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  1. I hate to part with a lot of these but I need a ton of money for college. Help me out! PM with your offers/any questions. I'll throw in free goodies (CDS, DVDS, etc.) with every order. 7" Street Brats - Short Fused Street Punk EP - Green The Ergs/The Measure (sa) - Split - Grey Marble Alkaline Trio - This Addiction - Black Alkaline Trio - This Addiction UK Single - Black 1/325 Defiance/The Scarred - Split - Black Mixtapes - Hope Is For People - White 1/100 Mixtapes - Hope Is For People - Pink 1/200 12" Alkaline Trio - This Addiction - Green 1/1000 Alkaline Trio - This Addiction - Red Signed 1/500 Alkaline Trio/Hot Water Music - signed picture disc Bouncing Souls - Hopeless Romantic - orange 1/500 The Ergs! - Hindsight is 20/20 My Friend - Black Green Day - Dookie - black Loved Ones - S/T 10' - Black 1/800 Matt Skiba - Demos - clear smoke 1/500 Mixtapes - Maps & Companions - orange/yellow 1/100 Mixtapes - Maps & Companions - Red 1/200 Moral Crux - I Was A Teenage Teenager - clear blue Pink Lincolns - Back From The Pink Room - pink/white swirl Polar Bear Club - Chasing Hamburg - clear orange 1/1000 The Casualties - Made in NYC -black The Casualties - Early Years - green The Scarred - Live Fast Die Poor - white The Scarred - No Solution The Spears - Shove - Green Chuck Ragan - Daytrotter Sessions - white 1/500 Test Presses Mixtapes - Hope Is For People - #10/15 Mixtapes/Direct Hit! - Split Defiance/The Scarred - Split - #1/9 F-Bombers- Pledge Allegiance - 2/5 Prints: Against Me!/Off With Their Heads #1/100 Signed by All of Against Me! The Loved Ones - Horsebites Print TV DVD's Reno 911! seasons 1-6 ($5 a season) 30 Rock seasons 2 & 4 ($6 a season) Parks and Rec season 1 ($5) Facts of Life seasons 1 & 2 ($3) Kung Fu season 1 ($5) Movie DVDs $2 a piece or $8 for 5 + shipping Alien Vs. Predator Anchorman Annie Hall Are We There Yet Avatar (Blu-Ray) ($4) AC/DC Family Jewels Along Came Polly Bubba Ho-Tep Be Kind Rewind Car Wash DC Cab Ed Wood Encino Man First Sunday Guys and Dolls Gentlemen Prefer Blondes God Save The Queen Ghostbusters 1 &2 High Society Gothika Jackie Chan Collection Joe's Apartment Katt Williams: Let a playa play Katt Williams: American Hustle Katt Williams: Pimp Chronicles Katt Williams: It's Pimpin' Pimpin' Knocked Up King Kong (remake) Kung Fu Hustle Little Man Mr. Deeds Music and Lyrics No Country For Old Man Office Space Princess Bride Pretty in Pink Reno 911! The Movie Robin Hood: Men in Tights Reservoir Dogs Sixteen Candles Super Size Me Smokin' Aces Sweeney Todd Shaun of the Dead X-Men Collection ($4) CDs $2 a piece or $8 for 5 + Shipping A Global Threat: Where the Sun Never Sets Cobra Skulls: Sitting Army D.O.A: Northern Avenger Krum Bums: Same Old Story Mistfits: American Psycho Me First & The Gimmie Gimmies: Have Another Ball Mouth Sewn Shut: Pandemic = Solution No Doubt: B-Sides & Rarities Reel Big Fish: Turn The Radio Off Screeching Weasel: My Brain Hurts The Specials: Skinhead Girl Toots & The Maytals: Monkey Man Toots & The Maytals: This Is Crucial Reggae The Specials vs. The Untouchables The Skatalites: Guns of Navarone Wednesday Night Heroes: Guilty Pleasures N64: Pokemon Snap Goldeneye 007 SNES: Warios Woods Sim City Monopoly 3D Ballz Lion King Super Ceasers Palace
  2. I had something like this happen to my Paypal. I called them immediately they stopped the charges, filed reports to get the money back and everything was fixed and my money was back in about a weeks time. I was pleased with the way Paypal handle mine.
  3. @Vincent Kale is a cool weather crop so depending on where you are it's not the best time for that. Generally leafy veggies are cool weather. Although there are variety's that are heat resistant. I'm growing some buttercrunch lettuce on my porch but I move it to shady areas so it keeps cool. Gardening is one of my favorite things! I like to grow a lot of cucumbers (pickling variety) for canning pickles. Had about 450 cucumbers from my small plot last year and made about 100 some jars of pickles. I also grow herbs, tomatoes, strawberries (in pots due to squirrel issues), peppers, squash, onions, lettuce, apples, and more stuff. Anyone have pics? Here are some from mine last year:
  4. If you get an SJC kit I can make it look snazzy: http://www.sjcdrums.com/series/profile/22 If you're into that kind of stuff.
  5. Because a blog is the same thing as a message board... "was hoping there is somewhere that compiles pre-order information/times so next time a rad limited print goes up I might have a chance."
  6. The purple Gak always reminded me of that episode of Ghostwriter with the purple slime monster. That episode terrified me.
  7. Geez, that is terrible. My guy just went through having 3. Terrible thing to go through, it's a shame your friend had them so often.
  8. @cassiepodish I need to follow more people!
  9. Why is there no Aretha in this thread? "I Never Loved a Man the Way I Love You" is one of my favorites.
  10. Honestly Kirby all of their on location hotels are great. Animal Kingdom Lodge is a really cool one. The resident discount is nice but they are really strict about the tickets matching to your proof of residency.
  11. I couldn't imagine doing 3 parks in 2 days, especially with two kids! You're doing the right thing skipping Epcot with the kids. I think it's more enjoyable for adults. I would definitely skip the park hopper and just go with a two day pass to MK and AK. Those are both big parks with tons to do. MGM is fun but the kids will like MK and AK better I think. Although you will miss Star Tours if you do that.