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  1. Snagged one. I’ll have an extra if my amazon order goes through but I don’t have high hopes for that one.
  2. It said RSD, so I don’t think so, but who knows. I haven’t had any luck anywhere else so I figured I’d try.
  3. Hoping this Amazon order of Robyn works out. Still trying to find Baby Shark and My Chemical Romance.
  4. Anyone know when Bull Moose usually puts up their leftovers? Do they usually send an email with a time?
  5. I hate that this man has a platform. Fuck Tim forever.
  6. I emailed last Wednesday and have yet to hear anything.
  7. I should have got a signed coaster? I’m so disappointed by this and bummed Forrest has to have his name attached to this. Waiting on a response from alcopop.
  8. Got mine yesterday. Had I known this was what the final product was, I would have spent no more than $30 on this.
  9. Please keep this thread informed because I haven’t got mine yet but am already wanting to know how the label responds and if claims are good to be made.
  10. Months of excitement down the drain. It’s a bummer when you think you’re adding a really cool piece to your collection only to find out it got completely botched.
  11. Finally got shipping confirmation for the box set.
  12. Rise seems to be pulling a lot of vinyl shenanigans lately.
  13. Have you heard anything more on the boxsets? It’s past when they said they were shipping.
  14. Have you got any shipping info on the box set yet? It says late October but no specific date.