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  1. Dissonance is great, loving everything so far. Another single "It Pulls You Up" is out as well. I can currently only find it on Apple Music but it's probably on Spotify: https://music.apple.com/us/album/dimly-lit/1476526969
  2. Selling a few records I don't spin anymore: Dance Gavin Dance – Acceptance Speech (green) - $38 (jacket came unglued at top but isn't damaged, can send pictures upon request) Hundredth – Rare (white w/ purple + grey splatter) - $18 O'Brother – Endless Light (red/purple + black) - $16 Prices include shipping and PP fees!
  3. @dapeebs has been looking for that Bear Romantic for a while! Tagging him to let him know.
  4. Got mine today (arrived surprisingly fast) and thankfully there were no dings even though TTL mailed it like a jackass. BUT the records themselves are hard as all hell to get out of the apparently Lycra sleeves they stuffed them in.
  5. I actually managed to get one but how in the wild hell did they sell out in under 2 minutes
  6. Really tired of them randomly throwing up copies whenever they feel like it. Is this normal with TTL? I'm also wondering why they say they'll send out in-stock emails but don't.
  7. Took the last code, thank you kindly!
  8. Cleaning out some records I don't listen to anymore. Shipping is $5 for each, coming from Ohio. Beach House – Thank Your Lucky Stars (black) – $12 From Indian Lakes – Absent Sounds (clear) - $16 Hundredth – Rare (white w/ purple + grey splatter) - $17 O'Brother – Endless Light (red/purple + black) - $15 Happy to provide pictures upon request. Thanks for looking!