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  1. Opaque pink variant now in the EU store
  2. 100 dollars. 75 dollars. And the pressing costs way cheaper if u search through Discogs. Fuck Dredg, that was a dumb move
  3. Waiting too for European variants
  4. How many units the Limited Edition?
  5. "The" Evan Weiss you're talking about is the guitar player of Alexandra Savior
  6. dynabcn

    Records You Are Lucky To Own

    IDLES "Brutalism" Ashes Edition (limited to 100) David Ramirez "The Serial Box Sessions" (limited to 200) Keaton Henson "Romantic Works" (limited to 600) Testpressing of "Mirage Rock"'s Band Of Horses signed by all the band (limited to 100) And mainly... "Songbook" and "Euphoria Morning" signed by Chris Cornell RATM debut album signed by Tom Morello "Colour & The Shape" of Foo Fighters signed by the entire band in 2017 "Ryan Adams" signed by Ryan Adams
  7. New song -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uzwWRkj0t_0
  8. Two different editions of the Alan Silvestri score for Ready Player One: https://www.fye.com/ready-player-one---ready-player-one--original-motion-picture-soundtrack-exclusive-green-vinyl-fye.000000794043195556.html?cgid=music#prefn1=isExclusive&srule=Newest&sz=12&start=1&prefv1=FYE+Exclusive http://www.booksamillion.com/p/BAM-Exclusive-Vinyl-Ready-Player/Alan-Silvestri/F794043195525?id=7226826062526 Anyone knows units / edition?
  9. dynabcn

    Video Game OSTs v2.0

    Hi there, I bought one copy from the PS Store like one month ago so it has been sold out in these last days. I don't think they will repress it anytime soon (just my guess)
  10. Guys, it's really weird what happened in the store. Now it says that limited to 500 units it's the bronze one! not the red one. They switched everything a few hours ago. I wrote an email to the store asking about that.
  11. You're welcome! I'm a big fan of her so it's great to see her releasing a new album
  12. Release date: 1 june Limited Red Edition Vinyl Bronze Vinyl (limited to 500 units + signed postcard for the first 250) -> http://www.natalieprass.com/