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  1. Anyone else grab one of these before 12 and then wiff at the DKNG poster drop?
  2. https://smartpunkshop.com/collections/smartpunk-exclusives/products/transplants-transplants-20th-anniversary-smartpunk-exclusive
  3. If they're releasing them on certain formats I don't know that it is licensing.
  4. I guess the platinum ticket money wasn't enough to pay for his divorce and holiday plans.
  5. Somehow I don't have this or Haunted Cities. $32 before shipping is crazy, though.
  6. Just checked out their tour dates. Maybe someone from Jakarta can pick some up for us if they aren't selling them at WWWY.
  7. I've begun to cease purchasing based on nostalgia, but I have to commend them for pricing this at $29.99. I would've thought it'd be $39.99 until a year from now when they lower the price to 29.99 but don't count it as "on sale" for their 40% off all sale items.
  8. We can look to the Welcome to the Family box as a model. That didn't sell under the original retail.
  9. What are we thinking this is going to be priced at?
  10. Tour exclusive has me wishing there was some kind of tour that would come east.
  11. UO is cheaper than the band's store even with my Patreon code and they don't charge until it ships.

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