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  1. Bump So the release date for these was last Friday, did anyone get a shipping confirmation from the label? Update: disregard above, received them in the afternoon only to find out they shipped me the black variant instead of the white one. Hope they're able to exchange...
  2. KaitouG

    Duster | Official reissues | Numero Group

    It's up! http://www.numerogroup.com/products/duster-capsule-losing-contact
  3. KaitouG

    The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    ok who in their right mind would buy 10 boxes of bleep-bloops just to flip them
  4. I really want to pull the trigger on this. Wonder if the drop in price is because of the typo on The Kick Ins(i)de?
  5. I hope so. Those were handled by Beggars instead of Duophonic.
  6. UK pressings with remastering credits on sleeve
  7. Same for me as well. Arrived last Saturday. I just sent them photos of the back cover with the outdated info/old cat # with the record itself and that was good enough.
  8. I knew the paranoia was warranted. This was posted by Petey on the Stereolab forum: "I've no idea what has been going on at Beggars but the US office decided to press the 2008 version onto clear vinyl, keep the 2008 sleeve but put a PURE11LPX sticker on it – I'm more than a little annoyed to discover this. I've been told that this ‘hybrid’ edition is being re-called and replaced with the re-mastered version with the updated sleeve. If you would like a replacement then please e-mail – [email protected] I'm still waiting to find out if the digital versions are being updated to the re-mastered tarcks – I can't see why this wouldn't happen."
  9. You could try Juno, but it looks like they only have 1 release right now. edit: They also (AFAIK) offer the best shipping prices to the States.
  10. It's in my sig but here's the link for all you mobile users https://www.discogs.com/user/KaitouGentleman/collection
  11. Does this mean it's time for the "emo revival"-revival?
  12. I sure hope so. After the Bauhaus ITFF mess, I wouldn't be surprised if different masterings were used, intentionally or not.
  13. They are indeed on clear with the new hype stickers. Kind of a bummer the US pressings may not be remastered. Oh well. I'll pick them up from Juno in the near future and maybe compare the 2 pressings.
  14. I don't know if I'm being paranoid, but did anyone else notice that there are 2 different pressings of Peng! and Groop? The copies I got locally doesn't say anything about being remastered at Calyx on the back cover unlike the ones posted at Juno (along with some other minor artwork changes). Also the runouts are definitely different from the Switched-On releases as the one I got don't have Bo's etchings on them. https://www.juno.co.uk/products/stereolab-peng-reissue/707557-01/ https://www.juno.co.uk/products/stereolab-the-groop-played-space-age-bachelor/707558-01/ Please tell me I'm not going crazy here.