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  1. Wow so much help, so much answer, thank you thank you, I thought if they release the album digitally and instantly the whole planet is going to explode. But I'm wrong, it's going to leak! Never thought about that! You are very smart. Take care of your brain.
  2. Obviously mate obviously! Fame does not come easy these days, better not lose grip on this!
  3. I'm not saying they should release it for free, just saying why we can't have the digital download instantly at least?
  4. Anyone remembers when they released In Rainbows for free 10 years ago? Wonder why we can't have the digital download of OKNOTOK instantly, Lift is what everybody is waiting for!
  5. My bad I never paid attention to your user name! I never knew he passed away 6 years ago! I was a Hulk Hogan fan when I was a kid.
  6. Probably. Or maybe I am not used to this forum and the way it rolls. Nonetheless I am considered a very emotional person. Known for speaking my heart out all the time. This being said is that your actual face on your profile pic?
  7. Talking about awesome colours, this is the most beautiful I have in my collection.
  8. Ahhh, that makes way more sense now! Thanks for the clarification.
  9. I thought you emphasize by making it bold, no?
  10. Na, I gave up. I'll be looking into Discogs when it actually gets released.
  11. $50 is super sweet! Where did you get that number from? Are we on the same page? Are we talking about the blue edition?
  12. I called my local store in Vancouver, they had no idea this has been rolling out and they said they were not solicited to sell any, but they will contact the distributor and find out if they can get a hold of some copies. I wouldn't get my hopes high in Canada, even if they get a copy they will be over charging, I'm sure.