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  1. This one (aka the one that you mentioned on Discogs): edit: someone just submitted the proper splatter variant for NO on Discogs so I'm not too sure what the heck is going on
  2. Got the vault editions, but sounds like those splatter variants didn't actually come to fruition? My copy of NO is maroon/black split rather than the maroon splatter and flood looks like that artist-exclusive ones.
  3. bump The next 2 albums (Chiastic Slide and LP5) are now up for pre-order. https://bleep.com/release/249530-autechre-chiastic-slide https://bleep.com/release/249531-autechre-lp5
  4. They are playing a show on Sept 12 so I bet they'll be selling those artist variants at the merch table; I'd expect those to show up on NYD afterwards as leftovers.
  5. Hate the fact that I had to wait until release date to dig for any info regarding NYD/band variants. IIRC they at least hinted band variants for the Absolutego/Amplifier Worship reissues a week or so before the release date? Regardless I did end up springing for the Vault variants; they might be sold at the TMR storefronts but outside of that I do think they'll be locked to members.
  6. 2 TMR Vault variants up as well: https://thirdmanstore.com/products/flood-limited-edition-jade-splatter-vinyl https://thirdmanstore.com/products/no-limited-edition-maroon-splatter-vinyl And a few additional pressings as well, looks like they're the artist-exclusives (no idea where to get that Flood)
  7. I set up a JPC account so I just cancelled my order from my order page. Should be able to contact them via email easily as well.
  8. Thanks so much, cancelled my JPC order for the cheaper option. Still can't wait to be able to play "The Train Song"
  9. For fellow Americans: JPC is listing this for EUR151 (EUR180 w/ VAT), best price I've seen so far https://www.jpc.de/jpcng/poprock/detail/-/art/nick-cave-the-bad-seeds-b-sides-rarities/hnum/10695524
  10. I want to wait until this shows up on JPC at least Also I'm noticing Rye Whiskey shows up twice on the tracklist and Sail Away is missing, hopefully a typo?

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