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  1. Looking for any pressing of Waves (preferably a colored variant) and the green variant of self-titled. Shoot me pics and prices!
  2. Heck yeah! Wonder if they'll have any guest features again. Jerry's solo on Phantom Bride is so good.
  3. Hey everyone, I've got a bunch of download codes that I've been sitting on for too long. Not sure if bots are still an issue (I know some people were claiming that bots were automatically grabbing codes), so just DM me with the code(s) you want. Julian Lage - Arclight Wilsen – Ruiner Miles Davis – Sketches of Spain Phoebe Bridgers – Punisher The Japanese House – Swim Against the Tide The American Scene – Haze Wilsen – Ruiner Half Waif – Lavender Eisley – Currents Owen – The Avalanche The 1975 – A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships Unknown code (might be The Japanese House?)
  4. That really sucks. My copy wasn't damaged, but I don't think there was any padding/protection in the mailer. Labels need to really be more attentive about this kinda stuff.
  5. You might've dodged a bullet––last time I checked, the consensus was that the tricolor doesn't sound too good.
  6. I'm genuinely curious––what's the fascination with signatures? I get it's a personal touch from the artist, but I'd never seek one out since there's no real reason to. After all, isn't an album itself more personal than a signature could ever be?
  7. Man, RIP Decoder. Believers is such a good track. I really wish they'd repress Number[s] too. Love that album, but I'm not gonna pay $160 for it.
  8. The OM pressing is surprisingly nice in both color and sound. Can't believe how well that album holds up a decade later.
  9. Got my blue with kind of swirly silver. It's beautiful, especially when held up to the light––looks very coastal in a wood-and-water kind of way. The lyric booklet and print are also really well done and engaging. Secretly knocked it out of the park on this one. Also, album is great. There's a lot of really unique instrumentation/songwriting, but it's still very much a Phoebe album.
  10. Bump––willing to pay pretty well above retail for this.
  11. Vinyl available as well: http://www.memory-music.net/products/666520-seer-believer-bent
  12. When is Ben going to accept that he's a folk musician? His solo output has always been so hokey. Maybe I'm just bitter that Walla hasn't done any solo stuff in a while.
  13. Had a really cool experience with Fat Possum. I bought two Ellis records from them, one pink and one coke bottle. When they arrived, there was a note in the package saying they were out of the pink so they just sent the white. The other one was wrong as well––they'd sent a plain black instead of the coke bottle. I emailed them about it asking for a refund, but they responded within an hour saying the correct variants were on their way to me and that I could keep the old ones. Sure enough, the replacements were correct (and stunning). It was really refreshing to see a label handle this sort of situation so well, so big big kudos to FP.

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