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  1. my “iridescent sand” variant arrived today. sounds good, and looks even better under the light at an angle. haven’t seen one like that before.
  2. already have the newbury release. i just hope the color of this release aligns closer to the color of the artwork, i.e closer to gold. the mock up looks perfect.
  3. saw the unboxing video, don’t really like the sand color. hope the real thing looks better. should have gone with the green/blue really.
  4. wouldn’t mind if they stuck with the original artwork for flying club cup. strange that they only redesigned cover for one of the albums. but if there’s one album that needs new artwork it is the rip tide obviously.
  5. Their first 3 albums are being reissued: https://beirut.store-08.com/music/
  6. who needs another suede coming up variant?
  7. mine is USPS, at least that's what the tracking said. it's nice that they arrive quick, but TTL do charge high for shipping. i'd rather them take their time if it meant they can ship for less.
  8. perhaps i havent purchased from TTL for a while, i forgot their warehouse is in Kentucky (at least that's what the shipping label says). i live on the east coast so it's quite impressed that the package arrived within 48 hours over a weekend. didn't know USPS deliver on Sunday too.
  9. any luck? i got the email notification saturday morning. package arrived sunday noon.
  10. day after i wrote i didnt get an email, the email came and package duly delivered yesterday. i would email TTL if you are concerned. package was shipped from Lexington KT.
  11. looks like amazon has it for less but it only ship s"in 1-3 months" it does reference the pearl vinyl and 3 discs. Great deal if you don't mind the wait. https://www.amazon.com/Pianoworks-Iridescent-Mother-Pearl-Vinyl/dp/B07QDP91SG/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=eluvium+vinyl&qid=1559596006&s=gateway&sr=8-2
  12. still available on RT for $37.99, presumably without the book. just ordered, and two copies remain.
  13. haven’t received shipping notification while some of you already got their copies
  14. sorry for the bump. i was traveling in denver, went to twist and shout and saw a copy of loveless for $30.99. wasn’t able to scan with discogs but it does say 2013 at the back. the sticker has the date 05/29/19 printed on it. any idea whether it’s legit?