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  1. no worries! i came barging into this thread outta nowhere, so i figured it was a long shot, but if you're still down i am too! and apologies for my late reply, just started a new job and my schedule is all outta wack.
  2. i noticed you didn't tag me in this, so i'll respectfully drop out to decrease complicating things... happy to hear they got back to you though!
  3. it's been a while since i've posted on here, but if a group buy is going down for this, i'd be 100% in if possible!
  4. Been out of the loop on the Mondo stuff for a minute, so forgive me if this is a dumb question, but has there been any more news following the Scott Pilgrim tease they did on Instagram?
  5. Threw up one of my DOOM bootlegs... hesitating heavy to sell it, but sometimes it's just gotta happen. It's the 2xLP, 45rpm pressing by Kawadeka Records on black vinyl: https://www.ebay.com/itm/184466375618
  6. Sorry for the late reply on this, but he's really only been selling them on tour. Someone finally made a reissue entry on Discogs for Ashes on tape, though, so you might be able to get one there.
  7. I do know the Neil Young RSD release has been canceled and there's rumors (don't have any solid info, so grain of salt) that the whole damn RSD lineup might be pushed back to help abide by all the social gathering rules popping up.
  8. If we can take Manson's word, the masters were recently discovered to have NOT been destroyed, Manson just thought they were because of his and Reznor's beef and Trent fucking with him: Source: https://www.theprp.com/2017/09/19/news/marilyn-manson-details-past-feud-trent-reznor-shares-recent-texts-justin-bieber/
  9. Wonder if that 2nd LP is gonna be the tracks from the Zone tape that ended up on the CD reissue.
  10. There was actually a reissue a couple of years ago (2013?) that had the parental advisory logo on the sleeve but the music on the record was censored, so hopefully they're not pulling the same.
  11. I've bought some stuff from them before, both LP and cassette, and can vouch for them. It takes them a LONG time to ship shit (as they usually have items up as preorder a few months ahead of time) but as long as it doesn't sell out, you can always wait for them to say they have the copies in hand and are shipping them soon. I got the DJ Screw - Stressed Out on LP and it did come with some light marks from poor handling already, but it sounds pretty damn good. Their tapes are fantastic as well, sound even better than the LPs. Their back covers have always been painfully minimal (to put it nicely) but I have nothing but good experiences with them. Plus, I do believe it's all legit, as they've posted videos of the artists involved talking about the reissues before.
  12. A vinyl pressing of Ashes 2 Ashes, Dust 2 Dust would be one of the fastest purchases of my entire record collecting life... as long as he doesn't charge out the ass for it, as he has been doing with his tape reissues recently. AND I would hope it would be from the original tape version... I feel like the later CD version messed with the tracklisting too much and honestly, even though it may be a symptom of the tape rips I've been listening to for years, it's missing so much of the nasty punch of the drums.
  13. Got a copy of the deluxe and can confirm the hype. The packaging is really beautiful and the vinyl sounds fantastic. Crazy to think it's a surprise when a quiet track like "Dawn Chorus" doesn't have any surface noise and is perfectly clear, but it's a very welcome one.
  14. I'm not gonna be happy until I can hang this in a record frame like the art it is.
  15. Thanks for the detailed comparison! I'm probably picking this up next chance I get.
  16. Read some reviews on Discogs that the deluxe version of this that came in the book packaging has sound quality on par with the In Rainbows deluxe edition. Considering that's one of the best sounding records I own, can anyone confirm the quality on that deluxe Anima is actually that good? I might have to spend the cash if that's the case.
  17. Just got my copy of The Wolf in today and, I gotta say, it sounds better than I was expecting! There seems to be a ceiling to the quality of his vinyl presses, but this one is up there as one of the better pressings he has. It's not great, there's even some inner groove distortion, but compared to other vinyl pressings of his records (like the really bad Close Calls With Brick Walls press), it's a solid "pretty good".
  18. Can back up that these aren't hitting stores, not even in Chicago. Wonder if he has a pop up shop planned or if he's really going all digital sales. Hopefully these are widely available soon!
  19. Oh my god, I will buy that OG Berserk soundtrack without a moment of hesitation. Never thought this would get reissued in any capacity.
  20. There may or may not be a RSD release of a certain digital-only "megamix" from 2017 by a group from California.
  21. If anyone in Chicago feels a need to buy some incredibly niche NIN collectible while waiting for these reissues, Bric-A-Brac Records just posted online that they're selling sealed deadstock of Pretty Hate Machine CD longboxes:
  22. Finally feel like I have a decent enough test pressing collection to humbly brag about it here: Dr. Manhattan - Dr. Manhattan The Coathangers - Parasite EP Zach Hill - Face Tat Bygones - By- Hella - Tripper Hella - Santa's Little Hella (Flexi Disc) Bjork - Homogenic
  23. If anyone missed out, we (IE: Reckless Records in Chicago) are gonna have a small handful of the clear smoke variant of this tomorrow. Plus, I don't see anything in our system about a S/T reissue coming tomorrow. It could be happening, we just don't have any info about and that could be on us. But this album is fantastic. The S/T is one of my favorite records of all time and, against all odds, this is a really damn good follow up.
  24. Interesting that they switched up the tracklisting... I can imagine a stripped down version of Hang On Me being an amazing closer.

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