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  1. Just about everything still available / bump
  2. I'm in NE Massachusetts and I felt it. Couldn't figure out what was going on.
  3. BFA in Graphic Design. Working as a graphic designer. Rare.
  4. PM me with offers, no reasonable offer denied. Please take into account shipping. Much appreciated!
  5. Realizing that a lot of people have this/they are still fairly available, all are going for $3. Most, if not all are unplayed since I still don't have speakers. Shipping depends on how many you buy. Thanks! 88 Fingers Louie - Go Away (Fat) 88 Fingers Louie - Wanted (Fat) Against Me! - Thrash Unreal (Sire) Beatnik Termites - You're All Talk (Insubordination / test press) Black Flag - Nervous Breakdown (SST) Bouncing Souls - Argyle EP (Chunksaah) Bouncing Souls - Neurotic (Chunksaah) Bouncing Souls / Weston - Do They Know it's Christmas? (Glue) Broadway Calls - Be All That You Can't Be (Side One Dummy / yellow) Broadway Calls / Teenage Bottlerocket - Split (Adeline / white/red) By the Grace of God - For the Love of Indie Rock (Victory / yellow) By the Grace of God / Brother's Keeper - I Stand Alone #12 Cut Man - No Trick Pony (Kiss of death) Draft, The - Na Na Na/Devil in the Shade (No Idea / purple) Draft, The - Stop Wastin' My Time/Up All Night (No Idea / purple) Draft, The - We'll Never Know/Hard to be Around it (No Idea / blue) Elliot - If They Do (Initial) Elliot - In Transit (Initial) Elliot - Will You (Initial) Forgetters - S/T (Midhaven / 2x7") Gaslight Anthem, The - Señor and the Queen (Sabot) Gaslight Anthem, The - Sink or Swim Demos (Devildance / yellow) Gaslight Anthem, The - The '59 Sound (Side One Dummy / clear yellow) Gunmoll / Annalise - Split (Boss Tuneage / clear/orange) Hale, Mike / Reed, Mike - Split (Second Nature / clear green) Hale, Mike / Seconds, Kevin - Split (Side One Dummy / clear blue) Higher Giant - Al's Moustache (Black Numbers / orange) In the Red / Anchor Down / Bastards of Young / Drunken Boat - split (Suburban Home / red) In the Red / Git Some (1-2-3-4 Go! / clear red) Karma Elektra - S/T (Handmade / green) Last Lights - S/T (Mightier Than Sword / clear orange) Lawrence Arms, The - Buttsweat and Tears (Fat) Narrows - S/T (Deathwish / purple/green split) New Found Glory - Listen To Your Friends (Bridge 9 / clear red) New Found Glory - Tip of the Iceberg (Bridge 9 / black/red) Night Birds - S/T (Grave Mistake) Paint it Black - Amnesia (Bridge 9 / gray) Paint it Black - Surrender (Fat) Polar Bear Club - The Summer of George (Bridge 9 / orange) Promise, The / Terror / Plan of Attack - Split (Organized Crime / clear yellow) Scissorfight / Pelican / Austerity Program - split (hydra head) Small Brown Bike - Composite, Volume One (No Idea / gray) Small Brown Bike - Composite, Volume Two (No Idea) Sojourner - S/T (Animal Style) Sojourner - Tour Single (Animal Style / test press) Swellers, The - Welcome Back Riders (Paper+Plastick) Tegan and Sara - AOL Sessions (Sire / RSD Exclusive) This is Hell - Cripplers (Trustkill / red/orange) Throwdown - Covered in Venom (Trustkill / wax sealed / 47/50) Throwdown - Drive Me Dead (Indecision) Tight Bros from Way Back When / Inside Five Minutes - Split (orange) Time in Malta - Identify Persist Transcend (Escape Artist / clear yellow) Touché Amore / La Dispute - Searching for a Pulse/The Worth of the World (No Sleep / yellow) Turner, Frank / Barry, Tim - Split (Suburban Home) Turner, Frank / Lucas, Austin - Under the Influence (Suburban Home / half black/white) Wilhelm Scream, A -Diver (Jump Start / blue)
  6. I don't have that, but I have a street dogs/bosstones new years eve print I'd sell. PM me if you're interested.
  7. Some nice scores here. That rooster rules! We Came In Peace has an awesome cover! yea that whole books is full of awesome vintage space illustrations. I'm a suck for Americana, roosters, and vintage space stuff.
  8. some of my recent grabs are here: http://cmichon.com/tagged/junking
  9. Got my Southern Lord preorder earlier this week. super heavy vinyl and jacket. the album rips!!!
  10. Is there such thing as a decent all-in-one / portable record player? you know like the ones that come in cases, and have the speaker built in? I've had a record player for ever, but don't really have the space for the receiver and speakers. any and all help is greatly appreciated!
  11. completely missed the bus on this release, is kingsroad pretty much the only place to get it now? Looks like deathwish is out of stock/sold out...?
  12. jeesh, shipping is a bit expensive. Anyone know the actual release date of this, and/or if it comes with a download?
  13. no video, but when I saw Jets to Brazil at the middle east downstairs in Cambridge, MA, and they closed with "Rocket Boy" I nearly melted.

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