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  1. The 3 Rivista albums are up for pre-order now: https://lesrallizesdenudes.bandcamp.com/album/77-live https://lesrallizesdenudes.bandcamp.com/album/67-69-studio-et-live https://lesrallizesdenudes.bandcamp.com/album/mizutani-les-rallizes-d-nud-s Most of the links are here (exclusives for LITA, Third Man, and Bandcamp included): https://lnk.bio/TemporalDrift
  2. US list is up: https://recordstoreday.com/SpecialReleases nothing for me this year, see y'all in RSD2023
  3. RSD BF2022 list is up for Canada: https://recordstoredaycanada.ca/rsd_list_images/2022-Black-Friday-List.pdf should be expecting the US list very soon
  4. Still can't get over how Lee Bruford of The Body was in this band
  5. Indivisible on blue: https://dischord.com/release/106/indivisible
  6. Shitty work-weeks somehow end with good record finds, and this week wasn't an exception. For the 80's post-punk-heads, picked up UK OGs of the first two albums by The Sound:
  7. alright who has a spare 100 mil or are we setting up a group buy
  8. try JPC: https://www.jpc.de/jpcng/poprock/detail/-/art/type-o-negative-dead-again/hnum/11034057 (whoops already mentioned above, here's an image of all the variants instead)
  9. Not vinyl but probably worth mentioning for Leviathan fans, Profound Lore is releasing a tape box set of the 1998-2002 early demos: https://profoundlorerecords.merchtable.com/music/leviathan-shadow-of-no-light-8-x-demo-tape-box-set
  10. Pass and Stow on green https://dischord.com/release/092/pass-and-stow
  11. This is the follow-up interview to the previous video
  12. At least now we know it's mostly 4x DSD sourced from the original masters (or whatever they can get, sounds like even if one track is not from the original master they use that other MFSL banner). Given the amount of test pressings they make and the constant tweaking they do to the master, no wonder they usually don't set a firm release date. I'd expect the actual master tapes would go through a lot of wear if they did all that using the tapes. I'm not getting involved on the *other* forum
  13. No merch but they were fantastic last night, especially Gavin also holy crap This Day Next Year is beyond transcendent live
  14. Tour dates announced for next year BrooklynVegan confirms Jared is joining them along with Scott from Nocturnal Habits
  15. With all the pressing plant delays I'd like to think that the Deicide box will be released just in time for Easter next year
  16. As a 200-Line completionist that 215.1 is going to be a glaring hole, hopefully they do at least a slipcase or have another box with some sort of singles comp.
  17. Lunapark won the last round - https://shop.runoutgroovevinyl.com/lunapark-deluxe-d2c-edition-lp.html Next ones at https://www.runoutgroovevinyl.com/vote-for-next-release: Hatebreed - Supremacy Madball - Set It Off Deicide - Roadrunner Years 9LP Box
  18. Up on Amazon as well https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B09YMP65S4
  19. Doesn't sound like they put many copies of Moon for the US store. I think I saw on IG that that one's intended as a UK/EU/RoW release (don't really need a third copy of this...). Grabbed the bone/black of the new album