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  1. Only thing that I'm looking for is that Calexico reissue... Unless there's been an update on that Dirty Three boxset?
  2. Did you make this decision because it was the next-most limited or because you liked that variant better than the other ones? For me personally the one with a lot of gold (second-least limited) is the nicest.
  3. They're all good. I have such decision-paralysis I just might go with whomever is cheapest. Kinda worried that the Ghostly mockup is going to be a lot different than the final version.
  4. The Stranglers' Best Of might be the RSDBF 2020 release I need the most. Followed closely by Lou Reed's Magic and Loss which is a fantastic and underrated album IMO. U2 really hates their early material. An album like Boy deserves at least an extra LP treatment for a 40th Anniversary. Have to pass on it. I hope to get The Comet Is Coming and Elliot Smith 12"s at discount. The Grandaddy one I might need to buy at-cost. Shitty value propositions, all. I am sorely tempted by both.
  5. I've long ago stopped buying anything via mailorder from the US unless it's an exclusive/I know will sell-out in PO. Just not worth it. That being said, the outer sleeve treatment of this album is why it's more expensive than most.
  6. 3 copies of the October batch went on sale again while I was dithering on buying this, so I bought one. Stoked even though it means a couple of other labels don't get my money today. Came to over $60 CAD for just this.
  7. Actually I got to thank you. Saves me waiting in line for hours all morning,
  8. He was bound to deliver a so-so album. Especially at his pace. This is his second album for 2020 right? P.S. Just got an email update about Nautilus I from Qrates being shipped! Yussss. Can't wait for Nautilus II campaign. Diggin' Ominous Music comp btw. Gonna play tf out of it next month.
  9. Which is why not posting mock-ups is bad. And now we've come full-circle.
  10. If the temptation strikes you again and you got any Zippo Lighter Fluid around, try applying a few drops for an even spread onto the sticker part, then wait for a good 30-45 minutes. If it's not industrial-strength adhesive, it should peel out with some gentle but firm pressure. Or don't, because I don't think any reissue of repress of this album in the future is going to feature an outer sleeve like the one you have. This might actually become a collector's edition for real lol.