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  1. I didn't do it. I wasn't the person pulling and packing most of the time, but I would get phone calls from people who were upset because even though the products were all packed well, nobody drew an elephant with a party hat on the side of the box.
  2. Do you order your fries extra well done? I used to get so annoyed by that stuff when I worked in mail order.
  3. A Phish thread with an update about a round room that ISN'T the Sphere? Sheesh!
  4. This is how I remember HT vinyl at different points. Sitting in crates that were jammed wherever and seeing that they had been handled by people who did not care even a little about being careful with them.
  5. My confirmation email just came through. I ordered yesterday afternoon.
  6. Hello Rockview is included in the 20% off sale they are having today.
  7. But you get that nice bar across the top of the cover!
  8. I jumped so quick on that Pump Up the Valuum variant after missing the Newbury one. Good on Epitaph for printing enough to get these to a point where they are discounted.
  9. I got mine at Fest, but that's how they all came. My tour variant was the same way.
  10. At least he didn't go to Craigslist with his copy of Fun House.
  11. I'm curious to see what the album winds up sounding like in comparison to the rest of the album. I remember hearing Rollin and Tumblin ahead of Get Hurt and being a little puzzled. Then hearing he distorted vocals on Stay Vicious only to have them gone from the rest of the album. I do kind of feel like Brian doing those album playthrough streams helped him reconnect with some of the older stuff and that's why there are some nods back to those songs sprinkled in. A while back I listened to Brian on Benny's podcast and he was talking about quitting smoking and getting his teeth fixed. I wonder how much that affects the way he sings.
  12. How nice are we talking? I know some people.
  13. My pizza box is still full. I know they had a hard time getting the rights for the ten year tour. Hopefully this means they've had better luck for the 20 year anniversary.
  14. Had my sister order one of those. I won't keep a variant collection going, but I'll keep a variants with OBI strip collection going.
  15. Anyone else grab one of these before 12 and then wiff at the DKNG poster drop?
  16. https://smartpunkshop.com/collections/smartpunk-exclusives/products/transplants-transplants-20th-anniversary-smartpunk-exclusive
  17. If they're releasing them on certain formats I don't know that it is licensing.
  18. I guess the platinum ticket money wasn't enough to pay for his divorce and holiday plans.
  19. Somehow I don't have this or Haunted Cities. $32 before shipping is crazy, though.
  20. Just checked out their tour dates. Maybe someone from Jakarta can pick some up for us if they aren't selling them at WWWY.
  21. I've begun to cease purchasing based on nostalgia, but I have to commend them for pricing this at $29.99. I would've thought it'd be $39.99 until a year from now when they lower the price to 29.99 but don't count it as "on sale" for their 40% off all sale items.

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