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  1. noeling

    PO NOW: Blur - ‘Best Of’ reissue

    bullmoose says no official date yet, but it's not cancelled
  2. noeling

    PO NOW: Blur - ‘Best Of’ reissue

    it's now been pulled from amoeba as well....
  3. noeling

    PO NOW: Blur - ‘Best Of’ reissue

    Bullmoose has it pushed back to 12/31/2025
  4. noeling

    PO: Suede - Vinyl Collection Box

    I'm sold because I don't currently own ANM and Bloodsports; and like you said the price isn't bad. They look great in colors too. I just need to sell my standalone albums
  5. noeling

    PO NOW: Blur - ‘Best Of’ reissue

    pre-ordered on amazon a few weeks back but don't see the product listing anymore, neither the US nor UK site....thoughts?
  6. noeling

    Limited to One Record shop, NYC

    great to have a store that positions itself uniquely. will be great if there's a place where we can submit our white whales and pray that you will someday find them anyway, best of luck, already followed on IG and will definitely try to stop by during the first week. hopefully i'll be picking up a few records from you down the line. and f the haters.
  7. skinny fist was my first gybe album and i instantly became a fan. or try the first and last tracks on asunder. if you don't like these albums then gybe might not be for you.
  8. an even bette news will be signing the cover of the boxset instead of the photo inside
  9. I go back to the setlists from their 2015 US Tour and on many nights they played a song called Buildings. Perhaps that became Luciferian Towers?
  10. yes sir. glad you caught this one finally.
  11. There is a non-numbered version available, same price as the numbered version (GBP50) but I don't know how many are available: Non-Numbered Version Pre-Order
  12. agreed, if there's money to be made from the standalone release AFTER boxsets are sold out, why wouldnt they?
  13. yep, an hour ago someone posted 246 left, 188 now. yep, an hour ago someone posted 246 left, 188 now.
  14. same, the main thing for me is just the main LP. I can even do without the B-Sides....that's also why I'm not interested in the Urban Hymns set because I already own the album and don't need the extras for $100+