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  1. new World be Free EP up for pre-order from Rev. https://revhq.com/collections/one-time-for-unity/products/world-be-free-one-time-for-unity
  2. dang that /600 tie-dye variant looks awesome! bummed I missed that, guess I'll wait for the indie variant from my local store.
  3. $35 shipped is ridiculous, but I'm a big DH fan and it's not like I can buy it anywhere else, so I ordered.
  4. I reluctantly switched to Discogs after Deadformat shut down. I liked the simplicity of Deadformat and the ability to make my own tradelist, and I hated the appearance and "rules" on Discogs. Since then however, I've grown accustomed to it and will probably just stick with Discogs even if DF comes back. edit: and yes, I know I never removed my DF tradelist link from my sig. It's nostalgic....
  5. Finally got mine after it was delayed for about 2 weeks...will probably keep the Champion LP, but the rest is up for trade. I would have been stoked for the DBD 7", but I already have it.... Cruel Hand - S/T 7" (Test Press /20) Death Before Dishonor / Black Friday '29 - Split 7" (Warehouse Edition /76) Champion - Different Directions - The Last Show (clear w/splatter /900) Agnostic Front - Live at CBGB's (red/white/blue /300)
  6. Ramallah - The Last Gasp of Street Rock N' Roll https://statelinerecords.bigcartel.com/product/ramallah-the-last-gasp-of-street-rock-n-roll-lp /350 band/label pressing /400 indie store/distro /150 gold CoreTex exclusive /100 yellow Rev exclusive
  7. songs are much better than I expected after judging them based off their logo. Is it for sale on vinyl or preorder or anything?
  8. got mine yesterday, listening now. The b-side is great. Just updated my google sheets collection document that I maintain, and was shocked to see this is my first Alkaline Trio 7" (have about 20 LP's).
  9. No vinyl unfortunately, but two new releases by Fucked Up on their Bandcamp. https://fuckedup.bandcamp.com/
  10. Good thread. Personally I think it will be more valuable keeping it centric on hardcore and more niche releases, the pop-punk and ska stuff tend to get bigger treatment on the board anyway, let's keep this for the rest of the stuff. I did snag the splatter Mindforce on release night, stoked to see it already shipped too. Also got the Better for a Thousand discography on clear/green along with the Jared Gaines tattoo shirt. I have way too many tee's, but I'm a fan of his art and the shirt is right up my alley. Other than that the only other recent order I placed was the Blacklisted - Eye for an Eye release. Not sure if it got its own thread when the preorder first one up, but that song is a classic. https://deathwishinc.com/products/blacklisted-eye-for-an-eye
  11. dang slept on this, will pick up a tour copy for sure. dig the new song. does not sound like AN, but I like it.
  12. Newbury Comics variant is up....$24.99..... https://www.newburycomics.com/collections/exclusive-vinyl/products/the_mighty_mighty_bosstones-a_jackknife_to_a_swan_exclusive_lp?variant=31125701427305