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  1. I asked someone on Insta and they said it was just the normal variant.
  2. They’re 3/3 on new songs for me. Also, Urban Outfitters updated their mock-up, looks like it’s just the evergreen variant that’s been in the band’s web store, not a new variant.
  3. Wonder if the Trevor Project is some sort of damage control.
  4. If anyone can help me with the gold variant in the UK store, I’d be forever grateful. https://fearlessrecords.shopfirebrand.com/collections/vinyl/products/grayscale-nella-vita-vinyl-album
  5. Blue keeps coming back as available so if you want that one I’d keep checking. I don’t know if there will be any immediate new variants, but over the course of two years, Adornment has had four pressings totaling 3000, so there is bound to be more options at some point.
  6. If anyone is seeing them soon and can grab that olive green for me, I’ll pay you for your time. Also, they’re teasing now, so I imagine a new album announcement soon.
  7. I get why they had to do the pricing that high, but they aren’t going to move these so they might as well drop it down lol.
  8. I think with a poster included they can’t do media mail. I tried another preorder with just vinyl/cd and media mail was offered.