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  1. Back is the same as the front, so it's not completely red foil, just the logo inlay. The lyric booklet is glossy and magazine-style, which I didn't expect (but it's quite nice).
  2. Alright, here's a shot of everything I received (sans the sleeve haha). You can sort of see the red foil, though it's pretty subtle. Looks much better up close.
  3. I did indeed buy it off Bandcamp. I'll likely use the contact form there and see what's up. The shipping from Trevor's site was ridiculous compared to the BC price. And yeah, the cover is red foil. It looks really nice, and the quality of the whole product is top notch so far. I'll take a quick shot with everything I got.
  4. Actually didn't come with a code. I can send pics when I get home but all I got was the record itself and the lyric booklet, so I'm assuming there's more.
  5. Got my deluxe edition red in today (very early, which was a nice surprise), and it looks great. Vinyl is a great shade of red, and the lyric booklet is a trip. Although I'm pretty sure it didn't come with the lithographs, unless those are somehow part of the booklet. Did anyone else get theirs?
  6. erasedtapes

    PO NOW: Tides of Man- Every Nothing

    Album is fantastic; I might like it better than Y&C, crazy enough. Mercury Fields is an early standout. Definitely going to be great to spin this whenever I end up getting it.
  7. Unboxing of the clear vinyl: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ITeJ5SfQpk
  8. erasedtapes

    PO NOW: Foxing - Nearer My God

    Ooh, I ordered on day 1. Hopefully I got one!
  9. erasedtapes

    dust off records before playing

    I use the Audioquest carbon fiber brush. Cheap and dusts off records cleanly.
  10. erasedtapes

    PO NOW: Tides of Man- Every Nothing

    Here you go: Tampa, Florida based instrumental post-rock outfit, Tides of Man, returned today with their new single, “Everything Is Fine, Everyone Is Happy”, revealing a darker edge to contrast their more ethereal first single “Static Hymn” that premiered earlier this month. “Everything Is Fine, Everyone Is Happy” is anchored by driving percussion and ominous synths that paint an almost sinister soundscape for the guitars and bass to explore. The result is an intense composition that exudes energy and inspires the listener to be strong in pushing through whatever barriers they are facing in their life. These first two singles from Every Nothing perfectly capture the diversity of the record. You can check out both singles on the official Tides Of Man YouTube and Spotifypages and Every Nothing is available now for preorder. Tides of Man will be releasing a new full-length, titled Every Nothing, on August 3rd.
  11. Another bump. Is $18 shipped too much for this? D:
  12. Okay, final price bump. I don't wanna take this to my local record store and get $2.50 for it. This is on Discogs for $34 shipped, I'm asking $18 shipped. Or just trade me like anything indie/dreampop/shoegaze/etc. I should also have a download card for PV that I'll send if I find it.