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  1. So it is limited to 1,000 and it is gonna be available online. There go my chances of getting one at the show. Great.
  2. Wait so are there 4 or 5 of these tomorrow? In the first post it lists the five colors, but the more I read the more confused I get about it, since RJ said "No 4 packs" does that mean there are 4 different colors tomorrow?
  3. I am gonna pick one up on the 19th when I see them, I am stoked I heard it is only $10 at the shows. I would not pay $17 for one of these. Or maybe I would, but it'd be pretty hard for a 7".
  4. This is another one that I hope stays around for a few more weeks so I can pick it up.
  5. I totally see them selling out within a week or so at the very most.
  6. I am hoping (although this is a longshot) that these will last a few days so I can pick one up next week or something. All these good records being reissued lately are killing me.
  7. Yeah. I hate to say this since they are one of my favorite bands, but I don't think that their stuff is in enough demand to sell out right away.
  8. Just ordered mine. I can't wait to spin this. How much does the Kung Fu one go for usually?
  9. I ordered two of the b-sides (and paid for both) and only got one. I have to call them next week and hopefully I get a refund or something.

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