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  1. I’ve also been looking for this record for a long time and have messaged them as well. They tell me it’s too much of a risk to send it overseas. I mean, I get it but, it’s not like we are talking hundreds of dollars at stake here. Currently holding out for a US seller. Heck, Canada even. Good luck on OP’s search as well.
  2. If you’re patient, on his Patreon, he is reissuing Sling Shot to Heaven as I type this. I’d sign up.
  3. Wish there was something I could buy from you this time around, friend.
  4. Hey. Nice collection. Can you please tell me what kind of shape that Everclear - Sparkle and Fade is in? Out of 500+ that is the only one that caught my eye.
  5. Transaction couldn't have gone smoother. Great guy to deal with.
  6. I can not sell it. I apologize. I’m assuming that people like the purple color because of novelty color(matching the cover) but, I would read reviews on the boots(I know they are boots but, they are all playable pieces) that’s why I got the clear over the purple. Just like Chance The Rapper. The clear version is the “best sounding” version of all the variants. You would probably enjoy the clear version of Graduation.
  7. I have a purple and clear colored copy, my clear copy sounds a lot better than purple. IMO
  8. Came here to say it’s still down. Trying to leave feedback for @thedillon and @MCDELTAT
  9. It’s for preorder on amazon right now.
  10. To be honest, I’ve only started following this updated post for about 2 months so, haven’t been following it that long.
  11. One of these days, you’re going to have something I want and I’m going to buy the crap out of it.
  12. I thought I read somewhere that I’d you try and sell these, Third Man records find out and bans the subscription. Or am I crazy? I don’t put it past Jack.

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