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  1. I wonder if there will be another new yellow variant for Japanese Breakfast.
  2. Rhino has done a pretty good job with some of the more recent reissues I've grabbed (The Replacements). The press release mentions a remaster, so hopefully it has been mastered well for vinyl.
  3. https://media.rhino.com/press-release/pod-satellite-20th-anniversary-edition-available-september-3-new-tour-dates-announced Is this the same one?
  4. So they canceled people's orders and then put more up for sale? OOF!
  5. $200 for only half their discography with no easy way to listen to the EPs and no Losten ? +1
  6. When I used to go to their store in Brooklyn their display racks had some weird choices. I'm not sure how much faith I have in their "expert staff".
  7. The poster says it is both. The website had some wording about hearing everything you ever wanted to hear from both albums, though. Could be that they are just playing selections from each.
  8. I wouldn't call it a grudge. It was insight into your character that made an impression. Back to Walmart..has anyone been getting these from anywhere other than the same Shepardsville, KY address that CCMusic, importCDs, etc use?
  9. Years ago you mocked me for calling someone out for selling shirts with the message "Seasons Beatings" and a photo of police brutality and keeping all proceeds.
  10. Totally. Macho Man only thinks it's cool to make a profit selling t-shirts with pictures of people being beaten by police. Profiting from selling a vinyl record that has been out of print for any more than you paid is just wrong.
  11. I love that the unboxing video is just a rendering.
  12. Oh look, another time they can do a vinyl release of Songs Not to Get Married to and probably won't.
  13. Hopefully they don't screw up the shipping like they did with Rufio.
  14. I appreciate the time and thought went into that analogy.
  15. I don't get how they botched the release? I ordered a copy, it showed up and when I put the needle on and play it the record sounds pretty good. People like me were finally able to score a copy after two pressings came out, sat on shelves and then disappeared. This album's 18th birthday is coming up. Let's act like adults.
  16. I hope one of these days he'll press his back catalog. A version of Grand National that could be had stateside would be pretty awesome.
  17. ^Nice. Looks like pre-orders for the other two have sold out, but it isn't an awful price even after international shipping.

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