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  1. Time for some real rap.... With age has come an appreciation for seltzer water. I want to upgrade from my puny siphon style to a larger carbonator. Any recommendations, particularly on CO2 tanks vs. chemical? Sparkle uses electricity and single use chemicals, so no need for tank exchanges. I heard you can hack it and use citric acid and baking soda, which would be nice. For the tanks, what the ratio of seltzer to CO2 - i.e., how much seltzer does one get from a 60L tank. Is it worth it? let's discuss.
  2. On the off chance..... I am moving soon and have a ton of record mailers up for grabs. Just need to pick them up in the Hyattsville area.
  3. It sounded a little rough through my crappy internal laptop speakers; maybe it will sound better through my crappy bluetooth headphones.
  4. We will always have the chickens... every last one of them.
  5. All this talk of prequels - I want a spin-off of Arya and Hound traveling around just getting into adventures and cursing a lot.
  6. a somewhat oldie, but still a goodie... Q: What's worse than 9/11?
  7. Was Nightfylers any good? The recent cancellation doesn't portend high expectations. I forgot this dropped in a big chunk around Xmas. Tried to watch it recently, but they want you to pay for the 1st half, while the 2nd half is still available on-demand. Not the best way to build a base. And they cancelled The Expanse for this? Good thing Amazon picked that up. If you haven't watched it, I recommend it (it will grow on you). Or better yet read the 1st couple of books.
  8. No DL code. Its like they expect me to play this thing.
  9. Waiting on season 2. My wife might hurt me if i started before her. Altered Carbon was decent. i dug the hotel. The male lead was seriously jacked compared to the strung out look in The Killing. Part way through Wild Wild Country. Haven't gotten to the real crazy stuff yet. If orange was more my color, i might consider joining. Also, tough titties.
  10. PO is up for the new Red Hare LP. The last LP and 7" were fantastic. This band is essentially Swiz (Shawn Brown, Jason Farrell, Dave Eight) and Joe Gorelick (Garden Variety, Bluetip). So DC, so good, Get on this quick. 200 on clear, the rest on black https://redhare.bandcamp.com/ <
  11. Why this hasn't been posted already is a mystery to me... Atomic Action Records is reissuing Verbal Assault's Trial LP. Absolutely crucially seminal. If you dont own an OG copy here is your chance to spin one. There are also tapes, CDs and some t-shirt bundles. Rowdiest thing to come out of Rhode Island since Metacomet. get on it. http://atomicactionrecords.bigcartel.com/ Classic Rhode Island hardcore band Verbal Assault's 1987 masterpiece finally re-issued and remastered by Nick Townsend from Townsend Mastering (drummer for Fireburn/ Deadbeat). Originally released in 1987 Verbal Assault bridged the gap between "heavy" hardcore and "smart" hardcore playing extensively with everyone from Agnostic Front to Fugazi. Lyrically "Trial" hit on personal but also socio/political themes while never letting up musically. This is the first time since it's original release 31 years ago its been re-issued. Pressing info: White Vinyl 300 mail order only Yellow Vinyl 300 RevHQ.com only Black Vinyl 400 Red Vinyl 1000 Includes free downloads