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  1. If you add them to the cart it still comes up as an add on. Inventory still shows in the 40s for each, so it looks like not many have sold.
  2. I haven't listened to the leak, but the new songs sounded awesome in Philly last night. That was a really special show.
  3. I've been looking for those. They didn't have them in Brooklyn.
  4. I somehow missed that their feet were submerged.
  5. Are they naked on top of trash bags?
  6. Why? They just gave me a great deal on a bridge in Brooklyn.
  7. I received shipping confirmation the other day. I bet they're slammed, though.
  8. I ordered one online. I am pretty pumped to have Gutterflower on vinyl.
  9. I spaced on grabbing the Lord Huron 7". Anyone see one?
  10. I keep getting a buddy signal when I try to call them. Here's hoping I'm not too late!
  11. BullMoose doesn't charge until they ship, so you should be alright.
  12. I think they will probably do something again eventually. They said they have more music, and there was already a LA date announced for the summer. Hopefully they make it back east.
  13. The one I used was account-specific for a cancelled order.