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  1. Somehow this wound up the thing that I got pulled aside at work and missed the drop for. Sounds like it was a fun one.
  2. I agree. I think that this tops anything Tom did post-Untitled.
  3. I gravdug it years ago, which is why there are a bunch of posts from a long time after the OP. Enjoy! One of the better VC threads that isn't about hookers who won't go down on you to Fun House by The Stooges.
  4. One of my favorite VC threads is about Train. Not purchasing.
  5. Google translate says "available within one week (if available from the supplier)". Has it said that the whole time? Could that mean backordered?
  6. If I've learned anything reading the VGM community, it's that you're nothing if you only bought one copy of this.
  7. Someone apparently got a print that was signed by Conor instead of Phoebe.
  8. Interesting. I'm still waiting on mine. They did an authorization charge last week, but it never posted. I thought maybe these were delayed.
  9. Two months extra for foil stamped numbers.
  10. I'm gonna go ahead and say that not all 3000 were listed, based on many past experiences with UO. I think you'll be able to get it. If not it'll be b-a-n-a-n-a-s.
  11. Mark Kozelek/The Moderately Talented Young Woman split 2x12".
  12. How does that pertain to the USPS? The USPS has had financial issues for years leading up to the pandemic. Even with millions of letters and packages (even ones with the proper rate being paid) being mailed each year. People have found themselves in trouble for using plastic bins that are the property of the USPS. Repeatedly being dishonest about package classification and bragging about it online could definitely land you in hot water.
  13. That was a legitimate question. I'd love to hear where you saw that transportation is the thing that's doing the USPS in.
  14. What possible source could you have for this in regard to the USPS? There are a number of things burdening the USPS before logistics come in to play. (Pensions, etc) You know mail fraud is a federal offense, right? The irony of you having no problem joking about committing it is not lost on me, considering you have a history of wielding of moderator status on a message board,
  15. It worked for me two days ago. eBay has a page on seller protection during the pandemic, and it highlights shipping delays. I'm not sure how easy it is to beat an INAD/counterfeit claim, but if it's feedback based on shipping it's pretty easy.
  16. Not the case. Sellers can appeal feedback now, and you can put that it was an extenuating circumstance. eBay will remove it if you say that it was in transit longer because of a pandemic, but you still shipped it within your handling time.
  17. I had an item depart Jersey City on April 27th heading to Queens. Listed as "In Transit" since then. Still no other updates. My buyer is really mad.
  18. I mailed a record from the Bronx to Queens on April 6. It's been bouncing around the country, going as far as Iowa before going through Jersey City twice. It still hasn't been delivered. If everyone there called out, that makes sense.