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  1. noeling

    PO: Panda Bear - Buoys (Feb 7)

    after more listens this has started to grow on me. while the first single "dolphins" still hasnt done it for me, i'm enjoying the other tracks more. picked it up from his tour for $20 and comes with a free large poster which is quite nice. funny the girl at the merch table asked me if i would like the red, blue or black vinyl and i was like, i'm not aware of a blue variant for this. but she's like there are red, blue and black stickers so she figured the blue sticker=blue variant. so i went with "the blue", thinking it might be some tour-exclusive, but it turned out to be the same red we've been seeing everywhere
  2. Agree with you on for my parents being one of the weaker Mono albums. "Legend" gives me goosebumps every time I hear it though.
  3. any idea why they tend to skip FL? MONO is so known for its relentless touring schedule and have been to many smaller cities in Europe...they even played in India last fall.
  4. noeling

    PO: James Blake - Assume Form

    DiS has given it a 7, although from reading the review it seems more glowing than a 7 out of 10: http://drownedinsound.com/releases/20516/reviews/4152202
  5. noeling

    PO: James Blake - Assume Form

    i don't hate the last album. it has some good songs on it, some i really like. but it's too long.
  6. did you get them signed all those years ago?
  7. i actually got those signed records last year or the year before that. Aeroplane, Avery Island and Live at Jittery Joe's. So it does look like he puts them up from time to time.
  8. CDs and Cassettes are already available on release day. It looks like the LP is at least two months away: https://shopus.jamesblakemusic.com/products/assume-form-lp-digital-album
  9. noeling

    PO: Suede - Vinyl Collection Box

    Update: Thank you for your patience whilst we have been dealing with the recent Suede box set errors. The replacement vinyl for ‘Night Thoughts’ is due to arrive next week so please follow the below process to obtain your replacements: Please email the DMG info line ([email protected]) and attach your proof of purchase (as this will let us know whether you have the exclusive or standard edition) Please include your name and full postal address including post code/zip code If you also have damaged sleeves, please state exactly which sleeves have been affected and these will be posted out with your replacement vinyl The replacements will be ready to ship from the 11/01/2018. You will be notified via email once they have been posted to yo https://www.demonmusicgroup.co.uk/suede-vinyl-box-set-errors/
  10. on the back of several listens i would say this is quite easily my least favorite dh album. i enjoyed fading frontiers but over time i found myself revisiting it less than i do with the older classics. this one just hasn’t done it for me. i did preorder the album on the basis of the first single (which i think is the strongest track of the album) and the confidence i have with past albums. i’m not sure i would have had i listened to the whole album.
  11. there's a copy on discogs that's not asking for outrageous money ($12.99+sh)
  12. Paul Draper - Attack of the Grey Lanter Live at the Ritz $22.38 compared to $32.97 at BM, but doesn’t ship until early next year
  13. almost 3 years on, still nothing.....maybe they want to make this a 20-anniversary thing so next year?
  14. noeling

    PO NOW: Blur - ‘Best Of’ reissue

    after waiting for years for this (and some have waited longer), i can wait 3 more months....as long as it does come out.