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  1. I always lol so hard at people who come back with "where's your artistic masterpiece?!?!?!" to anyone who happens to not have "Everything Is Awesome" unironically playing in their head every single second of their life, to not like something every so often.
  2. Castle Face x The Fall collab! https://pitchfork.com/news/the-fall-announce-new-live-album-listen-to-leave-the-capitol/ A new live album from the Fall has been announced. The Fall – Live at St. Helens Technical College, ’81 arrives exclusively on vinyl (with a digital download card included) on February 19 via Castle Face. Below, check out the first single, “Leave the Capitol,” originally released on 1981’s Slates EP. The recording was resurfaced by BBC Radio 6 presenter and former Fall bassist Marc Riley. As he told Rolling Stone, he discovered the bootleg set
  3. Yeah that was perplexing to me. I came to the conclusion that I love his Archival, demo-y stuff the most. And thanks for reminding me of the AC connection. I was trying to figure out how it is that I felt that I've known about him for ages. Meh, whatever. He's easier to give up because I'd only dipped my toes in his work a few times.
  4. LMAO I never listened to more than a couple of either his or Maus' albums but I do like the sad-boi lo-fi-bedroom-pop shtick (obviously reconsidering that at the moment) & b/w them I do think Ariel has some good songwriting chops when he tries. I have regretted not getting that Maus vinyl box set until now though.
  5. The right can't do better because artists have been censored, condemned, imprisoned, tortured & executed by reactionary-right/-orthodox authority since any of those things started to exist so there's a liberal bias. Ariel can self-release or find some skinhead label to release his stuff. Hasn't stopped the Ducktails guy. After defending refusal-of-service about gay cakes, they can't cry about being deplatformed. Almost as if actions have consequences anyone not on the right was predicting years ago.
  6. So both the vinyl and the court case have been delayed?
  7. I guess that depends if you're willing to pay for shipping from Australia. And wait several months for all the editions to be put on-sale by the band, assuming they actually do that rather than sit on that inventory and hope to sell it at shows, maybe waiting until 2022 or even later. Or buy what you like, especially US-based labels, and get it by the end of January.
  8. You should strongly consider not being such a toxic, egoistic and judgmental POS who white-knights on behalf of others to fulfill your ego and thinks that isn't the very same dEraILinG you think you're fighting some heroic fight against.
  9. Man that's a thing of beauty. Can't ever imagine owning it myself but whoever buys one is regretting nothing.
  10. Maybe don't accuse me of bullshit out of nowhere, and then feel entitled to a polite response and have the delusion that you get to judge me? What a toxic person you are, honestly. Strongly consider not replying: You've added nothing of value to this thread recently. Practice your haughty authoritarian impulse to judge and lecture at others elsewhere, kiddo. It's not at all unreasonable to remind folks to read threads before replying, especially when someone is being corrected twice, and has acknowledged the corrections. It's totally okay to communicate a little frustration along with
  11. So I just had to return mine back, since I got charged over 20 dollars for customs. This never happens. Except with the fools in the distro service Dangerbird used, who listed "every" (not all of it got printed) song on the album in the invoice, which made Canada Customs think I was buying a whole bunch of books, which explains the bonkers customs fee. International customers who ordered this direct: Beware! Not sure when it's going to get returned at this rate, but I'd check in about a month, which is how long it took for it to reach the Post Office near me. Maybe Dangerbird will list it
  12. I didn't reply to the same comment twice. What are you on about? Is taking a single note -- one not directed at you, no less -- really that triggering for you? Are you actually getting offended on other people's behalf? And your reply has helped reduce the white-noise, how? Jesus, folks, none of your are ever being persecuted okay? It's like walking around wounded-pride eggshells around here at the best of times; no need to be so damn defensive. And since apparently you haven't figured it out, I posted twice because I was replying to Duke's comment about people complaining about th

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