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  1. I haven't liked NOFX since Pump up the Valuum, so personally, I totally agree. I think your post was an accurate representation of the band's last 20 years, I don't think what you said was negative/worthy of "you're fun at parties" jabs....but that's just me. Obviously other people still like them, and that's fine. and I am in this thread because Fat releases mostly records by bands that are not NOFX.
  2. auto-fill words is my favorite board feature ever. I still say ice cold instead of cool 😂
  3. wow I didn't know theb9 shut down. when did that happen? used to spend way too much time there....
  4. snagged a "looking for gold" variant. kept going back and forth between in stock and sold out so there might not be many left. digging the new song!
  5. went with the Dazed variant of the Mindforce release because it was $2 cheaper than BrooklynVegan. The new single is great!!
  6. Titus Andronicus - The Will to Live release date 30 Sep 22 Limited "Peak" Vinyl Silver and Black Galaxy 2x LP available from Merge Records and Bandcamp https://mergerecords.com/product/the_will_to_live?goal=0_b3cb9e5854-1df2a5ffc3-48032578&mc_cid=1df2a5ffc3&mc_eid=58a1e7d75f https://titusandronicus.bandcamp.com/album/the-will-to-live?goal=0_b3cb9e5854-1df2a5ffc3-48032578&mc_cid=1df2a5ffc3&mc_eid=58a1e7d75f Black 2x LP https://mergerecords.com/product/the_will_to_live?goal=0_b3cb9e5854-1df2a5ffc3-48032578&mc_cid=1df2a5ffc3&mc_eid=58a1e7d75f Aqua / Tangerine Galaxy 2x LP Rough Trade Exclusive https://roughtrade.com/us/titus-andronicus/the-will-to-live/lp-plus-x2 Available to order from indie stores soon
  7. good looking out! but, comes to $56 shipped. can't stomach that for 2 songs and a shirt I'll never wear.
  8. appears to be sold out on relapse webstore and bandcamp. anyone know if it's available anywhere else? songs are rad.
  9. b9 just shipped them out this week, people should start receiving them soon.
  10. I think brooklyn vegan / revolver / hard times merch all share the same variant. but brick & mortar indie stores should have had the canary yellow twist variant.
  11. So I ordered this from my local store, when I picked it up and had the sticker that said "canary yellow twist indie exclusive limited to 750", however the record inside is the red with black splatter (revolver exclusive). This same thing happened to me with the recent Quicksand release. I'm not huge on numbers/variants, but this hurts my brain trying to accurately catalog this thing!!
  12. dang thanks for the feedback. my other records play fine. is it possible something is wrong with this one specific record? it's not warped or anything...I think I may take it back to the store and have them play it
  13. I just bought this today from my local store, missed the preorder and actually never knew it existed until I saw it on the shelf... It is the worst sounding record I've ever heard. Recording sounds horrible, not sure if it's my setup or not, can anyone else chime in? It's the black retail variant...
  14. Sold out online but check your local stores looks like they are hitting shelves. https://www.instagram.com/p/Can4XkAstzx/?utm_medium=copy_link
  15. Thanks for posting, super excited for this one! Went with coke bottle clear because I think that is my overall favorite vinyl color. Also, surprised to see only 3 variants, these guys usually go full send with the variant game...
  16. This is probably the saddest I've been for a band break-up, ever. Hometown Throwdown was an annual experience for my friends and family, can't believe I won't get to go to another one. Thank you for the records. 😥
  17. someone edited the ETID discogs page to show everyone except Keith as former members. Kinda dumb/silly/sad. https://www.discogs.com/artist/299868-Every-Time-I-Die
  18. can anyone else post a pic of their indie variant (purple cloudy effect)? I picked mine up this weekend, and it looks completely different than the pic on the discogs page. Discogs Pic: My copy:
  19. looks like the ruby ghost variant is still available. doesn't look as cool as the other one, but both limited to 1500.
  20. Can confirm. For some reason I have had $45 credit at interpunk for the last 3 years or so. Every so often I try and spend it and my orders have never been fulfilled. I just get fed up waiting and cancel the order, reset the store credit, and try again. Has happened about 5 times over 3 years.
  21. ordered the indie variant from my local store. such a good record, glad to see the remaster and so many people into it.
  22. ordered the green/red from dine alone. 36 CAD worked out to $29 USD shipped. considering the white retail variant from my local store is $27.98 I'm ok with my decision. Looking forward to hearing this one.

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