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  1. Jonathan Lethem rules, and Edward Norton, despite being the worst to work with apparently, made an ok but overlong film shot in NYC with Ben Stiller & Jena Elfman that no one saw, so he "gets" the city. Should be good. This is all cool news.
  2. Maybe they'll do a proper boxset with the b-sides, most of the remixes & some live cuts/demos someday.
  3. You'd think they could open another PO at this point if the vinyl is going to be released a year after the initial PO
  4. Same but it would be a 3xLP & it would cost 100 quid before shipping lol
  5. I don't mind that they turned into a shoegaze version of Battles or whatever. Maybe this new album will be a return-to-form, though.
  6. Happy about this & will pick it up, although I kinda wish they did a proper deluxe with at least 1 bonus disc (lots of great remixes & b-sides from this album; the live & demo tracks from this era are great, too). Heck, there's enough remixes of "Strict Machine" alone to justify a big box-set.
  7. Pedantic alert: You mean SW2 ofc. Just so as to avoid any possible misinterpretation down the reply chain. I got a notification a few days ago that my yellow copy shipped... Despite it being shipped to me 2 or more weeks ago. I was wanting to flip it in on FB for a Desired - Timeless Anniversary Edition or Desired - Plastic Whatever when it arrived. Anyone interested DM me. I'll post in the other forum once I get my hands on it (in case NCR caughtthe double-ship notification b4 shipment).
  8. Very surprising pivot. Even more so than Kevin Morby. I wonder if the rest of the album sounds like this is or if this is one of those "pop-single-that-sticks-out-like-a-sore-thumb" scenarios and the rest of the album is their old sound.
  9. Really hope it gets pressed in enough quantities for stores to carry it. Would love to buy a future funk lp w/o having to pay for shipping.