asking about U.S. retailers is not cleary asking about U.S. retailers. None of us are here to play guessing games, trying to fulfill unwritten expectations, then manage the butthurt when you don't get exactly what you want. You want something? Ask for it clearly: Communications 101.
  3. I don't see any disrespect in my reply below. I'll even put in bold where I indicated the exact opposite. You really struggle with the written text and how information is transmitted through it, don't you? People like you who can't look up info made available and clog up forum threads with questions that take longer to type and post than seeking out the answers on Pitchfork or Pledgemusic does, ignoring other users' time and effort by HELPFULLY POSTING LINKS YOU'RE TOO LAZY TO CLICK ON make places like this just as obnoxious. It takes two to tango. Still can't own your bs, it seems. Prideful snot.
  4. Or rather than getting triggered you can man up and admit that you being aware of the staggered-across-four-months release schedule that was a few clicks away would have given you the context required to anticipate a similarly-staggered-PO-window for US retailers. You think you're angry at me, but you're angry at your own ignorance. Reality keeps proving my point. Hench how the newest US retailer PO is for the second of four in succession, which isn't the album you're looking for. Keep tilting at windmills though, it's hilarious to watch from the sidelines. P.S. You didn't actually make it clear you wanted info about U.S. retailers only; you merely mentioned Bullmoose, which is not enough to go by to make that inference. Also, newsflash, we're not mind-readers. Maybe be more specific about your request the first time? You'll be less triggered when provided the more-general-than-what-you-want answer you got cuz you're incapable of typing exactly what you're looking for.
  5. I sold mine for decent money, meaning I'm probably going to break close to even on the 3xLP upgrade.
  6. armadillo01

    Vaporwave Vinyl Releases

    I only realized they're most active on FB when the Timeless update was posted. Hopefully it's shipping between now and the end of the month, meaning it should arrive probably around Hallowe'en time at the earliest.
  7. Oh yes, I would say so, but I would then skip to Feast of Wire next. Hot Rail is the third-best of their early era IMO. Also check out their comp. albums Some of their best songs are non-album tracks. Heck, even the remixes by IDM artists are fun.
  8. You've been able to on PledgeMusic for a while. And the release dates are everything. Like, it's how it works. Once you're aware of them, you develop an informed/reasonable expectation for when to look for the preorder windows. Smh
  9. Uh did you post to post, or to get reacts? I mean, I'm excited, and Man Goes Where Water Flows is a great song but Calexico are as popular now as the Mekons were in the 2000s. They're a cult band here. They fill mid-sized venues but expecting a lot of traction for them on here is expecting a lot. Unlike Lampchop, they're very political about Mexico/U.S. border issues so that's a turn-off, unfortunately, for many Americans, including people in this forum, no doubt.
  10. The 3xLP reissue of the self-titled comes out mid-October, then Hot Shots II in mid-November, then Heroes to Zeros in mid-December. Release dates listed in PledgeMusic and the press release on Pitchfork. With all due respect: A literal minute of online research mah dood.
  11. It's pretty flimsy tbh. Not lacquered. You made the right call IMO. That being said, it's the only major complaint I have about it.
  12. IMO, the only ATO one that's a significant step down from the Flightless version is FA-FYL. Maybe WB while others, like 12 Bar Blues and maybe even Oddments look better in the ATO variant. But if I can get these at a store for non-insane prices then I'm more than happy.
  13. When I click on it I get redirected to a login: "You must be logged in to do that." is the error message. I post my pw & username from when I was subscribed, & get another error message.
  14. Gee if only the link to the screencap could be posted here. Everyone too lazy to do that? We're not all VMP subscribers ya know.