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  1. EmeryRK

    selling entire collection.

    Hey. Nice collection. Can you please tell me what kind of shape that Everclear - Sparkle and Fade is in? Out of 500+ that is the only one that caught my eye.
  2. I’ll take Details. What is the condition of everything?
  3. EmeryRK

    [FS] Moving Sale!! Everything Must Go!!

    Any other VMP releases by chance?
  4. Transaction couldn't have gone smoother. Great guy to deal with.
  5. EmeryRK

    WTB: Kanye Graduation Vinyl

    I can not sell it. I apologize. I’m assuming that people like the purple color because of novelty color(matching the cover) but, I would read reviews on the boots(I know they are boots but, they are all playable pieces) that’s why I got the clear over the purple. Just like Chance The Rapper. The clear version is the “best sounding” version of all the variants. You would probably enjoy the clear version of Graduation.
  6. EmeryRK

    WTB: Kanye Graduation Vinyl

    I have a purple and clear colored copy, my clear copy sounds a lot better than purple. IMO
  7. EmeryRK

    Cant leave Feedback - Captcha issue

    Came here to say it’s still down. Trying to leave feedback for @thedillon and @MCDELTAT
  8. EmeryRK

    ISO/WTB: Isle of Dogs Soundtrack

    It’s for preorder on amazon right now.
  9. EmeryRK

    25 percent off-new items added 5/8

    To be honest, I’ve only started following this updated post for about 2 months so, haven’t been following it that long.
  10. EmeryRK

    25 percent off-new items added 5/8

    One of these days, you’re going to have something I want and I’m going to buy the crap out of it.
  11. I thought I read somewhere that I’d you try and sell these, Third Man records find out and bans the subscription. Or am I crazy? I don’t put it past Jack.
  12. Google Docs/Sheets is something to look in. You can create different tabs for certain size/collection variances. 12”, 10”, 7” etc. super easy. Id love to see your whole list.
  13. EmeryRK

    WTB Daniel Caesar - Freudian

    Can confirm this happens. Shipped the same way for me.
  14. Verified the vinyl was well packaged and sounds great. Awesome seller.
  15. Nope, No trouble. He works A LOT from what I gather from his conversations and replies at night(for me). Records showed up at my door today. Just haven’t been home to check.
  16. EmeryRK

    Project Debut Carbon/my whole collection

    If you ever decide on to sell and ship, let me know and I will help you you.
  17. EmeryRK

    Hey! Reopened my discogs store.

    Good collection. I started following you a while back. Been contemplating that P.S. Eliot album for a while.
  18. EmeryRK

    Pick your price sale

    Is that copy of Know By Heart the 2014 or 2011?
  19. EmeryRK

    B2G1 Free or 20% off single items- Sale ends April 30

    I would love to grab that HDA from you. I am fundless right now. Someone should get that Quilt album. Surprisingly good.