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  1. Sorry to bump this old thread but has anyone in the US ordered from Reload? It looks like it should ship, but it doesn't give me any shipping prices, which makes me nervous.
  2. I've definitely noticed this as well. I've found I'm much more likely to get flimsy, glossy inner and outer sleeves with a noisier or lighter weight record from a US press and sturdy, matte inners and outers with a nice, quiet heavyweight disc from a Euro press. Most recently this happened to me on Snow Patrol's Reworked. US press felt cheap and sounded awful but the Euro press is gorgeous and absolutely feels worth the money.
  3. I don't understand the prevalence of just the disc inside a PVC sleeve. PVC is known to be terrible for vinyl and it loses you the artwork, which is one of the nicest things (imo) about records in the first place.
  4. Target finally cancelled mine about a month ago, but my Amazon one is still sitting there. I'm not optimistic though.
  5. Really hyped for this. Everything they've put out so far has been extremely good. They've always given me New Order vibes with a little extra grit, especially on stuff like "Teeth"
  6. I've always really loved the second album and found #3 to be quite good too. They lost me a bit after that, but the first single from the new record is really promising.
  7. Very pleasantly surprised to see that on there. Maybe this means more Charli represses coming soon too. I'm also hoping Keane and Robyn show up on the US list too
  8. That's a shame, I always enjoyed their sales and sometimes found some stuff there that wasn't on Discogs. But it did often feel rather redundant, so I guess I'm not totally surprised.
  9. Oh yeah, that is how they make it sound. "In order to fulfill all outstanding pre-orders, the decision to increase the pressing quantity has been agreed," so hopefully those outstanding Amazon US/Target/etc orders will be met at some point in the next few months.
  10. Amazon UK shipped my copy of Hats in a little plastic bag mailer, so all four corners are absolutely wrecked 🙃Has anyone had Amazon US or Target orders ship yet?
  11. They fit inside the Kallax cubes too but stick out a little, so you get an extra few inches of packing length out of the boxes. They're about 16" long.
  12. As others have said, the U-Haul small boxes are great. If you're storing your records on an IKEA Kallax, you need probably one fewer box than you have shelf cubes because the boxes are a few inches wider. They're the perfect size and you can fit a little bubble wrap in there too, if you want.
  13. My Amazon UK orders of Hats and Peace at Last have shipped!
  14. Add one to your cart and then in the little cart side panel that pops up on the right, change the number to something high—like 4000 or something—and it will adjust the number in your cart to the number remaining in stock.