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  1. Not exactly a new song, but this cover is amazing:
  2. here's the link..... https://redscare.storenvy.com/collections/9915-all-products/products/31902067-the-lillingtons-can-anybody-hear-me-12-cccp-234-1
  3. Haven't posted in here since moving to my new house last summer, but here is my current setup, have a good amount more in a 5x5 expedit in another room, but that's for overflow 😆
  4. The euro release is now listed as yellow w/black splatter. anyone know if this is a separate variant than the yellow w/red splatter? or is it now black splatter instead of red? https://eu.kingsroadmerch.com/hellcat-records/product/19223/when-god-was-great-2xyellow-wblack-splatter-vin
  5. one of my favorite bands, stoked for reissues, wish it was a new album though!
  6. Yellow with red splatter is on kings road Europe: https://eu.kingsroadmerch.com/shop/product/19214/when-god-was-great-2xyellow-wred-splatter-vinyl
  7. Ordered from Brooklyn vegan. Stoked.
  8. I agree with you that the shady business practices is annoying. Especially the purenoise model of keeping rare variants aside and then selling them later with a shitty screened cover. Just dumb. But for me, ultimately, when a record I want is released I buy it. If there is a limited variant I will try and get that, if not I'll get whatever is available. I don't want to wait a couple years and buy it for half the price. I want it now. Not intending to knock other people's spending habits or opinion, just sharing mine.
  9. So if it WASN'T listed as /1000, would you not have bought it? I can appreciate transparency from a retailer, but do you want the record or not?
  10. hate5six recently posted 2019's show. watched it in my living room 3 times already.
  11. lol purenoise strikes again. I gotta say that's a pretty crummy marketing scheme....
  12. here's the link https://nosleeprecords.com/collections/drug-church
  13. new World be Free EP up for pre-order from Rev. https://revhq.com/collections/one-time-for-unity/products/world-be-free-one-time-for-unity
  14. dang that /600 tie-dye variant looks awesome! bummed I missed that, guess I'll wait for the indie variant from my local store.

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