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  1. wondering the same. don’t see a card. got a download when the first track was released months ago but nothing since
  2. with u on that. was a keen follower in their first two, maybe three albums, but lost me after that. still would love to see them live once, but they don’t seem to tour the states these days
  3. badhead this is a low to the end jubilee end of a century
  4. might be a hard pass for me. 4 songs on a 10” that aren’t even my favorite songs of parklife
  5. is “the best of” reissue dead? still see listing on BM but it’s been on for a year
  6. http://blurarchiveproject.blogspot.com/2012/08/archive-project-1-bbc-recordings.html?m=1 there is a ton!
  7. not huge fan of these two releases but might just pick it/them up during their upcoming tour in october. i do own both on cds, and if i’m not mistaken the rescue cd is worth a bit of money
  8. From the group's Facebook page: Our debut album Yesterday was dramatic today is Ok will turn 20 year old this year and Morr Music are re-issuing it on 30th of August. A triple LP (!!!) with newly commissioned reworks and old remixes. 2xCD and cassette as well. https://www.anost.net/en/Products/Mum-Yesterday-Was-Dramatic-Today-Is-OK-20th-Anniversary-Edition/ Hopefully US stores will carry this for less. They should reissue Finally We Are No One as well.
  9. i would say you can't go wrong with either variant. i was a little underwhelmed by the iridescent after watching the unboxing video on IG and was that close from cancelling the order with TRL. but once i saw it in person i was pleasantly surprised by it, perhaps helped by low expectations. my buddy has the blue/green and that looks very nice too. and like most people I prefer record colors to match with album artwork (although the blue green align more closely with the original artwork).
  10. my “iridescent sand” variant arrived today. sounds good, and looks even better under the light at an angle. haven’t seen one like that before.
  11. already have the newbury release. i just hope the color of this release aligns closer to the color of the artwork, i.e closer to gold. the mock up looks perfect.
  12. saw the unboxing video, don’t really like the sand color. hope the real thing looks better. should have gone with the green/blue really.