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  1. SUN WORSHIP "Pale Dawn" gatefold LP on Init Records 300 black vinyl, 200 clear vinyl, foil-stamped gatefold jackets North American version of this 2016 release from Germany's SUN WORSHIP. Four tracks in 36 minutes of uncompromising black metal. North American pressing comes packaged in a gatefold LP jacket with bronze foil-stamping and pressed on either black or clear vinyl. From INVISIBLE ORANGES review: "Since their first demo, they’ve coupled their love for minimalism and early-’90s Darkthrone with a depth that goes far beyond the simple intensity of their peers, creating genuine feelings of tension, release and catharsis. They firmly root themselves in the past, at a point when black metal felt new and limitless, and travel from that checkpoint, creating what feels like a true progression of the genre. In particular, they have a knack for landing on hooks that are so epic, it’s like listening to a seasoned band. One noticeable difference: Pale Dawn lacks the ambiance of their previous full-length, Elder Giants. Instead of providing some repose, Pale Dawn sprints from the opening drum roll and does not abate for the next 36 minutes. Even more impressive is that not a moment is wasted. From the opera tonalities of opener “Pale Dawn” to the epic crescendo of “Lichtenberg Figures,” their music is heavily refined and subtle in its progression. When the clean vocals enter on album closer “Perihelion,” it achieves what a lot of blackgaze attempts, without looking to reference the genre in any form." PRE-ORDER HERE
  2. This is a mega rarity that I've had for years. Fueled By Ramen was originally going to release The Impossibles - Anthology on vinyl but in the late 90's no one was really buying vinyl and they canceled the release (and licensed it out to Time Bomb Recordings in Japan) - but not before metal parts had been made and test pressings had been pressed! I obtained this in the very early 00's directly from someone who used to work at Fueled By Ramen, they told me at the time of acquisition, only 3 of these were pressed. Yellow Erika Records test pressing labels. Plain white paper sleeve. The A-side has "FBR 23" written on the label in sharpie. The matrix #'s are FBR-023-A / FBR-023-B Since the regular Japanese version is already highly sought after and nearly impossible to find, this is an awesome addition to anyone's rarity collection. I have a Japanese version, and am slimming down things I rarely listen to and trying to raise $$ to pay some off debt. Asking $200 O.B.O. and I will accept trade offers of equivalent value too. My trade list is here: https://www.discogs.com/wantlist?user=gravityparanoia SERIOUS offers/trades only, please.
  3. GREAT FALLS - "The Fever Shed" LP Follow up to their 2013 album on Hell Comes Home. They also just released a split 7" with THOU. Members of Playing Enemy, Kiss It Goodbye, and Jesu. Fans of KEN Mode, Kowloon Walled City, Breather Resist, Narrows, Generation Of Vipers, Playing Enemy, etc. will love this. 200 on grey vinyl, 300 on red vinyl. Gatefold jacket w/spot UV coating and download code. http://initrecords.corecommerce.com/GREAT-FALLS-The-Fever-Shed-LP-PRE-ORDER.html
  4. White vinyl is limited to 800. The final copies of the Atlas Moth/Wolvhammer split 7"s on grey vinyl are in the webstore too for the Atlas Moth fans...
  5. www.initrecords.com Chronoclast 180 gram letterpress jacket $12 + shipping
  6. If you live in Minnesota, land of Husker Du, Down In The Valley in Golden Valley, MN has numbered copies of this on color vinyl.
  7. Anyone who lives in the Minneapolis area, Down In The Valley in Golden Valley will have these for $27.99 each. Also have the Jimmy Eat World reissues at the same price!
  8. KRIEG - "TRANSIENT" LP + 7" (INIT-85) U.S. black metal band KRIEG unleash their 2014 full-length, after two decades of releases. The CD version was released on Candlelight Records in September and has already received rave reviews everywhere from Pitchfork to Decibel Magazine. This is the first new KRIEG album in four years and the band's finest work to date, the material is raw black metal at the core, but with subtle post-punk, punk, doom, and experimental influences throughout the ten songs (the eleventh song is a cover of an AMEBIX tune). The lyrics are deep, dark and personal, with frontman Neill Jameson applying his real life struggle with depression into the lyrical content of the album. All of this comes together to easily present one of the best metal albums of 2014. Transient also features guest appearances by Dwid Hellion of INTEGRITY and Thurston Moore of SONIC YOUTH/TWILIGHT. The vinyl is limited to 500 copies worldwide and comes pressed as an LP+7" set on three different vinyl colorways. 100 copies on black w/white splatter 200 copies on green w/red swirl 200 copies on black vinyl First 50 pre-orders get a freee signed print of the cover artwork Stream the album here: http://candlelightrecordsusa.bandcamp.com/album/transient Pre-order the album here: http://initrecords.corecommerce.com Still available: KRIEG "Isolation/Transmission" 7", THE HOWLING WIND "Vortex" CD, WOMAN IS THE EARTH "Depths" CD, PRIMITIVE MAN/XAPHAN split 7", FOR WANT OF "Smoke" 10", KIDCRASH "Jokes" LP, etc Up next: WOMAN IS THE EARTH LP, BLOOD FOLKE LP, GREAT FALLS LP http://www.initrecords.net
  9. Anyone looking for these in the Minneapolis are, Down In The Valley in Golden Valley, MN will have copies of all of these titles on pink vinyl!
  10. So I have a lead on some more August Burns Red (and a few other titles). I may have more copies by the week's end or early next week at the Golden Valley Down In The Valley location!
  11. The Golden Valley location had a few of the August Burns Red. They went pretty fast. That was one where we were super shorted from what we ordered.
  12. More stuff showed up today and lots of stuff is super cool (Taaang! 7" boxset, Dinosaur Jr boxset, etc.). We have a lot of VC-type stuff (Mae, Devo, Integrity, Neko Case, Grant Hart, Tim Timebomb, Sick of It All, Street Dogs, True Widow, etc.) etc that the other stores may not have picked up, along with decent quantities on some of the hotter titles like Nirvana, Atmosphere, Dessa, Cake, LCD Soundsystem, etc.). Plus we'll have free donuts & coffee for the earlybirds as well as grab bags for the first few people in the line. We'll also giveaway 5 pairs of tickets to First Avenue shows, a Johnny Cash "Out Among The Stars" LP TEST PRESSING!, and a bunch of other prizes and goodies. Down In The Valley, 8020 Olson Memorial Hwy, Golden Valley, MN 55427!
  13. After spending three 12 hour days checking in and processing RSD titles, I have to say we have pretty much everything and really good fill. Golden Valley location will have the most titles/best quantities.

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