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  1. UO is cheaper than the band's store even with my Patreon code and they don't charge until it ships.
  2. Maybe. I don't really care about variants. If their goal is to combat flippers it makes sense to inflate the number available for a particular variant.
  3. Totally. I think in order to make sure the first pressing is kept special they should change the color and the sequencing and stuff.
  4. How many do you need to ship? I used to cut up cardboard and put that around a cassette wrapped in bubble wrap, but that becomes pretty time-consuming if you are doing more than one or two. The plastic used for shells cracks pretty easily if there is weight put on anything but the perimeter, so it's probably worth trying to use cardboard and bubble wrap too.
  5. This was the first record in some time to give me sticker shock when I got to the last page of checkout.
  6. I bought a print from them a few years back with no issue. Can't speak for them on the vinyl front, but those Samhain records are boots.
  7. If they will have this on tour, then at least the band was part of this. I'm glad to hear that. Still probably just going to keep my $10 copy from ten years ago.
  8. It looks like they let you add one of each to the cart. Hopefully if someone checks out that way they are cool with it. I'm glad to have cool packaging with the Singles soundtrack. I passed on the Newbury variant years ago so I've just had a regular copy for a while. I'm a sucker for anything Paul Westerberg, so I bought this even though I already have a copy.
  9. If they even bother to spin them. In a few years there may be sealed graded copies circulating among collectors.
  10. With the way the Op Ivy stuff has rolled out, I would bet there are a handful or so more variants of the Alk3/HWM split.
  11. One of the gems of my collection came from Aux 33 Tours. A radio single/DJ bootleg thing with mmmbop on one side and Closer by NIN on the other.
  12. I haven't been up there in a few years, but I felt like I was constantly finding hole in the wall record stores all over Montreal (and Toronto) the times I have been up there. In the downtown area there's a store called Cheap Thrills that is a pretty cool used book and record store. A little bit outside that area is Fin du Vinyle. I found all sorts of cool stuff there.
  13. Had to grab the purple Hectic to go with the purple Energy.
  14. I am a big Mats fan as well. Where was/is the exhibit?
  15. Interesting to see this has happened to multiple people. I wonder if this is another step in the VERO process with eBay.
  16. High and Driving was an old Anthony Green project. Pretty cool to see that name used again.
  17. I haven't cared much for their output in the last decade or so, but I'll give this a listen because I hope while they were relearning the old songs maybe they got into the headspace to do music like that again.
  18. ^Speaking of which. Have they reupped on bags or shorts at any of the shows after NJ?
  19. I guess we'll find out tonight. I am kind of hoping it'll be nobody because the stage will be setup to record the shows. They haven't announced openers anywhere for those two shows.
  20. This is further proof that if you wait long enough most things will be re-pressed. Glad to finally grab this.