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  1. Haven't had the chance to listen to the full alum yet, but the singles were really hit or miss for me. Surprisingly bland compared to their last two releases. That pic 7" is pretty cool though, might pick up that bundle if I end up digging the rest of the album.
  2. So it's like Turnover's latest album but a little better in some areas. Cool?
  3. If you're set on the LP60, a new stylus would probably give you the most value at this point. However, I agree that the money would be better spent on a newer table. Many of the other entry-level tables (U-Turn, etc.) will have better configurations out of the box than what you'd get by upgrading the LP60.
  4. I sent Midnight in America by Modern Life Is War––it was the only thing I had that fit the genre list haha. Got it as a freebie, figured why not pass that on.
  5. Perfect description. I also didn't realize their last LP was in 2015. Listened to that one quite a bit but haven't gone back in a while. But this new track is more engaging than a lot of stuff off Dust imo. It's giving me some Tides of Man vibes and I really dig that.
  6. Oh also, the merch company did send me replacements, which were also dinged, and one was dinged worse than either of my initial copies ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. Damn, I hope they put them up for sale after the tour. Sounds like it's cooler than the green, which is nice but kinda disappointing.
  8. Fair enough. But I still don't think it's a lazy argument. Then again, these forums aren't exactly home to the most renowned philosophers.
  9. You can @ me next time, man. It's not a lazy argument––what I said holds true for the majority of people criticizing Turnover's new stuff. Notice how my response literally says "if you don't like the new stuff on its own, that's fine." But you can't blame me for being fucking sick of the majority of people whining that it's not PV when that's not the point.
  10. I just think it's hilarious that we have a bunch of adults bickering over a band. The problem isn't that this album is bad on its own merit. The problem is, like deafening alluded to, whenever people talk about Turnover, they're talking about PV. Comparing GN and Altogether to PV really hurts them as independent albums. Like, yeah, GN sucks in comparison to PV, but I like quite a few of the songs because I take them as they are. Same with Altogether. If you don't like Altogether on its own, that's fine, not your thing. But not liking something doesn't mean it's bad.
  11. Guys I think people may not really like this new Turnover album but it's just a wild guess
  12. Welp, my copies arrived with super dinged jackets, so pumped about that. They're not little guys either, some of the corners are ruined. Pretty disappointed that I had to wait 2 full weeks after the album dropped for this. I usually don't even care about jacket imperfections, but these are bad even by my low standards. On the plus side, the records turned out nice, although the green variant doesn't have the texture shown in the mockup.