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  1. on the back of several listens i would say this is quite easily my least favorite dh album. i enjoyed fading frontiers but over time i found myself revisiting it less than i do with the older classics. this one just hasn’t done it for me. i did preorder the album on the basis of the first single (which i think is the strongest track of the album) and the confidence i have with past albums. i’m not sure i would have had i listened to the whole album.
  2. there's a copy on discogs that's not asking for outrageous money ($12.99+sh)
  3. Paul Draper - Attack of the Grey Lanter Live at the Ritz $22.38 compared to $32.97 at BM, but doesn’t ship until early next year
  4. almost 3 years on, still nothing.....maybe they want to make this a 20-anniversary thing so next year?
  5. noeling

    PO NOW: Blur - ‘Best Of’ reissue

    after waiting for years for this (and some have waited longer), i can wait 3 more months....as long as it does come out.
  6. back in stock, and ordered one
  7. noeling

    Kurt Vile - Bottle It In (10/12)

    only got around to listening this now. liking it so far. i’m not familiar with his earlier work until “going down”. maybe i will hop on ordering this one, or even both, as matador has 25% off
  8. noeling

    PO: Suede - Vinyl Collection Box

  9. noeling

    PO: Suede - Vinyl Collection Box

    i'll go home and spin that one tonight. quite interested to know what the defect was. you would think this affects both black and colored versions right?
  10. noeling

    PO: Suede - Vinyl Collection Box

    the band just announced there is a fault in the pressing for night thoughts in the box set and they are working to replace it for those who purchased. https://twitter.com/suedehq/status/1062746535606345728?s=21
  11. the two advance tracks sound quite promising.
  12. noeling

    PO: Suede - Vinyl Collection Box

    took just a couple of days to ship from the UK to the US east coast. beautiful LPs in colors that match with album artwork. very nicely made boxset. there's actually room to fit one more album, whether it's the blue hour or sci-fi lullabies it's up to you but i guess i'll just leave it. a really great deal especially if you dont own most/all of the albums already. i still have dupes of the first 3 albums though they are limited color runs as well.
  13. noeling

    PO: Panda Bear - Buoys (Feb 7)

    i wish i enjoyed the single. not for me. given how much i enjoyed homies this was a surprise turn to say the least
  14. muse...i went from buying cds and LP (first two albums) to buying just cds (absolution, bh, resistance) to just streaming (2nd law) but would still go to a show to hear the old tracks, to now simply not caring (last two albums)