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    EmeryRK reacted to mikeytags in FS: Punk, Metal, Pop, Rock - SRC, VMP, MOV, Hot Topic, limited, originals, color variants, etc.   
    selling the following items. most are in NM condition and only spun once. accepting all serious and reasonable offers.

    Quicksand - Slip (2014, SRC, clear, numbered)
    *everything else sold.
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    EmeryRK got a reaction from erasedtapes in WTB: Benjamin Gibbard & Andrew Kenny ‎– Home EP   
    I’ve also been looking for this record for a long time and have messaged them as well. They tell me it’s too much of a risk to send it overseas. 
    I mean, I get it but, it’s not like we are talking hundreds of dollars at stake here. 
    Currently holding out for a US seller. Heck, Canada even. Good luck on OP’s search as well. 
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    EmeryRK reacted to jaybar516 in FS: As Tall As Lions, SOAD, All Get Out, The Banner, TDS   
    Hello. Records for sale below:
    Add $3.50 for shipping. If any questions, please ask!
    System of a Down - Hypnotize (Black) - $18 (obo)
    All Get Out - No Bouquet (Black) - $18 (obo)
    The Banner - The Greying (Black/Picture Disc) - $18 (obo) 
    As Tall As Lions - Lafcadio (Baby Blue) - $18 (obo)
    The Dangerous Summer - The Dangerous Summer (Blue) - $16 (obo)
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    EmeryRK reacted to NorrisNuts in FS: Alternative, Emo, Pop Punk, Hip-hop/Rap,Pop   
    Hey, thanks for looking. Add $5 for shipping, please. Any questions message me.
    Anberlin-Lowborn- Gold Vinyl- HT Exclusive $30 Sealed
    Anthony Green- Avalon- Gold Vinyl /700- Sealed.  $45
    Circa Survive- Descenus Yellow Black HT Exclusive Sealed- $35
    Envy On The Coast- S/T- 2016 Repress-Sealed-  $60 OBO
    Guster-Goldfly- Gold Vinyl / 500- Sealed $70 OBO
    Hutch and Kathy-S/T- Black Vinyl- RSD- Sealed.   $10
    KT Tunstall- Eye To The Telescope- Black Vinyl- 1st Press EMI 2004.   $70 OBO
    Nas- Illmatic- Urban Outfitters Orange Vinyl Exclusive-Sealed-2014   $60 OBO
    TheGetUp Kids- Something to Write Home About-Pink Vinyl-Sealed-2009.  $25
    TheGetUp Kids-Four Minute Mile-White Vinyl Sealed. $20
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    EmeryRK got a reaction from jaybar516 in FS: John Mayer, Owen, MCS, TSSF...   
    Wish there was something I could buy from you this time around, friend. 
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    EmeryRK got a reaction from thedillon in SET SALE: Pay for my tattoo (blink, the maine, thrice, pokemon, phoebe, academy is, j cole, kendrick, frank ocean)   
    Great seller. Nothing I see I want but, I wish I could help!
    Keep on keeping on. 
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    EmeryRK reacted to MachoHommeRandallSauvage in selling entire collection.   
    I'm not him, but I've bought from him in the past and what I ordered was in great condition. Solid seller
    Also, PM'ed OP
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    EmeryRK reacted to Multiverse in [For Sale] Macintosh Plus - Floral Shoppe   
    This is embarrassing. 
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    EmeryRK got a reaction from thedillon in Cant leave Feedback - Captcha issue   
    Came here to say it’s still down. Trying to leave feedback for @thedillon and @MCDELTAT

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    EmeryRK reacted to Er0ck619 in some misc stuff, some rare, take a look at my trade list too I guess   
    SURPRISE!!! We all the same people!! 
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    EmeryRK reacted to Tawney Bomb in FS - Jack White “Boarding House Reach” Vault package   
    I thought I would like the record considering I had to pay for it before I’d heard more than one song. Just not feeling this one. I already cancelled for the Margo Price package since that one doesn’t interest me. Not sure why I’m justifying myself to a stranger on the Internet, but here I am. 
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    EmeryRK reacted to stl_ben in FS - Jack White “Boarding House Reach” Vault package   
    Maybe he bought it thinking he would like the record?
    Maybe he just likes using the chat room thats for members only?
    Maybe he likes the other perks like ticket presales or vault Store exclusive items....
    etc etc
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    EmeryRK reacted to jaypeap in WTB Daniel Caesar - Freudian   
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    EmeryRK got a reaction from _unproductive in FS: PRICE DROP PPD entire collection (punk, hardcore, indie, emo, rock, some hip hop)   
    Can vouch for this guy.  Don’t hesitate. 
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    EmeryRK got a reaction from Cartoongraveyard in Project Debut Carbon/my whole collection   
    If you ever decide on to sell and ship, let me know and I will help you you.
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    EmeryRK got a reaction from untiliwakeup in Pick your price sale   
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    EmeryRK reacted to Angi in WTB: A Fine Frenzy - One Cell in the Sea   
    I wouldn’t say nuts...I don’t buy my vinyl to make profit...I buy and collect vinyl to have, keep, listen to, appreciate.  I have a vast collection.   It doesn’t matter if I get an offer like that ..OR HIGHER...like I said, if I NEEDED money...that would be one thing. It’s like if someone offered me 5 grand for my dog...I’d tell them to get bent! These two albums, the content on them, is worth more than money to me.   And yes I realize I could sell them and just have dub plates made… But these are original pressing’s and they are  original pressing as of two of my favorite albums ever . There IS no price. 
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    EmeryRK reacted to shamrocks in Looking For: A few records.   
    totally...just read "major shot in the dark" and "need to own" and wanted to make sure you knew about those
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    EmeryRK reacted to youspinmeround in LF: Brand New - 44.5902N104.7146W   
    I could make you a unique CDR for 50 bucks. It will be the most limited CD variant for Brand New. 1/1
    You could potentially start a college portfolio based on the resell value in the future. And trust me, CDS are coming back in 2032 in a big way
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    EmeryRK reacted to MyckelJay in WTB: Bush Razorblade Suitcase   
    Good luck, dude! I've got it on tape, but that's it. So I can't really help ya. But I hope you find what you're looking for.
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    EmeryRK reacted to youspinmeround in WTB: Bush Razorblade Suitcase   
    Do not buy the single lp of this....it is missing 3 songs
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    EmeryRK got a reaction from NorrisNuts in WTB: Slick Shoes- Rusty   
    Hey man. Decided to spontaneously go out there today and they still had it. Picked it up and will message you when I get home!
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    EmeryRK got a reaction from NorrisNuts in WTB: Slick Shoes- Rusty   
    It's really weird because I always pass by this album used in 2nd and Charles. Have passed by it for weeks. If it's there Saturday/Sunday  when I go, I'll pick it up for you. 
    Edit: message me sat night because I am a forgetful person. Haha
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    EmeryRK reacted to KingTacoMunster in Marilyn Manson Reissues?   
    What did i miss? I was busy spinning my blue/white mechanical animals album...it's totally not flat. Well technically it is since it's a record...but sound wise definitely not flat. Lol.
    Edit: did I do it right Barnaby?!
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    EmeryRK got a reaction from thepunkguy in new RARE / COLLECTABLE ONLY store in NYC wants to buy your rare records   
    Saw this on stereogum. Keep on keeping on!

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