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  1. Happy about this & will pick it up, although I kinda wish they did a proper deluxe with at least 1 bonus disc (lots of great remixes & b-sides from this album; the live & demo tracks from this era are great, too). Heck, there's enough remixes of "Strict Machine" alone to justify a big box-set.
  2. Pedantic alert: You mean SW2 ofc. Just so as to avoid any possible misinterpretation down the reply chain. I got a notification a few days ago that my yellow copy shipped... Despite it being shipped to me 2 or more weeks ago. I was wanting to flip it in on FB for a Desired - Timeless Anniversary Edition or Desired - Plastic Whatever when it arrived. Anyone interested DM me. I'll post in the other forum once I get my hands on it (in case NCR caughtthe double-ship notification b4 shipment).
  3. Very surprising pivot. Even more so than Kevin Morby. I wonder if the rest of the album sounds like this is or if this is one of those "pop-single-that-sticks-out-like-a-sore-thumb" scenarios and the rest of the album is their old sound.
  4. Really hope it gets pressed in enough quantities for stores to carry it. Would love to buy a future funk lp w/o having to pay for shipping.
  5. Damn! Loving the love for this band. Korean 'gazey noise-rock ftw.
  6. PO for Night Tempo's Showa Idol's Groove Vol. 2 has been up for a day or so now. I like it a lot more than the first one, which arrived in the mail the other day. Definitely grabbing one. https://www.citypop.shop/product/sig2-vinyl
  7. Has anyone played any of the NCR picture-discs they own? Verdict re. audio quality?
  8. I'm pretty selective & buy about half of what I post about, at max. There's been a bunch of good stuff released in the last few months, more than ever before. That being said, I buy less in-store stuff & less music from other (sub-)genres that I used to, to accomodate my focus on collecting stuff posted here. At least it isn't a sixth variant of either Dopesmoker or the newest John Carpenter soundtrack/album to go crazy over. How we do it is through enjoyment of vapourwave & future funk.
  9. Fuck me, Gulf Audio Company just dropped 赤毛 by ミスト M Y S T. It's good. Buy a copy before I do, I guess! EDIT: 61/100 left. Hope the preorder window for the other four will reopen before they sellout.
  10. Three, maybe four drops today Windows 96's One Hundred Mornings repress on Business Casual has dropped (Apparently a 100 copies of yellow vinyl are "coming soon"). 100% Electronica and Equip are releasing the 1st of 3 singles for Equip's upcoming CURSEBREAKER X album. The singles are called CURSEBREAKER ZERO, Acts I, II and III but the first one is *also* called CEMETERY MOONGLOW. Go figure. NCR is for sure dropping Desired's Sweetest Dream (must-have, IMO) and very likely dropping android52's ULTRA GROOVE PRODUCT (FYI, 24 minutes long unless the vinyl version has bonus tracks) later today. 6PM PST/9PM EST.
  11. No wrong choice there. I like that the MPF label tries to not have POs months ahead of the release date as much as possible.
  12. Gulf Audio Company has opened Pre-orders for represses of all 4 of their LP reissues, including FUJII's EUPHORIA & the legendary P.R.E.A.M. by Pink Ranger. I'm down for both of those. (The playmateジェットセッター ep deluxe edition sounded cool, too, but I ultimately decided to pass on it). Check out the FB post for more details https://www.facebook.com/groups/2205895213013742/permalink/2305016483101614/?sale_post_id=2305016483101614 but it's https://gulfaudiocompany.bandcamp.com/merch to purchase them.