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  1. It's really sad to see this band slide into such a horrid cash grab state
  2. I don't get stuff shipped to Germany from the UK w/o tracking anymore, so even from there it works out at like 35 EUR :/
  3. Anyone seen any decent EU sellers? Shipping is killing me on these
  4. This is gonna be very fucking good. Silently dropping a whole side of your record is cool af, too. Go on, Bill.
  5. Finest Vinyl are stocking it for 50 EUR: https://www.finestvinyl.de/rock-vinyl/songsohia-love-und-work-the-lioness-sessions/?item=129467
  6. Come on, man. This is Turner's tongue-in-cheek humour at its finest. To open an album as weird as this with that lyric is just getting ahead of every preconceived criticism with a smirk.
  7. Kind of confusing with the solid purple mock up and the splatter one as well, but they seem to be described as the same version?
  8. Has anyone actually heard these liminal remixes? I'm quite curious, as I like the more ambient side of Sigur Ros, but I don't want to drop 25 EUR on the disc if it's dull AF.
  9. Gave my orange a spin last night and it does indeed sound fantastic.
  10. Yeah, it's nice thick card. Top quality stuff as usual. No inserts or anything this time, though. It's quite simple. Lyrics printed on the inner jacket like Crow.
  11. Yeah mine arrived yesterday. I love how even from the US they get here way before release date and slip through customs every time (I'm in Germany). I finally got a copy of The Glow Pt. 2 w/ my order, as well, so I'm super excited to have a Microphones/Mount Eerie session in the coming days.
  12. Yeah, would've been nice to be able to leave a comment. I would totally be on board w/ a Smithsonian record club or something or the sort.
  13. Wasn't anticipating dropping 40 EUR on a record this morning, but I can't miss out on a 150 run reissue of their first record.
  14. I meant non-fill, but tbh I'm not sure if that is the exact problem. Basically side C towards the centre is extremely noisy, which is particularly annoying as it's one of the quietest parts of the record. Anyway, the place I ordered from said I can send it back and receive a replacement. The mailer and sleeve arrived in perfect condition, so I can only imagine it was a problem with the pressing.
  15. I finally managed to get a copy of this and the second disc is badly warped and has some bad no fill towards the centre of side C. Real shame. Anyone else have any problems?
  16. Anyone yet to receive their copies direct from Beggars after getting the shipping notification? Not sure if it's lost of just a premature notification...