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  1. Where did this guy come from? I’ve been following him for a while but am curious if he was in a band before going solo.
  2. 100% this. Their reaction was atrocious and they harassed the victim so this band sucks on lots of levels.
  3. It seems that way haha! Their merch is great. I just can’t wait to get the olive green and Nella Vita pre-orders and take a family photo.
  4. Super stoked they have the olive green Adornment, it’s the only thing I’m missing.
  5. If I remember correctly there are a few interviews where Buddy describes the lyrical changes.
  6. I actually don’t. I’ve seen them live only once so far and didn’t check out merch, but plan on catching them at the next local show. I’ll check their merch and probably snag a couple copies of things (if available) since I’ve seen people interested since this feature dropped.
  7. Side note: Dying Wish is from my city, please check them out if you dig Emma’s feature.
  8. I VC for two bands and can tell you that they’re two of my very favorites and I 100% do not have lots of cash 😂
  9. I think it’s more about supporting a favorite band rather than actually having a practical use for all the copies.
  10. I asked someone on Insta and they said it was just the normal variant.
  11. They’re 3/3 on new songs for me. Also, Urban Outfitters updated their mock-up, looks like it’s just the evergreen variant that’s been in the band’s web store, not a new variant.

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