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  1. can anyone else post a pic of their indie variant (purple cloudy effect)? I picked mine up this weekend, and it looks completely different than the pic on the discogs page. Discogs Pic: My copy:
  2. looks like the ruby ghost variant is still available. doesn't look as cool as the other one, but both limited to 1500.
  3. Can confirm. For some reason I have had $45 credit at interpunk for the last 3 years or so. Every so often I try and spend it and my orders have never been fulfilled. I just get fed up waiting and cancel the order, reset the store credit, and try again. Has happened about 5 times over 3 years.
  4. ordered the indie variant from my local store. such a good record, glad to see the remaster and so many people into it.
  5. ordered the green/red from dine alone. 36 CAD worked out to $29 USD shipped. considering the white retail variant from my local store is $27.98 I'm ok with my decision. Looking forward to hearing this one.
  6. the single is a little more pop than folk than I would have expected, but not bad.
  7. I dig the Bad Religion Christmas album, and DKM's rendition of Amazing Grace is incredible....but I can't get into this one...
  8. I have this in my wantlist on discogs. Laughed when I saw one listed at $55, then cried when it sold almost instantly and all that was left were $99 copies....
  9. Listening now. Sounds EXACTLY like Defeater 😅. I'm good with that though! Not picking up any HH vibes though.... Hopefully the vinyl ships soon, I kinda forgot I preordered it.
  10. I'm still on the fence. I had tickets last year but opted for a refund instead of rolling them over (too much uncertainty). With three-day passes sold out I'll probably pass because it's so damn expensive anyway. I wish all the bands I wanted to see were on the same day 😅.
  11. wow can't believe this has never been pressed on vinyl before. always liked that album, easy buy.
  12. I got my BV copy yesterday too. the obi strip is cool but mine says Revolver on it even though I ordered from BV....
  13. For the U.S. market - Indie exclusive clear blue w/red splatter available at your local record store. https://recordstoreday.com/UPC/5056167163763
  14. Also 250 Purple with White Splatter, per RFC webpage. Not sure where they are sold at though. Edit: available at Brooklyn Vegan. https://shop.brooklynvegan.com/products/one-step-closer-this-place-you-know-limited-edition-solid-purple-with-heavy-white-splatter-lp-only-250-made
  15. damn would have been stoked to grab this. hopefully another boot pops up because I'm not paying $500 for the OG press
  16. some people are fortunate enough not to have any problems of their own so they worry about other people. must be nice...
  17. damn that's a hell of a supergroup. must have sold out fast
  18. Picked up the indie variant at my store yesterday, and the Euro copy came in the mail today. Both look sweet! Kinda shocking nothing from the US store yet though...
  19. More copies available from TTL: https://www.turntablelab.com/products/run-the-jewels-run-the-jewels-2-vinyl-2lp-turntable-lab-exclusive?bis_id=4mOQnNJ&utm_campaign=stock-notification&utm_content=Run The Jewels%3A Run The Jewels 2 Vinyl 2LP - Turntable Lab Exclusive - LIMIT 2 PER CUSTOMER&utm_medium=email&utm_source=back-in-stock&variant=32965102829658
  20. True, good call. I couldn't wait! But, I haven't listened to the full thing at once yet, might wait for the vinyl.
  21. you guys haven't listened to this yet? They had a staggered release for each part starting like 3 months ago. and yes, it fucks.
  22. That video was amazing, thank you for sharing. Shout out all the OGs: Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, Buddha, Shiva.
  23. Splatter now showing available for me too. Of course they weren't there when I checked out....
  24. Wow these are going fast. Gold and splatter lp's already gone as well as gold 5". Was able to grab the blue lp and white 5" though!

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