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  1. V didn't have much of a replay value for me, but I loved the Dark Paradise cover. I'll be preordering the new album whenever it's available
  2. Anyone end up with the clear/splatter variant of the Have Heart 7" and want to sell it?
  3. man, for the first couple songs I've tried to pretend the mixing isn't as bad as you guys have been talking about, but this last one is horrible. I kept trying to turn the volume up but it wouldn't fix it......
  4. sounds good let me know when you get your stuff!
  5. I also liked Goodtime Boys! Would've been stoked to get one of their records. I did get two duplicates in my box, both great records, will gladly trade them with someone for something I don't have. Alcoa - Parlour Tricks Expire - Pretty Low
  6. Got mine today too...probably the best mystery box they've done. I got the same two posters and the Have Heart 7" plus: Gallows - Chains/Wristslitter 7" Nervous Impulse - S/T Alcoa - Parlour Tricks Expire - Pretty Low Striking Distance - The Fuse Is Lit Mother of Mercy - Symptoms of Existence Polar Bear Club - Chasing Hamburg New Found Glory - Kill It Live TEST PRESS (dope)
  7. agreed, I couldn't make it through the whole video for the new song. I might still buy it, but nothing they've done has compared to Grievances and The Monitor.
  8. Updated OP with both these variants. Anyone know pressing info for the indie version?
  9. Preorder up for new Defeater LP. Release date 10 May US black w/screened cover /100 Euro variant black w/screened cover /100 baby blue w/splatter /500 (euro exclusive) clear w/blue smoke /500 coke bottle clear indie variant /? pineapple /300 (B9 exclusive) black /? https://kingsroadmerch.com/defeater/ http://www.b9store.com/products/637768-defeater-s-t https://eu.kingsroadmerch.com/defeater/view/?id=14835&cid=2794
  10. I'm digging the new tunes. Only remember seeing them live once, way back when their first 7" came out, but I remember it being an awesome show. Good energy. https://youtu.be/Ij4sNyfsX5w
  11. I ordered the ultra clear/splatter...but that black and white looks awesome!
  12. awesome thank you! only a little bit more than my bullmoose order was.
  13. Just got a cancellation email from Bullmoose. I guess they didn't get as much as they were expecting. Anyone know if these are still available anywhere else?