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  1. I know many parents who banned the show from their household once their kids started talking to them with British accents LMAO.
  2. Not when Muse plays 45 more shows than Coldplay, and not when they hit the same big-city stadiums as Coldplay does.
  3. I mean, c'mon: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Holes_and_Revelations_Tour#Tour_dates (2006) vs https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Twisted_Logic_Tour#Tour_dates (2005).
  4. Muse play out a lot of stadiums in Europe, S. America & "ROW". They tour more often/play multiple nights in many markets than Coldplay does. Coldplay play very few stadiums in the US. That's not a huge number, tbh. 6-10 cities at most prior to their last tour, which was multi-year.
  5. Charts haven't mattered for years. And your argument was no other band fills stadiums. Arguing chart placement is not the same argument. Because the obvious conclusion of that argument is that Migos or [insert non-white musicians performing non-rock music here] outsell Coldplay easily. U2 can't make it to charts because they haven't been relevant for over 20 years now. Apples and oranges comparison. Muse and Coldplay are peers. Apples to apples comparison.
  6. Why aren't you sure? The cryptic marketing is annoying, sure, but the clues are obvious. This is Oxenfree OST. The only other thing it could be is a remix album of the OST or some "Oxenfree Sessions" of music not used in the game, but I highly doubt it's either of those things.
  7. In all seriousness, if you have unredeemed points, that's a fair excuse IMO.
  8. How many reasons does a vinyl collector need to stop supporting Bullmoose before they *checks notes* stop supporting Bullmoose?
  9. Ash keeps selling out everywhere. But I'm glad I got The Durutti Column & the R. Stevie Moore boxset both from Piccadilly.
  10. Sweet! Rough Trade is already limiting online browsing to 20 minutes, and it's still 49 minutes to 6PM UK time as I type.
  11. Got me an Add N to X. Looking for Durutti Column (hopefully Juno or Piccadilly will come through).
  12. You know that Hollywood Squares meme where everyone is "You" and the person in the middle is "Not You"? RSD Drop 2 just did a "Not You" to OST vinyl collectors.
  13. Deluxe swirl was a no-brainer. I'm sure that zine is going to be worth it.

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