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  1. If someone happened to pick up an extra copy that isn't going to go insane on the price I would be interested, I just started so have a heart PS. I did join VMP Thanks
  2. Real name: Anthony Favorite Bands: Classic Journey, Classic Rock in general and after that I'm pretty open to all sorts of music..........except country, just can't seem to get into it. Maybe someday someone will change my mind. What's your Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr etc.?: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008782424073 Hobbies (outside of record collecting): Photography, Playing Cards (Custom Poker Decks), Zippo Lighters, Art and Design, video games (Xbox/PC), spending time with my family.
  3. Are they? I have about another foot or so they can be moved out. Is there a rule of thumb for distance between speaker's and or from the turntable?
  4. Those aren't cassettes if your referring to the items on the shelf
  5. Nothing earth shattering, but it's clean simple and does the job. Gotta clear out the cabinets to start storing LPs.........never enough room
  6. Visited Vinyl Frontiers, nice small shop, everything I looked at was in great condition. The owner was pretty nice and helpful. Siren is on the list for this weekend and the Volo Antique mall I've been to a few times, but never for albums, although they do have a lot of them to offer so I'm looking forward to it. Vinyl Frontier Records 1326 Riverside Dr # 1 McHenry, IL 60050 Siren Records McHenry 3819 Main St McHenry, Illinois, IL 60050 Volo Antique Malls 27640 Volo Village Rd Volo, IL 60073
  7. I really want to thank all of you who offered up constructive feedback. I'm only about 6 albums into rebuilding my collection, some from ebay, some from a local record shop and a couple from Discogs. So far pleased with all of them, prices were fair, condition was spot on or better....IMO. Since I'm pretty open to new music and artists I also decided to give VMP a go and see what comes of it. Hopefully members continue to add their opinions and suggestions to this topic and maybe it will help other noob/lurkers on their search. Thanks again
  8. Well thank you for tbe information, suggestion, opinions and conversation so far. Very helpfull, I appreciate it.
  9. Mobil Fidelity Sound Labs ...........that one I knew and good to know.
  10. Thanks shamrocks, and you'll have to forgive me but..............."DSOTM"? lol I can already tell I need to brush up on some abbreviations
  11. I did a search and came up with nothing, so my apologies if the topic is out there somewhere. My question needs a bit of backstory, I'm not new to vinyl collecting, but when I started collecting about 40 years ago I would just go buy Dark Side of the Moon at Tower Records. About 25 years ago my collection was sold off at a garage sale because my wife was tired of kicking around my crates and we were about to start a family. Now 25 years later I can't go rebuild my collection with the albums of the past by just going out to my local record store and buying a "New" copy. I have no problem with purchasing used albums, I've been a collector of one thing or another a long time and understand scarcity, condition and demand bringing a premium. Where I'm a bit lost is with reissues and new pressings. From what I understand the biggest snag is the source material, was it pressed from the original masters or from a CD. When I go to sites like Sound Stage Direct some listing just say "reissue" while others specify the reissue is from the master. Does that mean the reissue isn't from the original master? My biggest concern is sound quality, I can live with a slightly worn sleeve or inner sleeve, but I don't want to sacrifice sound quality if at all possible. I've never heard what a pressing from a CD sounds like, but I know myself well enough to know if the sound is "off" it will make me nuts. So is there a reliable source for new pressings that aren't from CD's? Do I just need to do my homework per album to insure they're from the original masters? Or am I better off hanging around Discogs and waiting for a decent quality "Original" to pop up at a acceptable price? One other side question, is there a cut off per say in what would still be from masters even if it isn't stated? Meaning, Perter Gabriels So album for instance, yes it's 30 years old, but relatively "Modern" compared to the Beatles Revolver. Thanks in advance for your wisdom and help
  12. I have the Klipsch R-15PM monitors on my Orbit TT and their great. I would interject that when I was looking for monitors, the R-15PM's popped up on Amazon for $280.00 on a "Last One" and I scooped them up, since I was looking for them I also had a couple bookmarked on ebay and just recently a new set sold for $255.00. Maybe give yourself some time and see if you can grab a deal on the monitors freeing up money for your TT...........just a thought.