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  1. Do you guys think I'd be able to get Joe and Andy to sign my FOB records if I went to a Damned Things show?
  2. I am a sucker, but I had to grab the test pressing bundle to go with my STWHA and FMM tests. I am pumped that they are putting out new stuff. I can't wait for them to tour in support of this.
  3. Is that their way of making an excuse to not use media mail?
  4. Can any Cherry Tree members who don't live near any of the upcoming shows please help me out with tickets?
  5. The last NFG exclusive sat for so long that I was able to pick a copy up for like $7. I doubt that all 300 are gone.
  6. Interesting. I was able to check out just now, but before that it was letting me add it to my cart and then giving me "Out of Stock" when I tried to check out.
  7. It's showing as sold out now. I wonder if it will follow the typical UO path and show back up later. It's reasonably well-priced for one of their releases.
  8. For anyone who is contemplating joining, the code OBLIVION apparently saves you $10. EDIT: Only works for three month subscriptions. My bad.