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  1. Says the guy who think anyone cares how you feel about having to cancel a variant PO you don't like anymore. Says the emotional retard how would literally admit to trolling, and pretend "white Republican" would even stick to a Canadian. Take the L that you're a dumb Yankee Doodle loser and stop replying.
  2. Calling your blather "literature" is delusion, confirmed. Also, delusion = pretending that my casual one-sentence post is worth your paragraphs of triggered blather in the first place. No one cares about your weird vendetta against stl_ben btw. It's certainly not worth making anyone else have check the updated release thread of an album they don't like on the off-chance that a bunch of new releases by the band got posted there rather than separate new threads being made for each, just to make the scalpers you have a decades-plus personal vendetta against have to do some extra work.
  3. Just laughing at the hypocrisy of it all. Didn't read the rest of your essay. You seem easily worked-up about this so the rest of your reply was likely all psychological projection as well. LMAO dude take your anger about a second variant being better than the first you bought out on someone else (maybe yourself?). I'm here to mock the rampant delusion that manifests here at the drop of a hat. Also, I'll reply where I please. EDIT: The only thing wHiTe REpUbLiCaN here is your white-bro entitlement to "snark for me but not snark for thee". P.S. being snarky is universal
  4. Jeez, maybe being sPoOnFeD links really is a bad thing after all.
  5. This sounds like the New Order albums the band could have made had they not gone on hiatus.
  6. Grant Gee did the famous Radiohead documentary Meeting People Is Easy. I sat through Patience (After Sebald) but only because I was wired on caffeine. It's a good documentary, but the score does make you want to nod off a bit (although IIRC there's a lot of "shortwave" sounds included, since there's a strong WW2 theme). But mostly after 20 minutes, IMO, you're going to come away with the feeling that you'd rather read Sebald than sit through a 90 minute ambient hype-doc about him.
  7. I really don't get this "spoonfed" discourse. So the idea of this forum is to make it both easier and more difficult to buy records, especially stuff that sells-out via direct PO rather than shipping to stores. Sounds Kafkaesque at best.
  8. It's a great album, but I don't imagine any shoegaze-happy labels are going to release a first album on 2 x LP right out of the gates. I could see Topshelf releasing this, though.
  9. I really appreciate that a major aspect of the last couple of albums have been to finally have a studio recording of their epic side-long dirges that were live-only staples and drove a lot of the intense bootlegging of GY!BE shows for decades, and otherwise compose albums that are inspired by the live noise-jam approach. But I've been looking forward to this album for the reason that @wuhanclan mentions; more song-y approach.
  10. I like the /200 variant... But I'll wait to see what the Through Love one is like.
  11. 💯so long as the vinyl version doesn't subtracts songs. Go for that 3-sided 2xLP rather than thinking editing songs out to make it a 1xLP is doing us a solid, just because the value proposition of a lower price-point is better. And depending on the artist/band, you sometimes wonder why they can't just come up with a 10-plus minute jam piece to fill out that fourth side (or be Neko Case and do a sound-collage of frog choruses for those bog/swamp vibes).
  12. Kinda disappointed to learn it was never an actual field recording of a foghorn lol.

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