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  1. AmsterDan

    CD Players - Digital Output

    See, I thought of it in this way; as long as it reads the 1's and 0's and passes them along just fine, there wouldn't be a difference in sound necessarily until it is interpreted and converted by the next external component. So, how do the internal (CD player) components then influence the signal as to change the sound? Does it not read the information accurately or does it create a weak/distorted signal which consequently is hard to interpret? All of course considering using the digital out.
  2. Good day! I have a question regarding the digital output of CD players. This question surfaced when I kept reading about the immense difference in CD player prices, but more importantly the sound quality resulting from them. Terms such as 'more clear', 'articulated' or 'muddy' are not uncommon among reading these reviews. As I went along with the promising words, I thought to myself a couple of things. 1. Was it the digital or analog output that was used for this review because: 2. A CD is a digital source, and a digital signal is a digital signal whether it's derived from a cheap or expensive and 'better' player. Or: 3. Am I wrong and is there a difference in digital signals among CD players? My 'to good to be true' thought was that if there is no difference in the digital signal, then it won't really matter what CD player you're using as long as the external DAC is of better quality. Heck, what is 'better' ... of better personal liking perhaps. You get my drift. What says you?
  3. AmsterDan

    Identification of Record Poster

    That's it! Thanks so much for the replies and help. It is indeed the Chicago album, but it seems to be such a random poster which caught me off guard. Cool, picked one up with a mint poster then!
  4. Good day! Picked up an original Chicago album the other day. Once home, I discovered a neatly folded poster in the outer sleeve. I have no idea whether this poster belongs to this record or not as it doesn't seem to have anything 'Chicago' about it. I thought I'd ask the VC community in the hope to identify this poster. To help out, I have attached a picture. (Can't figure out how to insert an image from attachments, or how to make such attachments to then be able to insert them into posts). Hope this works as well! https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-yD0uE24RAnWmdLMFRXdUdXckk https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-yD0uE24RAnZkhuNFBjMS1lbHM Thanks in advance. Fingers crossed!