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  1. My local store has three copies of the Crow OST in the UK (list updated 6pm tonight) and I’m planning on taking a trip tomorrow if anyone still needs this drop me a message
  2. Any kind person over in the USA able to pick me up a Hillbillies in Hell and ship to the UK, or point me in the direction of any in the aftermarket? Much appreciated. Not available in the UK RSD list. Hope everyone got got what they wanted!
  3. In the UK and hours from a RSD store but if there’s a hero who can grab a copy of Hillbillies in Hell and Robyn I’d be very grateful and pay for shipping and a beer 🙂
  4. Is there even a demand for TVOTR in 2018? Seems a pretty dated choice.
  5. I ordered something else from them from their RSD leftovers and haven't received anything - emailed with the PayPal transaction details (didn't even receive an order confirmation in my emails) but not hopeful of hearing anything back! Probably just raise it through PayPal and hopefully get the money back. Shitty!
  6. Might be of interest for Bell Witch fans. Looks like it was supposed to be exclusive to the Roadburn festival but leftovers online. https://www.burningworldrecords.com/products/bell-witch-live-at-roadburn-2015-vinyl-lp-white-black Each year at Roadburn an iconic set from a past festival edition is immortalised in wax as a limited run on Roadburn Records. This year, it’s the turn of Bell Witch – and their legendary set from the 2015 edition of Roadburn. The heavy hitting doom duo performed in an earlier incarnation – featuring original drummer Adrian Guerra. The set at Het Patronaat was captured and mixed by Marcel van de Vondervoort before being mastered by James Plotkin. In 2016, Guerra left the band, and shortly afterwards, he passed away. The release will be limited to 500 copies on black and white vinyl (no CD or digital release is planned), and will be sold exclusively at Roadburn Festival 2018. The artwork was handpicked by the band and created by Leo Ulfelder. The photograph on the back sleeve is by Niels Vinck.
  7. Yep I grabbed this - was a couple left over in my local store when I went in late morning. Seems like a decent size pressing?
  8. I’ll pop into my local later this morning and have a look. Looking for any of the Sigur Ros records if you see them (Alex Somers, Sigur Ros, Jonsi/Alex).
  9. I’m not feeling well enough to queue up today (fuck you anxiety) and it’s unlikely the four ‘Sigur Ros’ records will be available at good prices in the after market. AH WELL. I would buy somebody a thank you record and pay for shipping if there’s an angel out there...
  10. Is there a list or web page that shows what's exclusive and what will be released widely further down the line? Can't see anything that explicitly states this on the official UK RSD website, thought I might be just blind. Many thanks if anyone has this. Want to decide whether I can be bothered getting up at dick o'clock...
  11. Repress of this Brazilian funk classic on Light in the Attic - 300 on gold, standard black also available https://lightintheattic.net/releases/818-previsao-do-tempo Release Notes FINALLY BACK IN PRINT ON VINYL! LIMITED “GOLD” WAX VERSION – 300 COPIES! In-depth liner notes interviewing Valle First Time Available in North America Lyrics in Portuguese & English Original art expanded to a gatefold jacket
  12. There was only two unclaimed copies so make sense. Hope someone else managed to bag the other
  13. Emailed asking about any cancelled orders weeks back and just got an email saying they’re going on in the next few hours. They’re up now if anyone missed out! https://hospitalproductions.net/collections/new-products-new/products/prurient-rainbow-mirror-7lp-clear-vinyl-with-black-splatter-box-set
  14. Bummed I didn’t jump on this and ummed and arred until it has gone. Major regrets! Been listening a lot like a few others have mentioned and get lost in it.
  15. Mine is fine - there's a lot of sampling so always going to get some imperfections. It's not the sort of music where you'd notice it. Really enjoyable mix and my favourite of the Medicine Show titles - loads of fun!