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  1. I love having a vinyl only account, I’m more active there than anywhere else. https://instagram.com/landspeedrecords
  2. The Bonnie Stillwatter is only one song with a remix on the b side. It’s great, but I guess I was expecting 5 albums...
  3. My box: The Great Tyrant- the trouble with being born Phobia- unrelenting Publicist UK- forgive yourself Skinless-only the ruthless remain Anal Cunt-morbid florist Today is the Day- supernova Kylesa-spiral shadow Brutal Truth- round two 7" totally worth it for TitD and Kylesa, excited to spin the rest, hopefully find something new, but will probably find a new home for a few of these
  4. Unbelievably excited for this. This has always been my favorite. I miss Jason Noble...
  5. Awesome, thanks! This also gives me hope that more is on the way
  6. I feel like I've been through this before with hello-merch, where shipping is stupid expensive, complaints are voiced and media rate shipping is added after a couple of days. Am I making this up?
  7. i'm absolutely in for this. hope it's a sign that more of these are on the way!
  8. Same as others: good selection, free MP3's, cool postcards, stickers and posters in my orders then it dried up and got expensive... Remember when they tried to create a social media aspect to the site? Neat idea, a little before its time, so it fizzled.

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