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  1. Not sure where to post this, but recently I keep getting a notice when I open Chrome that the bandcamp stock extension contains malware and therefore, it's blocked. I was hoping there's a new Extension that does the same thing that folks could recommend?
  2. Btw, any update about this? I think this was promised for early 2022, and I pre-ordered a year ago...
  3. Obligatory 36 post. New album Symmetry Systems. Will ship on the 20th of May. Two editions, metallic silver ($25) and transparent blue ($21). Naturally the more expensive edition is about to sell out first 🙄 https://pitp.bandcamp.com/album/symmetry-systems
  4. Same 😕. Between this and Autophobia by Tennis System, I'm buying 2LP versions of 1LP albums in less than a year of original release... during an era when vinyl production is delayed by around a year.
  5. Pfft, vinyl delayed by only a month in 2022? Count your blessings. I've been waiting for a Sharon Van Etten reissue for Love Record Stores Day UK (4 September, 2011) that was initially delayed until January 2022 that's now "expected April 8th 2022" lmao.
  6. One of those rare times when staring at the Bandcamp homepage and seeing what others are buying tipped me off to something. Expanded Edition 2xLP "features a bonus LP recorded live on a dock in Melbourne. Pressed on clear smoke vinyl." I had to double-dip on this one. https://amylandthesniffers.bandcamp.com/album/comfort-to-me
  7. Great. So I bought the initial release circa six months ago for nothing. Really annoying when bands do this. At least wait a year, or five, or ten.
  8. Bloom and 7 are my top two faves. Really stoked about this album.
  9. Wait, who was selling the 4LP for $11? Are you sure it wasn't for digital only? And yeah, it seemed as though the Secret History series was supposed to take the place of any reissues of the Expanded Editions... I hope that gets clarified some day.
  10. https://store.matadorrecords.com/terror-twilight-farewell-horizontal https://pavement.bandcamp.com/album/terror-twilight-farewell-horizontal
  11. First PO link is a UK one. I'm sure more links + US ones will appear soon The Sound of Vinyl
  12. Finally!!! PAVEMENT Terror Twilight - Farewell Horizontal: Limited Edition 4LP Release Date 08 April 2022 OLE1799LP Matador On April 8th, Matador will release Terror Twilight: Farewell Horizontal, an exhaustive 45-track reissue of the band’s much-loved fifth and final album. The new special edition compiles the remastered original album, B-sides, home demos, rehearsal tapes, era-appropriate live recordings, and even the rough tracks from Pavement’s scrapped session at Sonic Youth’s Echo Canyon studio. Altogether, it features 28 unreleased tracks. Originally released in 1999, Terror Twilight marked a departure from Pavement’s established operating methods. Which is to say that it was recorded with a big-time producer in an expensive studio. However, for all the talk of “polish” and “precision” it’s still very much a Pavement record. And a great one. Like every Pavement album that preceded it, Terror Twilight thrills and confounds. Often at the same time. Twenty-two years on, the songs remain moody, strange, and eminently deserving of re-celebration. The 4xLP and 2xCD editions will include a book with never-before-seen photos and commentary/context from band members Mark Ibold, Stephen Malkmus, Bob Nastanovich, Spiral Stairs, and Steve West as well as producer Nigel Godrich (Radiohead, Beck).

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